We going lower than 3 days ago what you think??

We going lower than 3 days ago what you think??

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בוא נלך

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bounce of 8300 if not
7600 if not
you get an idea

8.6k hard support. Uptrend isn't over yet

We'll be fine.

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>8.6k hard support
not as hard as my dick, when i saw 10,000,000 contracts market sold on bitmex

longed at 9050 plz go up

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We go to, what our Master CME Future said. I think it was 8.6k.

>That volume
I think the whales tells us it's going down

Dump's over. Pack it up, boys, we're going to the moon

>bad news only 1 hour old
>dumps over


There's been FUD for almost a week now and everything that happened was a solid rally. Dump's literally over

This just killed the recovery my friend.
We've had good news the past week aswell thats the only reason we got this high.

What bad news?

Then buy these bags, pussy

Japan issuing binance a warning to stop operations.

I'm guessing the Binance regulation FUD.

Cp on the blockchain

japan issuing binance to stop operating in japan WITHOUT A LICENSE. they will simply obtain the license and all will be well.
this is nothing, nowhere near the same tier as korea/china FUD

Don't forget $300 million Tether printed which barely caused a bump. It's ogre