Can biz help me decide on a career?

I have a bunch of ideas to start a business, but Im not sure which to do.

A) Music composer on youtube creating music to build an audience, and then sell amazon affiliate links and patreon
B) Manage and create ads (facebook and google) for small businesses (cashflow biz)
C) Start a DAPPS startup and try to destroy a big name or an AI startup and solve a very specific problem in a niche. Basically a blockchain or AI startup (longterm)

One is passion (a), one is boring but cashflow (b), one is daring and new (c).

Either option will take 5 years to grow, so speed is not a factor. I want to pick an industry and be done with it.

The reason why Im asking biz is because I want to destroy the jews and google, so whichever career gets me there the fastest. I know robots will be taking over in about 10 years, so keep that in mind. Also, passion is not apart of the equation, as passion is merely a result of becoming good at something.

I am most skilled at option A and B, but have a deep desire to learn option C. I stay up watching videos on option C and wonder what life would be like if it were all automated and controlled by AI. I don't do that with A or B. My ultimate goal is to create a billion dollar company and make "world wide populous changes".

Basically, each option has it's own strengths. However, my longterm goals seem to conflict with my current options. Anyways, any help is greatly appreciated and I thank you for your time

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mongolian throat singing is way better than tibetian

Sorry but A is not a career.
But the good news is you could still do it as a hobby while working an actual job to make money.

build audience, sell products. same thing

maybe i should do a mix of b and c, or just go the boring route. i just dont know desu :(

i dont know what tht means

A is total shit.
B is ermm... I don't know, maybe ok?
C .. well the problem is "long-term".

How about just becoming a cocksucker instead?

This. Have you seen the state of independent music composers promoting their music on youtube? And I don't mean the handful who already made it, I mean the whole miserable rest... Good thing OP you are prepared for a long haul.

Look at the picture you posted.

My nigga.

Check this shit out, Veeky Forumsraelis:

damn :(. Maybe my skillset sucks ass. So B and C are my only options to make it?

i have unfortunately gotten to the dark ambient level

this is badass

What do you think of this?:

Also, any dark ambient you recommend? I have dabbled very lightly in it, mostly one artist by the name of Apoptose.

I really like this track in particular:
Sounds really great in a dark room at night.

>I want to pick an industry and be done with it.
If life could be this easy.

> passion is merely a result of becoming good at something
No. Passion is an emotion that exist independently of being good at something. You can use it as fuel to go through boring learning process when you still suck. It's possible to lose it or regain it at any time.

> I stay up watching videos on option C
What kind of videos? Educational or just edutainment? Do you program or have other needed skills for a startup? What about the rest of the team?

>solve a very specific problem in a niche
I really, REALLY hope you already have good understanding of that niche. Common theme in young startup funders is picking a niche and then slapping latest buzzword on top of it. Music? Social network for musicians! Deep learning for music! Boom! Blockchain of music. While it is possible to luckily find some goldmine in reality you are just guessing. There are better methods like customer development that try to understand the situation and find where the money really is hiding.

> Start a DAPPS startup and try to destroy a big name or an AI startup
> I want to destroy the jews and google
> My ultimate goal is to create a billion dollar company and make "world wide populous changes"
No offense, but this just screams: I've read a few blog posts and want to be like the cool kids! First you are looking at it from the wrong angle, "destroying a big name" aka 'disruption' is just the side-effect, not the end-goal. You need to start with providing value to someone to even get of the ground. Secondly 'destroy the jews'? Really? Moreover you want to achieve this by starting a big company (that need BIG investment the bigger it is) - playing their game. working within the system and making it stronger! 'Jews' are looser excuse. Quit this delusion.

Finally try some introspection. On a deeper level, why is this important to you? Money? Fame? Women? Can you fulfill this need in a more direct way?

Print this.

