If this isn't at least 91% of your portfolio, you're not gonna make it

If this isn't at least 91% of your portfolio, you're not gonna make it

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It is fucking 100% and i am not even close to making it.


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All in!!

These percentages keep on going up, meaning the coin is less valuable. If you want to shill it should only be 1% of your portfolio for making it.

I sold all my shit except for this.

Itll be huge, but not for a while. They are building the infrastructure for something that doesn’t even exist yet.

In my opinion though, platforms like Jibrel and Qash are going to lead the next Bullrun.

And im nore bullish on JNT for its token economics and having the whole geography of MENA pinned down with the SEED partnership.

very bullish

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>it will continue to bleed, so i'm all in
>building the infrastructure for something that doesn’t even exist
sounds good

sand niggers

Im gay

i don't buy semite coins unless i'm unaware they are semite coins


i figured

Buy jibrelcoin. Allah blesses this blockchain. Make you richer than shiekh.

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Yes. Really, Abdul-Rahid-Muhammad.

thanks just sold my whole stack (40 jnt)

Thanks for not funding terrorism and slavery.

Why would anyone double down on their investments and risk a pledge to just arbitrage?

I have lots of jibbies

Fuck me, its 90% of my portfolio

I'm not gonna make it, am I?


So is this the new coin from the discord shilling groups?

lol, what cryptocurrency is ready now? they are all aiming to be huge and currently building infrastructure.I agree though I see Jibrel being a top 5 coin by year end though.

So uh, volume is dead everywhere.

I think within 3 years


45m mcap? Wow this shitcoin went south pretty quick

oh my god this is amazing

your fud was subtle til you made that comment.Q3 latest is when this goes beyond the moon.Everything will be up and running in full swing.

Is their demand for tokenizing though is the real question. Implementing a DAO isn't that hard

TO Be a top 5 coin? Get realistic im heavily invested but its not gonna happen within the year. You think they can get to over 10 billion in market cap within a year? Hell no. Maybe 2 years if that

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Stop posting this image, its fake. No need to spread misinformation

cardano got to 32 billion offf a whitepaper.Ill repeat, Cardano got to 32 billion off a whitepaper.

What do you think is going to happen the first time jibrel updates the price to reflect the tokenized assets?When reddit realizes this is the first coin not to need speculation?Not be stuck pinned to bitcoin?Everyone and their mother is going to want to be in it, so throw insane speculation price on top of the tokenization.

nice fud, but its from talal himself.More from talal.

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Why are the pics different and why is the iPhone text in spanish then?

because one is a screengrab from a spanish users phone and one is a screengrab from what looks like windows telegram app.Your fud is awful.

The absolute state of jibronies


Yes but explain different profile pics? Why would they message talal in english if they are a spanish user?

Stop funding sandniggers.

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Lol why are you pretending like you're not a jibshit shill, and that nothing news actually means something? Top kek

talal uses different profile pics at different points in time, and my guess is talal doesnt speak spanish, and you know, english is kind of the worlds universal language.Last response to you, terrible fud.

Sure lol

Youre delusional


Listen, I like this coin but the shilling on here has been out of control. I dont buy this pic for a second

Look at the wallets bro. Hardly any on exchanges. It's a waiting game for most everyone.

yup, pretty much all the jnt is locked away in wallets.Nobody is selling.You can see this on the etherscan chart for jibrel.

>but the shilling on here has been out of control
And what does that tell you user?
What does it tell you when the lower a coin goes the harder it gets shilled?

Desperate bagholders which is why I dont trust that pic.

So has the FUD. People are opening literal FUD threads, what does that tell you?

Ok lol ill come clean Talal sent that message to me on telegram, im fudding out my ass, there was more to that message too but I had the decency not to post it on telegram.

Hold this for at least a year guys, we are all going to make it

You're reverse shilling me, just sold 100k. Haha, fuck you! I know you're from the pajeet FUD discord.

why would this not lead to upward price pressure? serious question

It would you dingus. P smart desu. No liquidity means tokenizers gotta buy high while we all bought low

It's on dead exchanges, except for bibox where a market maker bot trades with itself to simulate at least half decent volume.

You could ask CMC to reduce the circ cap.

My 450k will never be sold.

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Can you give me 50k so we both have 400k?

JNT is pretty much Veeky Forums coin, normans don’t know, don’t care or don’t understand it. And it looks like all Veeky Forums bulls are exhausted.
Jibrel team doesn’t put any effort to shill it to normies, because they target institutional money.
And don’t forget about bear market.
We won’t see a price action till mindblowing news from SK or Binance or real tokenization for SEED commences.
I mentally prepared to baghold my 100k till Q3

will i actually get a mil off my 100k jibbies. is this the one?

Lol, if they just fulfill their current roadmap of tokenizing in Dubai and the MENA region you'll retire off that stack. And from their connections and current news, that's more than likely.

But muh... what about the short term price???????

dingus here. i see no evidence of this in the price.

fair enough, seems weird to me that bulls can't eat through 9 ETH of sell order book

fuck you

There are money to be made in other coins.
With a big enough stack going all-in is counterproductive.
Also JNT is not a good pnd coin, so no whale fuckery.
Bottom line is everyone who wanted to fill their bags has done it already

Short term price is basically a game of chicken. In every thread anons say "I'm waiting till Q3". Now look at the sell books. Will they all buy low just before it takes off? No, impossible.

Nah give it 3 years

A 400 mil coin offering for a tokrnized hotel will start in NY soon. Demand is crazy, you cut expensive exchanges and it is 100% liquid.

Yeah, apply these advantages to traditional assets and you have JNT.

Then why should anyone use a third party like JNT If you can easily set up your own coin and tokenize stuff like in the hotel case?

I bought 2 eth worth of jibbies last night and the price didn't move at all.

YA cuz 2 eth is fucking nothing

You bought 1000 USD worth and the price hasn't moved? Oh my god

He said the sell order book was 9 eth brainlets.

the shock, nay, horror of it!

Who cares about order books? I guess you are the first one who will sell in front of a sell wall.

Kys idiot. I hold 236k of these, and 100k from ICO and I'm not selling anytime soon.

Sure you do

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not enough shilling for it to be those faggots. need at least 5 threads in the catalog.

I will not fund the people who caused the world trade center to collapse on 9/11 fuck you traitors.

>doesn’t want to support jews
>doesn’t want to support jews’ enemy
Burger logic

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Still believing the 9/11 story? I see...

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You should be ashamed of yourselves to not detect deliberate low quality fud

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It will once people start buying. Not to mention the price will skyrocket once the DAO has to buy jnt to cover their assets. That won't happen for awhile though.

Cool binance listing bro

I've had a buy order up for 3 days now. It keeps on almost getting touched and then someone else puts a giant buy order in right in front of mine. I'm trying to get 10k but I'm not going to market buy like the Pajeets in the telegram tell you to.

Ohayo Mitty-chan~