Who the FUCK bought all the pepe plushs and why aren't they restocking...

Who the FUCK bought all the pepe plushs and why aren't they restocking? I can't be the only one who's looking everywhere for them, it's literally absurd there's so much demand for it but they won't restock. I think it's mostly a Veeky Forums meme but I don't see much OC posted, I've been collecting pepe plush pictures and trying to get one myself but I just don't think they're going to ever bother restocking. Is there an user here that has one they're willing to sell, if so my discord is Thundy#5387

ALSO; buy RIPPLE! It's going to moon 100x!

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Are whales accumulating pepe plushes?

Expect a short squeeze soon, pepe plush 1k EOW

Lmao I now own 10% of the supply and Im not fucking selling.

Rumor has it they're going to make pepe plush a hybrid physical currency that's tied to a new internationally backed coin by the government. With the limited supply (at most in the hundreds) you can assume it'll be worth 100k by EOY, if you're not investing now you'll regret it.

hope you unironically kill yourself if you legitimately own more then 1 pepe plush

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Ripple $10 by EOY! Invest now, perfect time!

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Invest in the official jew coin and you'll make so much money you can buy 1 whole pepe plushe!

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I'm in the shower right now, but I feel safe knowing my monopoly money investment is safe and secure in Ripple!

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Listen here, I'm a smart boy and all I want is pepe plush! I get straight A's and I invest in premium monopoly money currencies like Ripple, if you just contact me and ship me your own personal pepe plush you'll get the best financial advice ever!

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Just make it yourself

They have become collectors items now. I'll sell my mint graded PSA10 pepe for 1 ETH

>He thinks I'll sell

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Pepe is life!

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Pepes will be the new beanie babies?

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that gross foot

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>La Creatura foot to the right

hahahaha i laughed IRL

I can tell by the foot, that you must be one of those shilling Chainlink ?

Jesus what the fuck are you

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buy a nut button instead

Fucking dracula claws, right down to the milkydead complexion.

Add the sergay shirt to rare /biz collectable items

>not knowing pepe plushes have little cameras in their eyes
>actually buying one

Even Craigslist doesn't have any for sale. Then again I live in CA. I'm sure Soyboys banned them here

> not owning a plush pepe
How dare you?

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Delicious foot mmm..

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Mushroom foot


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Do all of the Pepe dolls have a dick and balls?

Check Amazon in a few minutes OP, you can have mine. Still in the plastic and everything ;^)

>using a mac
>calling others faggot

Kek, was that you offering it for 199.99?

>tfw late-stage crypto economy actually is beanie babies

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enjoy your viruses, PC fag

Sure was, and I really think I'm underselling it.

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what are you talking about? they are on ebay and amazon goys

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El Abominacion...

>this is the one you wanted, right user?

fucking lmao

Hold until $300. Didn't pepes creater state he was going to kill him? $500eoy


El goblino...

FUCK! They are getting expensive.

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Anyone who's willing to sell should join me and raise the Pepe prices. We're all gonna make it, frens

checked n kekked

dios mio...

kekked n checked

In a gold rush, you don't buy gold, you buy pickaxes.

>In a gold rush, you don't buy gold, you buy pickaxes.
What is the pickaxe in this analogy?

fuck /bought/
Can you post a photo of him w/ timestamp?

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finally just dumped this homosex meme toy my ex gf gave me she thought she was le leet anonymouse what a cunt she gave me bed bugs too can't wait send diseased thing away

buy high sell low



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>he didn't secure his own pepe plushie

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Sure dude, I'm wagecucking right now, but once I'm home I'll send you a pic. I don't work tomorrow so I'll ship it in the morning first thing.

Link holder detected, I bet if that pepe was alive he would khs. So gross

thanks man

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wtf how did you take this picture if your foot is there

Do you notice the windows logo in the bottom left corner? That's because I work all day in windows using parallels. I make money using both OS's because I'm not a shut in faggot neet like you

Holy fuck dude cut your toe nails

I bought a few of them.

there's chinese knockoffs for cheap on ebay. i think that's even more amusing than the original. pls someone get one.

>had one chance to be a pepe plush and he blew it on a cheap Chinese knockoff

cmon ripple we want to see -50%. To hit may 2017 levels again.

BTC was at 1000$ back then,

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People said the same thing about ETH at $100

>psa 10

not with your cheeto fingerprints you fuckhead! I'll give you $15 and pay 3% for paypal fees

How do some people let themselves go so badly? This user is probably one of those faggots making threads about "how come i cant get a gf"
Probably because of your rank feet nigger

But he owns the pepe we all want and can't buy anymore

Don't worry fren, we'll see sub 6000 again for sure

Furie and the ADL are probably suing them just like they're suing Alex Jones. Fucking faggots.

Is that a coonskin hat or a JUSTed hair piece?

You still didnt get one?

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Fuck reminds me the story of that guy who looks like Shrek and lives in the basement watching dvd on a old laptop

So Pepe dolls became dogecoins

Smells like flowers

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That foot doesn't belong to an human.

El monstro de la America

I wear a lot of socks and my nails grow very fast. That was like a one time thing where I forgot. They got even longer than that but I did cut then in my bi monthy toe nail cutting.

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Never ever buy a used plush pepe, ever