Thinking of trying acid for the first time. I don't want to just have a good time...

Thinking of trying acid for the first time. I don't want to just have a good time, but rather to learn something from the experience that would have a lasting positive effect. Any tips from biz bros aside from the usual 'have a good set and setting'?

Also, I am working on my thesis right now for the following few months. A trip would not fuck my studying up in any serious way, right?

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its like having a crazy dream, everything is fine afterwards. just the memories remain.

Good luck. Drugs ruin lives.

I also strongly recommend watching Moana as soon as you take it to start your trip.

a trip can fuck up the rest of your. life but that's unlikely

surrender yourself to the experience
be wary if you're someone that bullshits themselves or have a family history of mental illness

>A trip would not fuck my studying up in any serious way, right?

It will enhance it.

Some tips: have good music at hand, something deep rather than superficial. Learn to meditate before tripping and try doing it during the experience. If you have cannabis it will make you trip fucking balls. Do some physical exercise before, during the day, or during the comeup. Your muscles will get really tense and this might spook you, it's alright. Have a strong magnesium supplement to reduce muscle tension. And, if you panic or have a bad reaction, remember that everything will be fine the next morning.

stay away from civilisation - start with small dose and be patient. maybe do it with close friends. drink lots of alcohol on the come down. just how I used to do it back in the day

99.999% chance you'll be fine and it will be a worthwhile experience. 0.001% chance that you have a sensitivity to psychedelics which turns you into an anxious, stuttering idiot who can't think for himself anymore. The latter happened to me and I regret it every day. Be careful user.

Dude enjoy your trip
fuck this guy, he does not know shit.
i don't eat 24 hrs before, get some cannabis, GO OUTSIDE. the ballons are good on LSD but take b12 it causes a b12 dump and a loss of energy...
enjoy your trip
With good LSD you will wake up feeling great the next morning

want to elaborate on your trip?

Acid makes everyone crazy just depends on how much.

this is true

Do it with friends.

I took 1200 mu, shits cray cray, gonna wait a couple of months before going for either 1800 or 2400

I would recommend Salvia
but hey
acid is good too
just be very mindful of set/setting, have loving friend to watch over you.

maybe if you're a mentally weak faggot who can't handle it. I've had many friends who have had their lives vastly improved through psychedelics (me too, in fact), just as I know people who have had really bad trips and gotten fucked up in the head. It's all about mental resiliance, either you're strong enough to handle it or you're not.

I suggest taking 200ug and just chilling in your room, listening to some nice, happy music and going on a deep inner journey.

if you're not a faggot, the only true way to do it is while driving to vegas while blasting death metal

Acids OK, but if you want to learn get dmt.

can you faggots go to another board and discus your drug habits.

We all do our little dirty from time to time and I do not ever judge people who try recreational drugs but a board for business and finance is not the fucking place to do it.

Sage and reported.

If you want to lose your mental edge (what little you probably even have), then by all means go for it.

The trip was great as far as setting and emotional state throughout, it was my fifth ever. I went to a beach and fried on ~100 mics, swam around, climbed trees, made sand art, etc. However, about halfway through the trip, the attention deficit pseudo-profound thought loops kicked into overdrive and there was nothing I could do to center myself, focus thoughts, or look at the same spot for more two seconds, even when I finally got to sleep the following morning. When I woke up and got going, I had the same jumpy, dimwitted perceptions so I stayed in to recover. The next day I felt the same way at work. It was very difficult to concentrate (never a problem before) and talk to my coworkers. I kept fucking up or forgetting to do the most basic things, zoning out during conversations and forgetting interactions I had earlier in the day...
And it's been like that ever since (about two years) in spite of living as healthy as I can (good diet, lift, attempt to meditate regularly). Everything that requires thinking or creativity, I am very... average now. The best way I can describe it is that it feels like I've lost a lot of bandwidth, like I've gone from a quality fiber internet connection with low latency to DSL jumped through a bunch of shitty proxies with a lot of packet loss.

Op, I'm not saying this will happen to you, just be aware that it can happen rarely and decide accordingly.

Acid makes me feel like a crack head