Rest in fucking piss, shitcoin.

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Bob might have been working full time since he was a teenager, too. Also Ann is a bad Investor. Probably spending all her money on fancy clothes and the latest IPhone.

>working full time since teens and still no savings
ann is retarded

Ann is stupid. She hasn't given anyone what they wanted, at least not much. I don't feel sorry for her. She doesn't deserve society's rewards if she isn't willing or capable of rewarding society with valuable services. Get fucked, Ann, should've just been a fucking housewife.

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Wow, such a powerful hard-working independent woman and that fat degenerate white male. Really makes you (((think))) right?

pedo coin is finished

There are trace amounts of cocaine on 90% of dollar bills. Does that mean that everyone with dollar bills is guilty of possession of cocaine?

>trace amounts

nice argument you got there.

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It is literally a perfect analogy. If you disagree you are sewage.

Yeah, about how hard it must be for you to find dates.

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I haven't been paying much attention to this stuff for long, but wasn't this already a thing long ago?

Ann could have gotten children and made child porn and sold it to people like Bob in order to get a lot if bitcorn too. If she started early she could have gotten much more bitcorn than Bob mined.
Just goes to show that Ann doesn't recognize good innovation and doesn't effectively allocate her own productive resources to fill high profit margin demand.

The article is wrong moron.


ah yes, "muh incel", the cry of piece of shit commies everywhere

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>Ann never bothered saving up for anything nor researching new technology despite the fact that she could've bought/mined a couple of BTC cheap in '12 and made tens of thousands
>Bob got into an emerging technology, then lost 90% of his money in Mt. Gox, then four years later started making money off the bull run

The Jew is desperate to destroy crypto.

All-round ignoramus here, but I had a feeling it was something like this:

>80 bytes is all that OP_RETURN can store, and what’s more that information is subject to deletion.
>That’s because bitcoin nodes are capable of pruning “provably unspendable” UTXOs for efficiency, which include OP_RETURN data.
>Anyone wishing to use the bitcoin blockchain to seek out child pornography would need to perform the following convoluted process:

>1. Download the entire bitcoin blockchain and sift through 251 million transactions to find the 1.4% that contain some kind of arbitrary data encoded in them.
>2. Ensure that the version of the blockchain you were using had been subject to no pruning that might have removed OP_RETURN data.
>3. Extract any web links that might be concealed in the data using some sort of steganography.
>4. Type the links into your browser until you eventually found a website that was still accessible.

>To assert that the bitcoin blockchain contains child pornography is disingenuous, and is no more meaningful than saying that the internet contains CP. You could live to 100 and never encounter CP on the web, because that’s not how the web works. And that’s not how the blockchain works either.

total fucking non-story and the claim is even more ridiculous than the one in this analogy


that is the whole bitcoin whitepaper (180kb) encoded on the blockchain. Instructions on how to decode this particular tx: bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/35959/how-is-the-whitepaper-decoded-from-the-blockchain-tx-with-1000x-m-of-n-multisi

I think this story is pretty credible considering this.

Can they selectively prune out the links though?