Long-term ETH investor here. Thinking of moving a sizeable chunk into NEO for the gas rewards...

Long-term ETH investor here. Thinking of moving a sizeable chunk into NEO for the gas rewards. Are there any reasons I should not do this?

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a 2 year long bear market and alts getting drained by bitcoin

You might consider that the china regulation FUD that pops up heavily every half year could impact NEO more than ETH.

For one it's a complete vaporware shitcoin that'll never actually be used for anything


ETH is a better hold

for two, if you do the math gas dividends are pretty low, so you're essentially gambling on two layers of price appreciation on a fundamentally flawed shitcoin that will collapse within a couple years

You should consider no listening to this below 13 IQ primitive coon. Neo will end the year above 1500

none whatsoever

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>Aims to be top blockchain by 2020
>Da himself knows blockchain is in a bubble and NEO will thrive
>Eats FUDs for breakfast.
>NEP-5 listing on Binance sooner or later.
Fuck me for doing homework for brainlets

What are the fundamental flaws?


Does it even matter? People still buy BTC LMAO

Basically the king of the shit coins is still #1.

Care to explain why btc is a shitcoin? Because it's not a smart contracts ponzy coin on which you can build more ponzies?

The government and many other institutions pour shitlots of money for researching and finding the applications of blockchain. You think the oldest shit which only has the use of transferring volatile and speculative wealth will thrive forever?

eth will get fucked by regulations sooner or later, it's literally a ponzi factory
neo being regulation compliant is a huge long term advantage


NEO is the best marketing operation of 2017

>regulation compliant

Compliant to a fucking authoritarian commie government. lol

buy EOS

Just cash out, and put in a real dividend stock with a higher yield, that produces real money.

What he said it actually true though, this coming from someone with 60% of my folio in NEO. Think people overlook this but in today's crypto market you should consider where coins are coming from when diversifying.

Step away from your precious centralized margin trading or altcoin exchange, transact BTC a few hundred times in the real world, and you won't need an explanation anymore

Yes, exactly.

>tfw sailing to my private island on the winds of a failed democracy/humanitarian disaster