What is this piece of shit doing?????

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ICOs cashing in their ETH

I-I-t’s going to go back up r-r-righ???? I didn’t lose all my money right!?!?

75 eth holder here, all the way from 1400

kill me

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Why the fuck would you buy this above 1,000?

Literally anything else besides BTC would be a decent buy.

>>tfw he would have made more money on USDT.

My average buy price is 950

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rip brother

the market is waiting for shitcoins like eos/cardano to clear out. after eos is released ethereum should return to where it was before.

So why the FUCK aren't you buying now then? DCA your average down to something better?

who the fuck buys ETH in 2018? the time to buy was $1-$25.

eth follows btc to a number when btc crashes. in literal synchrony

lately ETH has been struggling more than BTC though, slower recovery and harder drops.

your mom is synchronized with my dick

platform coins pump when people buy coins for ICOs and then dump after they start cashing out, dump eth and get into other platform coins, neo and later eos and cardano if they turn out to not be vaporware, albeit cardano is almost surely vaporware

ETHs problem is it is reaching the point where it is required to deliver, normies got excited about all the shit it can do, but it still doesn't really do anything

>lately ETH has been struggling more than BTC though

the EOS team is dropping a shitload of tokens

>your purchase of eth is now available

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Good plan. Just loaded up on Neblio.

When is the Casper thing dropping? Btc dropped and literally nobody cares.

Fuck this shitcoin

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so do icos cause their mother platform's market cap to go up? why?

It's a wait and see game at this point, as long as crypto is alive and well ETH should be doing fine as it is one of the more well developed and widely used alternatives.

>but it still doesn't really do anything
You mean like all cryptos?

because icos take the platform coins as payment and then hold them for a while before cashing out, eth is in cashing out phase, there was some document showing all the eth icos currently have, it was about $3b

Eth is hilarious by 2050 there will be 150 million coins while Bitcoin will still be less than 20 million and XMR around 22 million, ETH apex was 1k+, EOS coming online soon and massive competition from NEOs will ensure its virtually dead weight

I already had to buy more to drop it to 950 I’m not spending another penny on this shit coin until they deliver something

ICO's are cashing out their ETH to pay devs

ICOs ruined crypto. 3 billion taken out of the market which provided zero actual value back. On a market with only about 80 billion in.

Unironically adding Ether back to my watch list to monitor it fall