First email was received in January.
Second was received yesterday. They're "really pissed" now.

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Regular citizens literally aren't supposed to make millions doing literally nothing while still under 23. The systems in this world freak the hell out and try to stop you when you do.

Do I need to spell it out for you guys?
Dubs decides what I respond to Gemini.

I hate this guilty until proven innocent with kyc / aml shit

what the hell ?

fuck off you kikes

Ok good start.

Also I'm basically a NEET at this point and the money I was investing with them was savings from me and my wife. I have no idea what the fuck they expect in terms of pay stubs then. Why can't we just be investing our savings? Also who the fuck documented "early investments" in cryptocurrency? Like from years ago?

do they have your money

I would just move my funds out and don't reply at all.

You got the money from bitconnect referral links didn't you user.

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>land of the free. LOL@BURGERS

god bless south eastern europe where nobody gives a shit and you can bribe anyone for anything you want.

Just give them what they want Christopher.

How much money do you need going in and out for them to send This?

If dubs: My linkies stay super stinky $1000 EOY

it has been decided

>using cucked KYC/AML exchanges


Oh my god... Xd

Send sharpie in pooper pic

As if you don't have your own issues.


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Yeah lol. So I basically got everything off that exchange ASAP as soon as I got the first email. But then nothing happened so I started slowly throwing $500 a day in there again with their bank transfer thing. Did this for about 10 days and have about $5000 in there right now before they sent me the second email.

What can I say to make them go away? I'm not a criminal, it was just savings and watching charts/ICOs 24/7 in 2017 to grow my money. Before someone asks how much I needed to trigger Gemini like that I'm not going to say the amount in this thread but I looked online and I'm not the only one to get the first email it seems. The second maybe, but not the first.

why would you stay there? its none of their business and these emails are retarded i would pull my money if i was you there are alot of other exchanges

Did you brighten my image or something faggot? Or was the clearly visible C___TOP__ a big enough hint?

Congratulations on this. Seriously.

What the fuck did you say to me meme


Take your funds out and send them a picture of a mans gaping asshole


I would like to send this.
Best response in the thread though.

do it op

>provide a link to your employer

Yes, who is your master boy?

Exactly what I would have said.

We're waiting OP.

Ask them why they need this information?


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Are you the same user as the one who posted the first mail one month ago? just tell them what they want to know before the fuck you in the ass

soyboy detected

You deserve your funds too be frozen OP.

Wrong answer, see: Don't ever let pieces of shit push you around. OP should just withdraw everything from the exchange and tell those kikes to fuck off.

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why don't you just use kraken if you're going to deposit shit into your bank, or binance if you're just trading?
Kraken took like 2 weeks to confirm my application for a lvl 3 account, where you can withdraw 250k a month, but i'm sure if you contact them directly it's much faster

>withdraw everything
>write them a detailed reply with more questions than answers to annoy them

Yeah. But I'm basically unemployed now (doing some work actually but haven't been paid yet and the pay will be like $1500 a month so it wouldn't explain anything and it's not for the job they think I work at Gemini). That and I don't have any pay stubs from my old job, which I lost like 8 months ago. So I don't have that. The source of the funds was just my savings, so I'm not sure what they expect for that. My history in crypto is like 13 months long at this point and I have no records of it essentially. Not sure what "early investor" means but I definitely don't have documentation of it, and that's about it. So I'm not sure what I could do to satisfy them anyway.

Pic related.

Actually, I never withdrew anything from Gemini. Only deposits. Withdrawals were done elsewhere to avoid taxes.

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>Withdrawals were done elsewhere to avoid taxes.


then withdraw your shit to another non gay exchange and send them the email

I withdrew from kraken and tried to use it as a down payment on a house and I needed a statement with my name on it to source my funds. When I asked kraken support they literally said fuck you it was your responsibility to keep track of your trades, which completely missed the point. Meanwhile coinbase had a nice feature to just print out the exact PDF statements I needed. If you ever make any significant amount of money using complaint exchanges like coinbase or gemini will really save your ass.

if you actually send this you are 100% based

good op...good

today opie was not a faggot


Anybody have any experience with quadriga?

>they think I work for gemini
top kek
Now they're freezing your account 100% and your money is locked until you send them all the info that they want.

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I'm proud of you OP!

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His funds are already out

Sorry to disappoint but that's not what I meant. I meant to say the people at Gemini think I work a job that I haven't actually worked for 8 months. And I have no pay stubs to show where my money came from.

Anyway I sent the message. They can do what they want, I'm withdrawing my money now for safety and waiting it out. There are other exchanges.

OP as much as I enjoy fun I don't want you to JUST yourself with that message.

Raise those concerns and hint that you will consult with a lawyer (to make them act carefully).

So TLDR what is this whole thing? Some exchange?

Now I see, but it would have been very funny.

Already done and I'm out anyway. It's ok, I wouldn't do this if I had intention to use the exchange anymore. Thank you for your concern anyway.


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God bless !
Hopefully we won't get freedom'd.

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Also your freedom.

how is the HIV and krokodil and frozen shit stalactites


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OP did you only deposit cash into Gemini to buy crypto, or did you deposit crypto from another wallet?

Also realize this increases the chances they report your info to the IRS or some other agency for possible money laundering, tax evasion etc. If you're already trying tho avoid taxes, this will make it harder for you. You could've probably sent them some old bank statement or paystub to make them happy

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I don't live in united shites so I wouldn't know

well if you cashed out i guess it's ok but watch out for taxes

Rerolling i would fucken take my shit out

looks like attorney