How do I turn my girlfriend into a prostitute for dat sweet passive income?

How do I turn my girlfriend into a prostitute for dat sweet passive income?

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Beat her until compliance is reached

>How do I become a cuck to get money
Off yourself already

Pimipin' ain't easy.

Sharing economy, nigger. Get with the times.

There must be an Uber for whores by now. Shouldn't be too hard.

You see a pimp ain't taught pimpin. Pimpin come naturally. If you a square trying to pimp ya bitch gonna choose up.

I'll just do my best Snoop Dogg impression and I should be fine.

According to that one Futurama episode, you start with a Valentine's day dating service

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>forcing a woman to cuck you so that you can gain "passive" income
you disgust me
just try to convince her to make fetish videos and sell them to people
it's lucrative as fuck, and depending on the kind of videos she does, she wouldn't have to get HIV

Making money off people who do the work for free is one of my favorite (usually criminal) business operations.
In my town there was recently a scandal when it turned out that all of the "give your old clothes to charity" containers were actually run by a group of gyppos selling them in bulk, because apparently recycling old textile is actually profitable.

adultworks dot com, friend

first you need to isolate her from all outside contact, make sure you have enough income to support you two and begin to corrode any of her personal relationships while making sure trust in you is building until you are her only confidant and provider, then she really has no choice as you have her backed into a corner, convince her that no one else will love, trust, believe, or take care of her, and that only you actually care for her, and you only beat her because you have to

then beat the shit out of her, and draw a warm bath and give her a few vicoden to cement that belief.. she is now yours

This gotta be a troll post, right? Not even ledditresses can be this dumb.

is girlfriend on bittrex?

Lol what, its literally all over porn, just tell her you want her to experience pleasure beyond what you can provide, get her to try BBC, soon she'll be hooked on it, and then make some cash on the side whenever you hook her up with a BBC. Simple and easy.

Heroin and crack

The normal prostitution market is oversaturated, you should rather pimp out children, like a paki entrepreneur in Bongistan.

Yea niggers will just fuck her and not pay some dumb white cuck like OP anything and threaten to shoot them if they go to the cops


but seriously this thread is proof we need to remove the stigma from sex work. It's 2018 for fucks sake.