Shill me your favorite coin under $0.10... or even better, under $0.01

Shill me your favorite coin under $0.10... or even better, under $0.01

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Verge XVG

It looks like David Spade but the words don't fit

Confido CFD
AKA the best performing ICO of 2017


Neil Young - Hey Hey, My My


1 sat at this point, and there's no going lower, and you can swing it between 1 and 2 sats, doubling your bag every cycle.

Moreover, it's a great coin for transactions. It's dirt cheap (0.1 TRTL fee per tx) which is basically nothing. Smart contracts planning to be implemented. One of the most active githubs in crypto. Rewrite to golang imminent.

It's also less than 100 days old and has been at 38 sats, so it's basically one pump away from 10x gains.

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the force must flow
Darth Spock, Battlestar to the future

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pull out your magic 8 ball

price predictions in a month?

This is a pretty exciting project. Very ambitious. A new stock exchange will be established in June. Then dimpay launches. Think 10x pay without the mastercard/visa roadblock.

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>Shill me your favorite coin under $0.10... or even better, under $0.01

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David Spade quoting Neil Young...



get your shit together user. ffs

>he thinks coin price matters
>not marketcap

You will never make it brainlet.

CET on

That literally looks like David Spade lmao


espers (on yobit)

unironically selfkey


Allready used
Small marketcap
Shit is going x10 soon

Siacoin. The coin that dropped the most. -90% since ATH. I'm buying as much as I can.

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Unironically, Ripio

Pajeet make 100,000,000,000 coins. Pajeet sell 1 coin for $0.01 to hes brother Pansun Now we have $1,000,000,000 capitalisation. WOW!!!

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This is the golden ticket.

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Autistic fucker...

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KIN under .01

Created by Kik company, due to release as a reward system later this year. Projected to go up to $0.05 but probably no higher than $0.10

$0.06 Now

$0.50 End of April

$5 EOY

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Is this an ERC20 token? Where can I buy it other than SHitBTC?

checked. will look into this, thanks.

RLX has potential

This is the correct answer OP.

It's a privacy coin with near zero transfer fees.
It's only divisible to two decimal places, just like real money.
No pre-mine or any of that bullshit, you can still mine a decent amount of it with older GPUs and CPUs.
Has the power of memes on its side

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TELcoin literally under 1cent

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try idex for now
Vol is shit for the moment tho. expect to hold bags until eom

TRTL for sure. Throwing all of my AMD GPU’s at it.

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PoW/PoS/Masternodes and it has a lock-in platform that functions as a High Yield Savings account where you get daily interest every day if you lock up coins for a 6 month term. There's an early release if you pay a 30% penalty.

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Garlic coin. Still in development. Big community. Basically litecoin with new development and same supply. Once they advertise new stuff they are putting in it could run to whatever price. 6 cents is super cheap. We have doge coin with a billion market cap. Garlic is only at 400k. Cheap.

>there's no going lower
If there is no one buying it isn't worth anything

get in or stay straight white male

also p3d, but that one is a long term hold

JET, obviously


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wow something like that if it were successful could actually make a fuckload of money, actually worth looking into.


You're a fucking moron. It has zero relevance what price an individual "coin" is, it's just an arbitrary unit of measurement representing a percentage of the total supply. You can measure Bitcoin in satothis instead of bitcoins, that doesn't make it "cheaper".

I hate despise fucking retards so fucking much. It's better to live than burn out of fade away.

this shit would be a big step towards what the jews that run the world call the sharing economy, part of the next industrial revolution that will be spurred on by technology getting advanced enough to create an "internet of things"

countless chinks buying energy from each other and even chink businesses using this to pay for energy would be big.



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I'd define blockV as a type of platform for embedding data into items. From trading digital cards/Digital amiibos/trophies. A marketing agency can create coupons or games for an advertising campaigns. As it scales up, we'd start embedding AI into objects. Perhaps by then we'll have much more powerful technology. But right now the blockV team is giving you the tools to do it on a smaller scale. It's up to your imagination. This technology is a tool for new possibilities.

We need to get over some hurdles. Scaling. The marketing is fucked. Project is confusing. Weak ass community. Activity is hidden from github. We have brock pierce as an advisor...

None of that matters because we already have a working product, and an SDK will be released by end of month. We can get started already.

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Kik's Kin. They announcing their partners at end of this week. Unlike most tokens, they actually have a product.

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price doesnt matter its marketcap jesus christ

Anyone heard of ethereumone? They have a site up but not much info... , another fork?

both are easy 100x in the next couple months, just split 50/50 and be safe


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Electroneum! Currently sitting at about $0.03, trading on KuCoin, Qryptos, other exchanges (including - ugh - Cryptopia). Cryptonight-algo, it can also be pseudo-mined via its official mobile app: your smartphone is benchmarked but never actually mines, and the app consumes negligible power and data; you receive ETN coins as long as the app is running on the phone.

Oh i think the words fit just fine.

unironically ECA. Buy a few million and stake. You won't be disappoint by the autistic community

Do I have to explain the innermost mechanisms of the brilliance that is Doge?


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