It's literally over. This was our last chance for recovery but whales decided to kill it off...

It's literally over. This was our last chance for recovery but whales decided to kill it off. Manipulation will scare away anybody with half a brain, no new money is ever coming.

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user, new money stopped months ago, we need to make money off the exchanges via margin trading.. it’s our last chance to make it.

that glorious smell when diarrhea in my pants, dubs confirm

without whales and their lil bots the whole charade would be exposed... do u really think binance or whatever exchange full of shitcoins has more than 100$ M USD REAL DAILY VOLUME? Or that bitmex/bitfinex REAL VOLUME isn't magnitudes lower than whats official?

see you guys for the pre halving rally 2019.
Buy as much as you can between 1K8 and 2K4

20K end of month

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Nigga it's doing a W formation.

Prime example of dispair topic. Now we are getting somewhere.

We should make a counter that keeps track whether we are in capitulation, denial, despair etc. Can't wait for the upcoming discounts

As I read a wise user say, there will probably be a double bottom at 6k, whales will then break through that shortly to fake out/break some HODLfags, then sideways slow recovery. Thats what i want to believe anyway. Game theory > TA in this manipulated of a market

The only thing that is worrying me is that people still think the price of altcoins depends on the price of bitcoin. And by thinking so, it becomes true ofc.

Bitcoin is shit, I don't know why anyone still buys this. It's like the normies are still buying yahoo shares when Google was already around.

There are much better projects around now that mysteriously fall along with bitcoin on this bot market.

you dont know anything

this desu. if only we had more longer trends...

>doesn’t understand pairings

What is alt season I see that bandied about here but I can't find anything on Bing

you are the fucking normie fag
go back man
idiots like you are worrying me

its an M though

crazy how blind Veeky Forums is.

it's not even a case of margin trading, it's a slow exit. whales can't just dump their billions and it's far more profitable to keep boosting and shorting, boosting a little less than they short each time.

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>Muh bitcoin is shit, guys listen too me! Explain your how your shitcoin is better than the king. Does fixed supply not mean anything to you?

This, honestly, I get that there are people indebted to it ideologically and to the the revolution it kicked off but it's getting close to past the point of clearly just being a bloated proof of concept for blockchain technology generally. Not to mention it's fucking got CP encoded into it.

Classy. Does it utilise twitter data?

t. newfags

>It's literally over. This was our last chance

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Insider here.

Whales use Reddit and Veeky Forums. They're not magical.

They knew most people would use the tether print as a bully flag. Dumping now gets sentiment even lower for their upcoming pump.

Lol we need 500 billion dollars to get back to the level of january. Do you know anyone who has 500 billion dollars? It's over. Crypto are dead.

>he thinks there needs to be 500 billion fiat inflow to boost the market cap by 500 billion
you are a brainlet confirmed

Yup. No point in trying to explain, I've had this argument so many times it's useless


feels bad I can't believe crypto is dead

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>the whales who wash-trade the price of BTC up are now dumping, it's not fair!
Or did you fall for the "when it pumps it's organic growth, when it dumped it's manipulation" meme?

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i know this isn't true, but can someone explain to a brainlet like me why?

you sound like a huge fucking pussy OP

Now get a load of this brainlet.

because he's an idiot that thinks market cap = real dollars in when actually its about 1 to 100 in this market.

>when actually its about 1 to 100 in this market

Oh great so instead 500 billion we need 50 trillion that make it totally better thank you brainlet.

Mcap isn't actual fiat in the system, it's price * circulating. Due to how this the order books are, it can vary wildly.

I.e. I can push the price of x coin up 20% with much less money than 20% of its mcap, and yet it's increase its mcap by 20% (as well as the other way around)

Also there are other issues such as double-counting etc. Wall Street estimates the mcap of crypto is inflated by as much as 50 times, and there realistically is only between 10 to 20 billion worth of fiat in the entire market (probably on the lower end)


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yea. that was point dummy man.

Just keep printing Tethers. They should just get it over with and print a trillion dollars worth of Tether. Let's all get rich.

