How much money do you need to make it, Veeky Forums?

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$300k for safe retirement, bogs please

who else /humble living/ here?

i need 4.5MM

20 MM

$10M for comfy never have to worry about money again but can still live well status.



Ill be very comfortable with 200k though, Smooth sailing from there

I figure if I had 125k I could put it away in such a way that even if i didn't ever /make it/ I could retire in luxury around 50.

All of it.

I want to be the richest man who ever lived. I want to make Rockefeller, Fugger, Musa, and Rothschild look like poorfags by comparison.

I don't need anything, investing in crypto is therapeutic and with all the friendship here I'm already the richest person in the world.

Ok 5m.

All i want is 20-30k. I could buy nice apartment and will live alone with my small buisness. (In my country that's big money)

which country


All I need are my LINKs ;)

/humble/ + /eastern european/ which lowers the goal.

I think something like a million would be great. So that I have goals. And want to make more money, would be bad if i got 10 mill of doing nothing than crypto. Life would be boring. But yeah, we won't make it. So 200/300k would be a nice kickstart. I'll make the rest by starting business and stuff.

tfw I had 220k usd in January and lost almost all and now only have 27k

Have I still made it in Ukraine?

I think, concept of "made it" is about getting more money, but whatever, with 27k you can be happy, if you're smart enough not to waste it in first month.

500k or 600k for a comfy early retirement

Don't need a lambo, vacations or all that shit, getting rid of wageslavery is my only goal.

this but I only need like 250k cuz east europoor
I would need even less, but I want many children, so the money will be mainly for them

350k so i can buy an appartment without a mortgage.

which city r u in btw

1m after taxes

Enough for at least $100,000 a year in passive income. So perhaps $4 million.

this is the most underrated post in the thread


ebin. are u a programmer or smth

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Part time programmer and own a little coffee shop.