No Req thread on main page. Let's fix that. Post whatever you want about this bad boy

No Req thread on main page. Let's fix that. Post whatever you want about this bad boy.

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Is there any source for the rumors about the partnership and main net?

€0 EOY


1$ again


I'm angry this isn't cheaper. I was hoping to hit 10c before the rise, and bow I'm not positive it'll go under 20c agaon

Just wait two more months

It's got a bit of a divergence going on so I'm not expecting much more from the next week or two.

Mainnet is a few days away from official release. Partnership we know it is coming, however no info about what it is.

Since we know this is a platform, and there's the coinbase commerce thing, rumor has it is built on top of the REQ protocol. That would be nuts, and definitely one of the most important achievements of any crypto project so far.

But in reality I think it's just another startup at best, or another blockchain project.

By end of Q2 if the market recovers.

It's LINK guise come on

Why is Req in particular hit with this fud? Was there something I missed?

Bi-weekly update is out. Thanks for the nothingburger, again.

>Bi-weekly update is out.

it's not even friday yet, weak fud

>last one was last friday
Someone forgot how to count.

I'd be happy with that. It will confirm LINK is nearly launching and that fiat managing is their priority by Q2.

I bought few hundred today just in case... Too bad there are no memes like link...

20 cents range It's a good entry. Most angry people are the bagholders who bought ATH. We shilled this hard after the ICO when it was less than 6 cents for a month.

can someone shill me on this i have some BTC left on binance i want to spend on cheap hot altcoins

What's it about? What makes it different from other altcoins?

Update is next Friday, not tomorrow. Also main net gentlemen.

Main net looms over ye horizon.

Prepare ye selves

True! Bought in at 0.05 euro cents

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Do you have any reasonable price predictions? Not sure if we crack ath when main net gets released. With a strong partnership announcement maybe... oh man, quite excited about what’s gonna happening. Btw. I’m in for the long run.

It also depends of the market. I think a good announcement plus some actual adoption no matter how small it is, should make it grow to $0.5 by may.

By Q2 they are starting to manage fiat, and more partnerships should be confirmed. Good chance to break ATH there. By EOY it's reasoneable to see $2-$3.

This is all on current market conditions and with modest adoption and achievements.

Yeah, you are completely right. Thanks user. It was an nice conversation for a long time here. Biz changed.

Req, as long as the market is somewhat decent will be minimum $20 by EoY ...

I don't get where you guys get this $2 crap

Will it dump after main net?

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most likely unless they surprise announce a huge partnership

Do you know what a market cap is? Fucking idiot.

Is this possible?

Post whatever you want about this bad boy.

LINK is going to moon harder than REQ because it has half the circulating supply

Where do you get your $20? It is way too optimistic for 2018.

Why's it dumping?


Dude you know what market cap is? Realize market cap is a meme and BTCs market cap doesn't match the math, so you are a retard. Req could hit a 60 billion market cap easy on a worldwide event such as crypto you fud faggot

Im tired of being poor. Will I make it with 30k?

You could also find a billion dollars on the street tomorrow.

My point still stands, you're a FUCKING IDIOT.

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Get ready for a Deloitte partnership.

Ok Beuford T. Brainlet

do your own research you lazy cunt why should we spoonfeed you