Musician here. A is not even an option. There are composers giving away Literally hours of free music for games etc. If your music plan doesn't have live performance as most of its revenue stream you will never make money

the fist link is BADASS. FUCKING A. Is that heavy metal Tibetan music?
my favorite dark ambient is ambient music that is not active at all, just straight tone music. cryo chamber is the best channel on youtube for this stuff.

stuff like this -

i dont know any programming. and the videos i am watching are programming tutorials, like python, tensorflow. i am just now learning it.
the deeper introspection is to provide a service to people that can improve their lives. i am sick and tired of what the big tech is doing to the regular people. with dapps, they can own their data again.

i guess screaming about the jews and killing google was just to get attention. i have zero experience in this stuff, but i cant help but feel like its the right direction to go in. hell, maybe even do freelance marketing and build into a software AI company, that way I have cashflow. I don't want to just slap a buzzword onto a niche, cause that is what everyone is doing. I want to focus on 1 - customer experience, 2. fantastic customer service 3. great quality. I want to be one of the greatest - in it for the long haul for 10 years or so. I am just stuck on which direction to go in.

btw, thanks for taking the time out to give me good feedback. i really appreciate it.

So idea-guy/wantrepreneur. We can work with that. Luckily there is already large infrastructure in place to help people like you. It seems right now you do not have a solid idea what product/service/value your future startup will provide. You can start from finding a problem that group of people would pay to have solved and get mentor to help you go through initial period or join other startup to learn on their mistakes. Just be aware of scams that advertise working there as 'once in a lifetime chance'. Either way you need cash for months to come as even looking for seed level investment can easily take way over half a year, so option B or working for someone.

Random tips
First go to nobody starts thinking they will end up there, but it turns out reality works independently of what you have in your head, some people even argue it's what customers have in their heads is what's really important. You can learn programming within couple days, but it will take months if not years to be any good at it. There exist paths you can walk solo, but most of them doesn't go anywhere near your 'big company' dream. Try looking at (or any local clone) if there are any startup related events near you, they will most likely be waste of time infested with idea guys and social media people, but still try to attend some just to get a feeling of how to interact with those people. You may try looking for potential co-founders (on local python meetup), but as of now you have nothing to put on the table yourself and any people worth the effort already know of this. and are startup related communities, they have someone like you at least once a week, so you can learn a lot just from searching archive/top posts. Funny thing: having profitable service business actually makes starting product company harder. Google videos from 'startup school' with y combinator people.

I need to go, good luck.

fantastic advice, i really appreciate the advice you have given. i wish i could thank you in person. you dont know how much you have helped me in a time of need.

in summation, it seems...

get cashflow, build software, invest in startups

cashflow would come from option b, and then grow into option c (which would let the other startups take the arrows in the back). I may be jumping the gun with my scaling and just need to focus on what I can provide monetary wise with advertisement with small business before i think of taking them out with artificial intelligence

btw here is my business plan. please dont be mean :(

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I dont give a shit. lets jam bros

1/10 business plan.

>Music composer on youtube creating music to build an audience, and then sell amazon affiliate links

There are scores of channels on YouTube that are brimming with music compositions, and I'm talking like 4 digit video upload count, that have less than 5 views per video.

This is not a valid option, I'm sorry, but nobody searches YouTube for new compositions. They look for old ones that they already know about. Unless you're on some virtuoso shit with your concertos improvisations, this will not work.

Wouldn’t bother with any startup that involves software, SAS, programming, etc. Good developers cost money, and I see so many 20-something CEOs that crash and burn here in Austin. Of course a lot of these CEOs have no professional experience, and get off on the more superficial trappings of having a startup. Lots of amateur hour shit out here.

Make your own physical product or improve a physical product. Package it and market it. Learn eCommerce. Don’t fall for the dropshipping meme or whitelabeling cheap Chinese bullshit products. Roll your own, sell your own. Sell in person, sell on the street, sell on the internet.

Oh wow this thread is still alive?

Spot on observation about current state of affairs. It's called 'startup scene' because there is a lot of drama involved. OP you may think you are starting the business, but for VC/investment industry you are the product and fresh graduate CEOs are cheap to acquire source material.

Not sure about the physical product advice thou, not going re-branding imported crap is solid, but margins on produced goods tend to be thin and getting it of the ground can be more challenging than software. But then again it all depends on what one choses to manufacture.

I agree with this assessment. This is not even a business plan. OP at the very least do this lean canvas thing. You still need to start from actual problem to solve. Being innovative and 10x better is not where you start, thinking about it first actually makes it harder for you. Scientifically proven fact: people are less creative when told to be creative. Constructive way to find good solution is to reexamine situation from the first principles, ask why things work how they do and only from there look for possible changes. It's doesn't have to be spectacular, the goal is for it to do something useful.Returning to 'customer development' go outside, talk to people, get their problems and look for those with biggest potential market that you can build.

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