Get out now

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no you

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who else completely desensitized to FUD?

Buy the dip !

So japs want to be range banned from binance? Why?

Because they have regulated exchanges like Quoinex. The founders of Qash ;).

DAE hear “Binance” as a retarded / deaf person trying to say “finance”?

Where the fuck are the Decentralized exchanges already...

Didn't list me on your shitty exchange? No problem, I will get it shutdown.

I thought binance was operating from Japan. Where is it based now out of?

There is too much fud lately user, I can't print money

Hong Kong

they will just move their office to another country, their servers are already somewhere offshore.
that doesnt mean we wont get a drop comparable to the one from 2-3 days ago

please god sink BNB again so I can go all in

twitter said this

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haha this

this market is so fucking annoying, it's just empty fud after empty fud, and the only ones profiting are the whales using "bad news" like this to spark a dump and massively load up on shorts.
wish i got out in january.

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Hahaha binance is the biggest scam exchange going

>derrrp BNB coin


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it's getting legally very risky to make these that's the problem

> Drops $500 after announcement

Tell me again how regulations are protecting investors.

great news.
binance becoming japan compliant is a good thing

Thanks just bought 100k bnb

>bitcoin blockchains contains cp-links: btc surge to 9,1k
>binance got a warning: bogdadump to 8,6k

Im amazed how some people are able to turn negative news to positive one's every time.

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binance :DD

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lol. that what a brainlet

>binance got a warning from government?
>damp it and paint a bear flag

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Shit down in Japan you mean.

>fellow binancians

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Oh fuck off. This has ALREADY been debunked. Just fucking kys.


Changpeng is one of the best CEOs in Crypto IMO

Completely BTFOs FUD out of the water every time.

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"Legally" what's the risk? They aren't hosted anywhere. No countries laws apply - and short of shutting down all smart contract platforms it's impossible to stop. Gg regulators! Wait til Req drops and we can actually use fiat as well - it's gonna be beautiful.

> constructive dialogue
Fuck lol. This looks really bad

When do we meme KYC laws out of existence and gas the jews who forced them on the world?

Yep. Margined trading is coming - BNB is going to be an amazing hold. Can't wait for the DEX either.

Qash bags getting lighter at an incredible rate

Hope binance dies. It's nothing but a shitcoin exchange for chinks to dump on the west. Plus, it's the greatest source for fud.

All the discordjeets have went from spamming PND and shit ICOs to spamming FUD because their tripfags told them to short and sell the bottom.

Just report them for manipulating the market by a combination of words and conduct.

Perkele :DD

at least he's not a huge cuck like the people running coinbase who beg for regulation and trip over themselves to apologize faster and harder than the next guy

Binance :DDD

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or positive news into negative.
how does having your exchange be compliant in the country most bullish on crypto adoption make it bad?
imagine the japan market they could have

>be me riding subway home through sketchy part of NYC
>4 thugs get on at the last stop before mine and immediately start eyeballing me and make me generally uncomfortable
>I shift in my seat as one of them edges closer, he opens his jacket so only I am able to see the glock in his waistband
>he mutters under his breath, "you gon give up the wallet homie?"
>fuck my fucking life
>I begin to reach for my back pocket to give the thug my wallet when suddenly there is an explosion of glass from the side window of the subway car
>I cover my eyes from the flying shards as the lights of the car flicker overhead
>I open my eyes slowly and the first thing I see is the thug that was threatening me is now slumped down against the wall and has a 9 inch piece of glass sticking out of his forehead, looks like it penetrated his skull and into his brain
>it's at this moment that I realize there is a new person standing in between me and the thugs, a small Asian looking dude with a huge fucking head wearing a grayish hoodie that says "binance"
>Jesus fucking christ it's fucking CZ what the fuck
>at this moment I notice he has the thug's glock in his hand, which he immediately lifts and fires three perfect shots into the dicks of the remaining thugs, who immediately collapse and begin making animal noises
>for the first time I open my mouth to speak but CZ quickly spins around and puts a finger over my mouth, "shhhing" me as he looks into my eyes
>he speaks very quietly:
>"Funds are safe."

>implying a chinese company would give a fuck about japan

fuck me user kek

You mean the Mac app right? So much for margin trading.