Liquid QASH

I’ve noticed /biz is finally starting to talk about this sleeping giant. Either you guys have finally realised it could potentially be the next x1000, or you knew it all along and have finished accumulating.

If you haven’t looked into this token, you’ve legitimately got about one month left to buy under 1$.

Once the big dicks come into crypto and start throwing serious money around, we go to mars.

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havent finished accumulating yet hoping to get 10k for my retirement fund, but i support this post. cant wait for the big dicks to pump our own dicks

Literally have not seen anyone, ever talk about this coin. Please kill yourself, Rajeesh.

BIZ doesnt deserve this coin

its a platform utility token, and does not even have an interaction with the liquid exchange

There is no situation where QASH will go to the moon, unless its underlying token economy is fundamentally changed.

I wish it was a different case, because I bought some of this when it was really low without doing enough research. Then I read about it and realized it would probably remain stagnant forever, unless Liquid exchanges somehow become world leaders.

Worldbook is overhyped, but we will see.

Either you’re actually retarded or still accumulating. Either way, go you

you sound smart, but did you know qash is targeting institutional investors? they are also licensed with the Japanese government. this takes years to accomplish. Binance is still an unlicensed exchange. that means if binance was hacked, they could just decide to fuck you over and not pay back traders. Theres a huge different between a federally compliant exchange vs noncompliant. the monetary compliance laws is what makes qash stand out

user, how far did you get into the white paper? Have you not seen the roadmap? Direct market access, prime brokerage offering, expanding into investment banking then migrating to QASH blockchain.

They have the most stacked team in Crypto period.

The board members and investors are some of the wealthiest men in Japan..

Already run the only fully regulated exchange in Japan (i admit it sucks to use right now) but let’s see how go’s.

These guys simply will not fail, the CEO himself has stated that QASH not being a top 5 coin will be failure.

This. Also when Wall Street really gets balls deep in this market and we all know they will, do you think they’re gonna use Binance or fucking Kucoin to trade 10 mil at a time? They will never use an unregulated exchange, then there’s the obvious liquidity problem. Liquid, QASH and the world book will solve these problems and could also help cut the tie of Bitcoins price directly affecting alts.

I understand direct market access is placing any order on any exchange, but what is liquid world book?

>These guys simply will not fail, the CEO himself has stated that QASH not being a top 5 coin will be failure.

ahahaahahahah he's not biased at all right? the absolute state of biz

the delusions...thinking a discount token will be a top 5 coin KEK

Goldman has already said they are going it think big players will use these muppets? A big fat NO

Yes, I read all of that...and its still a platform utility token.
their team IS stacked, but not towards crypto. It is stacked towards finance and fintech. Their actual expertise with blockchain technology and implementation is limited. Worldbook is not even blockchain, and does not require QASH to function.

My gamble is that Liquid will figure out a way to monetize, and it will involve QASH in a significant enough way that if/when adoption of their platform occurs, we will see a surge. I expect it to take a year or two more before anything changes.

>These guys simply will not fail, the CEO himself has stated that QASH not being a top 5 coin will be failure.

beautiful post, this is what i like to see on biz. smart ppl who actually do their research rather than buy hyped shitcoins

>mcap 227Mill
For it to 10x 2.27Billion - is that happening this year probably not.
For it to 100x 22.70 Billion mcap
For it to 1000x 227B mcap (bigger than current btc)


Discount token for now.
I’m not here trying to get rid of bags, and I’m holding till 2020 most likely. But if you can’t see where this is headed, it’s your loss.

it will 1000x, it took ether 4 years to 1000x. totally possible with qash within 4 years. you cant predict the future so theres no 'best case scenario' answer. ripple went from 3 cents to 3 dollars in less than a year

>comparing eth to qash

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>Looking at the current market cap like it means anything.
>implying the total crypto market cap won’t 20x in 3 years.
>not taking into account institutional money
>having an IQ so low that your foresight is limited to the immediate future

Once again I’m not even here to shill, just seeing who else is holding and what they’re thinking. Of course some fucking autists were always gonna drop by and sperg out but I didn’t think it would be this bad.

That’s what they said about Eth being compared to Bitcoin

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dont listen to these autists. im in some private telegram groups and we discuss our opinions. one if our favs is qash of course. if u wanna be around bright people who know what theyre doing, lmk your telegram username and ill add you


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and they still aren't anything alike, you fucking retard

the absolute state of Veeky Forums


>"bright people"
>invites any moron to join

hows 10th grade treating you

I see exactly where it's the gutter

so you're waiting on them releasing their supposedly give the token top 5 value, yet there are 0 details about the blockchain and how it will be different to the 1000+ other blockchains out there...

well done though, you basically gave them the funds to develop their exchange for free, you made them rich, congrats!

You’re a fucking idiot. The funds will pay for the blockchain also, we’re talking one of the top 5 ICO’s ever. Check out the investors and team behind the project...

this board is literally full of autists. im the only one with you brotha

I think it's you who is the fucking idiot...

The investors, fucking kek, they didn't invest in Qash....they invested in QUOINE

Are you able to comprehend the difference?

