Is this a good time to snatch some facebook stock?

Is this a good time to snatch some facebook stock?

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more than likely

fuck kikebook

Nope. It is going down.

No, this isn't some random dip. It's down for a reason.

Yes, it is.
Normies don't give a fuck about facebook giving their data away to whoever. aslong as they can get likes their happy. No one will stop using facebook. the stock will keep climbing.

probably not, this facebook shit is gonna drag on for months with negative media


I will personally wait for the UK court thing to happen with other shit. Fear is our greatest ally in the stock market and people will continue to pull out when news about court dates and all that stuff spreads.

Yes, gobble it up.

facebook is not worth it's money and sooner or later will follow myspace

not him but I had arguments with normies on privacy and they really don't give a fuck. "nothing to hide" is the mentally facebook users have.

>facebook is not worth it's money

Instagram is the most popular social network in the world right now and WhatsApp is used by billions of people every single day, only Alphabet has more personal data stored in their servers and who knows what they might buy next. That data is immensely valuable.

He’s not wrong, talk to normies irl. Even the ones who abandon it will be back in a week’s time. They cannot resist

Catch a falling knife fag

especially the point about them owning instagram, even if fb goes the way of myspace they still own the other largest social network which young people actually use
buy the dip, it will probably keep dipping for quite a while due to news coverage

Let it fall a little further.

No. Buy damaged stocks, not damaged companies. Facebook is a damaged company.

It falls on the news all the time
its an unstoppable buisness, Id even say you are stupid for not buying now

Facebook will most likely survive and prosper after this incident.

Most mega corporations have had their shares of problems and scandals but they still fucking survive like cockroaches.

Don't invest in kikebook period