Who else /shorting/?

Who else /shorting/?

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kinda late retard

>being this blind

Short here (selling contracts half at 8k, other half 7k)

The Dow, Nasdaq and ASX

Screenshot this faggot.

News only came out an hour ago and just killed any chance of recovery.

We're going back down to 6k you cuck.

kek. That's what you idiots said at 16k. Just you fucking wait.

sure faggot have fun getting liquidated

I opened a 50x short and am still certain i wont get liquidated now.

Have fun staying poor.

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where do you get liquidated


wish me luck xo

Shorting since 8670 two days ago, now at breakeven. It's possible that BTC bounces to 10k first but then it's going down to retest and probably break 6k.

Dude thats way too fucking tight, If there's even a short squeeze you wont survive

8781 long here, let's see who wins.

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yeah im keeping watch over it now.

Just waiting for the next big dump then i can sleep easy

whats your leverage

>shorting the top of a hammer


might have to close my short, binance ceo tweeted.


by the way sucked in

huh why is it going up WHY WHY WHY AHHH


i closed at 8.65k made an easy 40% suck me

its only going up because the chink ceo tweeted to calm everyone down but the issue still remains.


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>shorting the bottom
so this.... is the power.... of Veeky Forums daytraders.....

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Shorting pig, you are so fucked

Necessary to have KYC for margin trading?

Or are there sites that allow this without KYC?

I'd like to point out that there are literally no buyers at the moment. It was fun while it lasted Veeky Forums.