Binance is safe

Just journalist FUD as usual

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> funds are safe.

Thnx based CZ


fucking jew cunts

I'm sick of this shit.

Does biz have a bunch of Binance shills they always come rushing in to praise this chink's tweets

All the old faggots are scared and it's glorious.

>you should be afraid if people start killing journalists

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t. salty nocoiner

to be fair the article still stands, binance doesnt require kyc, and this is a standard in Japan, therefore its on its way to getting shut down unless binance changes


The Nikkei isn't some tabloid dumb ass I would trust their reporting over this guy's word

Binance is going to delist btc because it would be illegal to own cp. You should sell now.

I wish unironically.

This but unironically


Sam Hyde was fucking right. I think I've started to recognize journalists as scum, truly a parasite class.

Bear cuck detected

> unless binance changes

What did the article say?

Pretty much. They are the same people that spreaded rumors about bittrex hack some time ago. I really hate chinks.


>find another

welp, it's over. Also, it makes 100% for them to tell a newspaper first that's called journalism

They are disgusting liars, aren't they? I mean, without these journalists there would be no wars, there would be no constant political fighting, the world would really be a nice place.