Ark Bags

These bags are getting heavy, watching other projects make gains report progress, while I'm down about 25%.

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v2 is coming soon. be patient and you will be rewarded.

It’ll probably pump it to 40k sats and then back down again

15 bucks til end of June. Better than nothing I guess.....

Thanks anons. I feel better already.

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ark is antshares 2.0, only its good. this shit will be worth 100 dollars in a few months.

You should shill for a living. I feel so good, I can delete blockholio off my phone and go live my life again.

Why will any release pump the price? They release stuff all the time and nothing happens.

honestly: I want to sell but, too lazy to transfer from Arkwallet to Binance. Guess I'll just wait and either make or lose money.

Unironically this

dude, v2 is a completely new network. Ark is nothing but a lisk fork with a great delegate system and a very slick usability system.

think of v2 as a soft fork of Ark itself. v2 is a complete overhaul of everything ark wants to achieve. scalable, quicker, dynamic fees. the moment you have the network running and the deployable blockchains are released, ark will have a network ready for ico's...knowing that france will back them up.
nothing they released ever since they forked lisk is comparable to what they are about to release.

When my bags start to feel heavy I look at the top 100 and am reminded that the vast majority there have nothing on Ark and their future plans pale in comparison.

Ark is going to be the de facto European blockchain. The one academics use to teach younglins, the one governments run tests on before going full hilt.

Name me one other crypto that allows you to launch your own Ethereum style blockchain that can interop with every other crypto and has the same level of versatility as Ark.

I'll wait.

Are you saying there's no hype because there's no need for it (compared to EOS and other faggotry that biz shills constantly)?

I know all that. I’m still holding some Ark (sold most). But it isn’t going to moon with V2 release. V2 will release and no one other than Arkies will ever hear about it. Then it will be over to marketing because no one has ever heard of ark, then it will need adoption and partnerships to move the price i m o

the day i realised that the quality of a project makes absolutely no difference to the price and sold my Ark ... I check back now and then and it's just stagnating. sorry OP but I gotta agree with that 'deluded' fucker

what partnerships does eth have?
Ark will be a ready to deploy fast and scalable blockchain network, able to interoperate with others. Ico's under it will be legal. tell me the alternatives, outside of eth? paying thousands of dollars to create a smart contract under the neo network?
off course, v2 per se won't make it pump to 100. but everything will be set so they can be adopted. you already have Persona and Blockport, under the Ark network. Much more will adopt it when its ready, and that will indeed make it pump quite a bit.

No. I'm saying Ark is undervalued and will soon be shilled to high heaven. It'll buck market trends, like in september and will exceed every niglets expectations.


I'll wait for the shilling. Anyway, I can't be bothered to transfer to Binance. And I know that it'll pump as soon as I sell anyway.

You do you, Ark will look after you when you're ready.

I really want to diversify my crypto portfolio a little more because it's weighted toward ARK, but every time I research other projects they seem to come up short and I realize I'd be better off buying more ARK. Have I reached a point of peak delusion?

Also, do any arkies have recommendations for cryptos to look into? The only others I'm even slightly interested in right now are STEEM and STRAT, and I'm still on the fence about buying in.

you should diversify for sure.
im also a link deluded.

Strat is good, steem has a weighted DPoS algo that means you'll struggle to get money despite the views.

BAT, Nebulas & Elastos are my others. Ark is around 75% of my holdings

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Ive been here for about a year and a half and have made significant gains with neo, enigma, eth and some others.

You'd be an idiot not to see that Ark will moon soon. V2 will be a nice pump but the deployable blockchains will be huge as far as shillability goes.

perma inflation coin, dead on arrival