The owners and investors in Quoine will become likely very rich, you on the other hand will loose your $100 with your worthless discount token, tell me who is going to be accumulating a discount token as an investment opportunity? No one, that's who.

And an imaginary blockchain which no one knows any of the details of! hahahaahahah

I repeat as you seem quite dense, the investors and the team are investing in Quoine...not some useless discount token called Qash

and your the type of autist who probably didnt see binance coin do a 20x in december for being a discount token and qash offers much more. read the whitepaper faggot

People are so short sighted with this coin. The discount token fud is so uninformed it's laughable

I own a shitload of qash and invested mostly in the team which is top notch IMO
Ehat worries me a bit is that i bought in thinking qash would be a settlement token for worldbook but im not sure if thats the case. The twam still hasnt given a clear answer on this yet afaik. Either way i think qash will benefit massively from the incoming regulation crackdown and that will reflect in price. Even 5-10 usd would make me very happy. 50 would be god tier and 100 would allow me to retire. Im holding this until 2019 at least

how much do you own? im just curious. its my retirement saving account as well

Nice quads

>so easily brainwashed and married to a coin, it would imply your skin tone is black and your faith is Christianity
>thinks qash will be in the top40 in 2019
>too delusional to accept the truth
>qash will not even reach 1 Bill.
>and if it does it means there will be coins like omg and neo that will still make more gains
Plebeian faggot BTFo lmao meme
Tell me one reason why qash will go to 3B let alone 227B (which won't even happen because it won't even reach 3B)

You're such a pleb it's hilarious. Btc near ATH was 230B and you fags think this gook coin will even hit 2B let alone 230 KYSS LMAOOO

>comparing revolutionary coin to a gook scam
>thinks cash will even 5x let alone anything Else

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>gook scam lmao lmao kys pleb loool lmao

Gee strong arguments user, you really make me reconsider my investment

>heavy investment in the parent company will have no correlation with the success and value of their products

Never change Veeky Forums

So I've seen a lot of FUD surrounding QASH and I want to try and dispell some of the bullshit I've seen posted recently. I'll go through the most common FUD that I've seen posted and give my perspective on why I feel It's either overstated or just flat out wrong. Full disclosure, I own 10,000 QASH and it's 40% of my portfolio
>It's just a 5% discount token!
This is disingenuous. It implies that QASH is just like any other exchange token while disregarding or being ignorant of it's other uses. A) it's used for all of the services that'll be on the liquid platform which according to the whitepaper and the roadmap includes: The Worldbook exchange, Prime brokerage and "other services"(which are pretty irrelevant). The important part which is overlooked by this FUD is the prime brokerage. The idea is to optimize moving a huge amount of fiat into crypto and is what'll entice the large institutional investors to use the liquid platform, that's what'll make QASH's discount relevant. B) It's not just a single exchange's discount by the nature of the worldbook. It's a discount on all exchanges that are part of the worldbook. C) The most important fact. It won't always just be a discount token. Q2 2019 QASH is going onto it's own blockchain with the intent of being a platform for fintech companies to build services which can incorporate the liquid platform and use QASH as the token of use. THAT'S where the utility for QASH comes from. Think Ethereum, but a focus on fintech. Additionally, QASH will be POS so coins will be locked up which will drive up the value even more.

>The UI for Qryptos and Quionex is shit so the worldbooks will be shit as well, so no one will use it
There's truth to this. The UI is shit for the two current exchanges. All I can say is that they're aware of this and are planning on discontinuing their two current exchanges and merging it all into one exchange as the liquid platform; hence why there have been no updates to improve them currently. We'll see how it'll look once the world book beta is out at the start of April and after the merge a few months after that.
>The investors, fucking kek, they didn't invest in Qash....they invested in QUOINE
Didn't see this posted before this thread but it's bullshit so I'll address it. If you look at token allocation, 20% is held by the Shareholders and 15% is reserved for strategic partners/investors. Guess who those holders are? I don't really need to address it since it's fucking dumb but yes, investors care about the token of the company they invested in doing well. And the money they bring in will insure the liquid platform is up to scratch and that'll make it have more usage which will then make QASH more valuable. It's rather simple stuff.

The summary is that in the short term, it is just a platform utility token, but it's the utility token for the most ambitious platform being developed at the moment, with a focus on getting the big fish on board. Long term, it'll have even more utility when 3rd party companies build services with the blockchain. So if you ever read someone saying QASH has no utility, read through the bullshit and DYOR.

it will at probably x10 by years end

Let me know what I feels like when your initial investment triples
When every other coin in top50 100xs

>Let me know what I feels like when your initial investment triples

That would feel pretry great desu
Also lol that you went from "its worthless" to "its only gonna triple in value". You should find another hobby because youre really bad at this fudding stuff

x1000 is the target for 3-4 years from now.
>$5-$10 EOY 2018
>$100-$250 EOY 2019

I'm all in. I haven't found any other coin with such strong fundamentals as QASH.

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Poverty returns litecoin will even 20x by eoy screen cap