Japan's Financial Services Agency to issue warning against Binance


Not FUD. It's on Bloomberg terminal and Nikkei website (use google translate).

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>. If we do not stop business, we will criminal charges in collaboration with police authorities etc. It is aimed to prepare a healthy trading environment of virtual currency by censuring illegal acts by supervision of unregistered traders.

This is not good

And you fags gave me shit for trading on poloniex

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Basically they are making japachinks to use KYC or either they will be not allowed to use it. Is good news. Can you fucking ppl read? No wonder why most ppl here buy LINK and other shitty coins.

what does it even say

Is that why shits are dumping?

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dump seems already over

God, I hate fucking gooks!!!

If people can think SEC regulation is bullish but this is mega bearish then holy shit is this market due for a big fucking in the future.

binance isn't even located in japan, who the fuck cares?

I seriously do not get how this is bearish, the only thing that should be dumping right now is BNB and seems to have colossal support.

its basically over for all the plebs who dont own $5m already,

binance is in tokyo japan can shut them down

Japanese regulations have been folded over 1000 times.

>alts started to recover
>more fud pops out
oh wow

its over

Hahaha bulls btfo by death cross and trying to cross the law in Japan

Load the Japan fud

first cp fud now this when will this end?


>news can be interpreted as bad for people with a sub 100 IQ
>whale uses this opportunity to put up massive BTC sell walls
>sheepies: "oh no it's REALLY bad, let's also sell!!"
>some alts crash like a motherfucker
>whale buy dip
>price goes straight back up again
>whale sell
>whale happy

It's in Hong Kong you dumb pos.

Regulators moving in will guarantee 20 million by 2019

Binance is now located in Japan you dumbfuck this is indead terrible enews

Whales need those fud news so they can dump and make it look organic

This shit is going to moon so hard tomorrow I can feel it. The FUD will be crushed. BUY ZE DIP