This board is depressing as fuck

this board is depressing as fuck.
constant fud
constant depression
constant "it is over"

lets cheer up a bit. crypto will keep going up. adoption will be crucial in the next few years. shitcoins will die, allowing good projects to differentiate themselves.

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These retards here shouldn't be allowed near a market. But then again your money has to come from somewhere.

That is why I'm unironically 50% in TRX. They have an easy route to normie adoption because normies already fucking love Tron and they don't even know why. The bike rental thing is a good test project, I srs think if you're not in Tron because muh fap dungeon or muh announcing an annoucement, then you're basically backing duck duck go over google. Maybe not as drastic, but you get the point. What is does is fucking important, but so is who uses it!

They do it to try and get you to sell your coins so they can buy them. Probably a ton of government backed groups. They want bitcoin dead. They want a one world government and Fedcoin. All you can do is buy good coins and hodl.

>They want bitcoin dead.
Btc>Nano flippening best day of my life.

shitcoins die....I wish

How's the old persecution complex?

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This board is complete garbage,at least 90% of it. Shills,fud,and people who don’t know anything pretending they do.

>OP wants shitcoins to
>biztard agrees, then goes on to shill their one shitcoin that they've gone all in on.

Yea it's pretty much only misinformation since everyone thinks he is the god of crypte after the bullrun. I don't even know why I check here a couple of times a day.

I see you escaped from the tard farm

Some of the shitposting is getting to be really depressing. There can't be any discussion: as soon as you raise a doubt about anything, you get accused of fudding and only get insults instead of counterarguments, and every time you say something positive, you also get attacked by people who only throw insults, without any real argument in the mix.

I'm depressed as hell, but this is getting to be too toxic for me. There are a lot of things to be excited about in crypto, but I'm starting to think that this isn't the place for it anymore.

Nano isn't programmable money, so it won't be able to seamlessly integrate with any fintech, so it's not going live long.

A single btc tx eats more electricity than my household in 6 months. It needs to die for the sake of the planet by now.

Ok dude. (I don't even know what you just said.)

he's a little over the top but if you don't think big money manipulates the market to shake out weak hands among other things that add up to making a shit load of money, you're fucking stupid. Ever heard of high frequency trading? Jiggling the price up and down to make nervous nellies sell? Hell, I use my Bot to do it sometimes on thin order books and I only have about 100k in. I assure you the real money is doing it 1000x more effectively.

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they will. shitcoins grew exponentially last year cause of future perspectives, mania phase, etc. mania will be substituted by adoption of good projects, and this shit ass companies will have nothing to deliver. more fiat pairings, more breakouts of good projects will nuke all of those shitcoins.


You are unironically retarded, holy shit the absolute state of Veeky Forums

U first

Bitcoin is a shitcoin. Too high fees makes it unusable as a currency. Each tx costs >800kWh of electricity and it's getting more.

ok. but bitcoin still rules the market transactions. only a complete detachment of it from any transactions will allow it to die. but that will take some time and will mostly occur through a transitioning phase.

I think so too, it will take a while for normies to catch on to bitcoins shittiness... currently some banks are even offering it as a "store of value". This keeps the turd floating for another while.

It's so we can buy more from you glass handed plebeians

most of the exchanges have nothing but btc as a reserve. bitcoin can't simply die or else everyone would lose their money. a somewhat stable bitcoin and the process of this exchanges to actually be able to generate currency reserves detached from btc itself will be the first major step to kill it, or at least stop this absurd volatility.

There are huge chances that we will go up, but several things are crucial:
There are early adopters out there that can easily manipulate the market as they do now. We will only have "organic" growth, if all those bags are dumped on the market. As most of these people aren't dumb, they gonna wait, so homogenic distribution will still take a while.
Besides that we simply need more money in the market, so any catalyst that brings normie money into the scene again and on a bigger scale than before, is apprecciated. And I think this catalyst could be a KYC regulation.
If those things are settled the market will continue to grow, since blockchain is a good technology. This way we can become wealthy.

>most of the exchanges have nothing but btc as a reserve. bitcoin can't simply die or else everyone would lose their money.
Not the exchanges, they made a lot of USD from it. It totally can die (and has to.)

Bitcoin is the new pre-google yahoo. Or pre-facebook myspace. It was a good first gen introduction to the topic but it's 10 years old and the design is flawed.

The banks are at this point probably just selling their own bitcoin reserves off to unsuspecting grandpas who don't understand anything about this. Hype is temporary, basics matter in the long run. December was pure hype, at the point people were FOMOing in, BTC was already unusable.

>Bought at 0.005 sold at 0.199
>Bought at 0.03 holding for 0.2 again
Fuck I must be a brainlet. How's holding BTC been working out for ya?

For shitcoins to die a great depression is necessary. Only the strong survives

>ywn snort coke from her ribs

Kek me too. One of my current holds - bought back in just last week.

Muh dick

Is anyone here actually excited about the technology, and how it will change our society in the future? Or is it only about monetary returns?

Future kids will literally be learning about crypto and blockchain in primary school as an essential life knowledge. Blockchain changes everything, and all you faggots do is post AAAAAAAAAAA during down-swings and smug faces during ups

she's unreal.