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threads like these remind me why I left this place. you guys are so retarded it pains me to read your posts.

bitcoin pumps 25% and corrects 7%
>wahh crypto is ded its over
small dump with no volume whatsoever based on fud journalism
>wahhhhhh its going to zero its over sell sell sell
you're all destined to be poor because you're too fucking stupid to analyse situations and read charts and act accordingly. no, you just look at the price and are so fucking emotional about it and you panic and intelligent traders eat you alive. not to mention that you're all fucking normalfags from all over the internet, I don't want to share a board with newfag outsiders who are also absolutely fucking braindead. sell now and kill yourselves

crypto trading is now done by sophisticated AI hedge fund traders, it's ogre they can manipulate it at will

>implying it's not (((them)))

Go back to /r/cryptocurrency

back to where you came from? sell your coins and fuck off

soy boy pussies

Just keep HODLing and get super butthurt whenever you see a meme thread.
Kys autist

Margin trading is still profitable, death of shitcoins soon, crypto winter comes

Bitcoin's only benefit is its first mover advantage. Bitcoin is still using archaic technology and it is slow. It also has a public ledger.

Monero (XMR) is the only crypto which is private and anonymous BY DEFAULT.

It is the only crypto with an actual practical use.

The entire crypto market is filled with vapourwares/shitcoins/scamcoins and coins that are pipe dreams with empty promises.

It is no wonder that Monero (XMR) is being widely accepted in dark markets.

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I think it's mostly people just fudding cause they opened a short. Why else would they even be here still

A) they make way more products than just opiates

B) how much more can they even crackdown? They'll never outlaw it completely and that's pretty much the level below how much they cracked down already

C) They've already marketed marijuana inhalers, they'll obviously have skin in the game with marijuana medications as it becomes more legal

I've literally gone insane this year. I created a tulpa gf who's currently beside me telling it's all gonna be alright. My portfolio will recover. I believe her.

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great point, are you an elite wall street crypto trader by chance?

My honest opinion:

We slow bleed for 2 years and consolidate around 3k. Institutions are now entering the [long] game. They have enough data to backtest and predict the future, and will go hard during the halvening in 2020.

Everyone has 2 years to dollar cost average into bitcoin, or learn T.A. to decrease your price per coin. Then when it pumps to 100k, we make out like bandits.

institution money will never come

You had your chance last year to make it, the one in a life time chance and now we are all stuck in this shit together .

Everyone except plebbits and emotional cunts knew this was a bulltrap.

We will go back to AT LEAST 7k, if not

The game is still rigged: if you end up winning, they'll never let you cash out.

Whales want to exit before the real money enters.

Usage will lead the next bull run if speculation doesn't. ICOs, SYS marketplace SONM and hundreds more.

Product market fit is powerful.

Of course it will - but they make moves in year long timeframes. JP Morgan didn't acquire Poloniex (by Proxy) to profit in 2018. They are thinking about the next bubble cycle.

it will get delisted with increasing regulation, off a lot of exchanges.
Only optional privacy will survive the mainstream
XMR will still remain, but it won't blow up.

100k per btc is more wealth than exists in the world.

zksnarks in ETH basically killed all competition already. Just a matter of time before people realize

ty user

will read up on this shit, thanks

it wouldn't even be 1% of the world's wealth retard

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It's cause of pairing and bots user. Most people I know don't even have BTC

>no new money is ever coming
lol. the people who are gonna buy my bags haven't even been born yet. I started buying bitcoin in 2011, have been buying ever since and I've never sold a single fraction of a coin back into fiat. Iron hands motherfucker

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i only know how to hold, is it over for me ?

Never understood the HODL mentality. Learn some basic T.A. chart on super large time frames and trade the trends. You would have seen sentiment shifting at 17k and could have sold close to ATH.

Depends on the country you live in. Ameriburgers are getting fucked for taxes on crypto-to-crypto trades now.

HODLing is unironically the best way to save money now in the states

I really don't care anymore.
I'll hold until 2020 for The Halvening and then I'm out.

whales loaded up big at $6k, I doubt we are going back since a few alts got some big volume going and bitcoin is already causing some FOMO. It's a possibility but I don't think it will happen because everyone that knows some TA expects it

Dutch newspaper reported 1.2 million of dutch people are wanting to step into crypto

Ok call it

>It's like the normies are still buying yahoo shares when Google was already around
No, it's like buying facebook shares. Overwhelming monster dominance that the better fundamentals of competitors can't overcome.
BTC would have to fuck up on it's own, alts have no way to force it off the throne.