We are the Normies now

Almost 8% of the population of burgerland now own cryptocurrencies. So you thought you are an "early adopter"? Pah, there are millions like you. Even with this amount of "adoption"- really it is a large speculative bubble- the value of these 1s and 0s sent across the internet continues to bleed out. The Normies have come, they are here and we hardly noticed. Crypto is kill.

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Source: news.bitcoin.com/survey-says-8-of-the-american-population-now-own-cryptocurrency/

where u get this figure? if this is true im getting the fuck OUT

Even my mommy owns 1 link. Does this poll take this into account too?

considering the whole world will be digital currency, we are pretty early

Of course you are the normies, you're the ones that bought when the smart money left. You are on the wrong side of the 'mountain' now. I hope some of you have seen the other side also, because get ready to lose it all. Or on the other hand have a low volatility piece of untradeable shit, which is the most likely scenario for the future.

It's the result of a self-selected online poll, fyi

8% of the US isn't shit compared to the world.

Everyone knows about crypto. We had 10 years to buy into it but most of us never did and now here we are wishing for a bull run.

See my 2nd post.

That is 26 million people JUST from the USA. Consider that for a moment.

You are the normies, retards. They specifically targeted you. And you sucked every single shitcoin they created out of thin air. Every single one.

That number is bull shit and you know it

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Yeah that number is pretty nice, probably 90% of them have some bitcoin in a random faucet.
>They never set-up a wallet.
>Never tried to move their BTC to an exchange, probably they can't.
>Don't know other cryptos.
WOW we are late adopters guys, get out NOW!.

On the other side, there are only ~400K unique addresses being used on the BTC blockchain. So clearly, your number is completely inaccurate.

7.3 billion people left subtracting the US. Consider that for a moment.

The us has 325 million people. 8% of that is around 25 million. The total marketcap of crypto is around 500 million usd. This implies that even if only Americans owned crypto, which isn't true, the average holding would be 20 dollars. If you invest 1000 bucks, then, you hold more than 50 times more crypto than the average. Sounds like early adoption to me.

No shit, Sherlock.

Bitcoin went from 1k to 20k in a year.

Smart contract boom is next. Could careless about BTC.

>Everything is attached to BTC
>Doesn't care about BTC

Surely this is larp.

when you see shit like bcash and litecoin having pumped so much, and being so overvalued, its obvious that dumb/late-adopter money dominates, and has for months now.

if you're up 10x or more as of today, while you were late you at least had the advantage over everyone else.

if you're not up 10x or more, or if you're actually in the red, you should really just get out now, because you're never going to get rich off of this shit.

>~400K unique addresses on the blockchain
>Too late, just get out now
>Pic related, it's you

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Yea and 90% Americans have traditional bank accounts so we have 82% of the population to go. What's your point.


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Fake news the article includes percentage of people who say they would like to buy crypto, so the data is invalid
The global adoption is less than 2%
1.5% of which are visionaries
Early adoption is from 3%-10% so suck on my nuts no coiner go buy some Coke shares you street shitting scoundrel

Not even 10 million people own crypto in the whole world

Millions of normies put $20 onto coinbase. So what. There are at least hundreds of us on here with six figure investments into crypto. If the normie hordes at some point decide to start investing thousands as opposed to their beer money, then we all make it

Does anyone honestly expect 1.1 billion sub-saharan African niggers to adopt cryptocurrencies? Plus there are many countries that are a shit hole relative to USA. US must have the larger capital flows.

Niggers would end up losing their private keys and blaminh it on the white people.

It's a survey of 2001 people. Useless.

Nobody who bought real early knew what would happen, they hoped and it paid off. It will continue

Why don’t you do some research, how can you spew shit without even collecting some evidence? Crypto is going to get big BECAUSE of the Africans and their incoming “industrialization” of sorts.

Lol a lot more than 10 million

Maybe 500 million

Is it possible to send BTC for under $1 yet? Because that's how much an African makes in a day

*le sigh* The absolute state of Veeky Forums. Coiners are going to get what is coming to them. Cryptocurrencies will go down in history as the biggest ponzi-like setup in history.

There's only ~400K unique addresses holding BTC. So where the fuck do you come up with 500 million people, you actual brainlet?
>Pic related, it's you.

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>le sigh
>absolute state
>in history x2
get off my board already

5% of Americans don't own bitcoin. Study sample was whack:

"Finder’s survey was answered by 2,001 Americans adults using Pureprofile, a site that gives cash rewards to users that participate in its surveys."

People on a site like that are going to be vastly different than the usual American when it comes to something like bitcoin.

I wish people would actually use crypto. Instead they can't wait till they convert back to fiat. You're just asking for giant bubbles like in 2017 if most people just see it as an investment.

>total marketcap of crypto is around 500 million usd

lolwut, marketcap cap is around $330 billion

>mfw 16% of milennials have bought crypto
Yeeeeeah... Seriously, I know 2 people in my whole life who own BTC, and I bought for 1 of them.

Bullshit. It's too clumsy to get yet, and too clumsy to use.

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to be fair, there could be way more, since most of the exchanges pool the customers BTC amount into a few wallets.

Lmfao.... deluded. Africa is only going to develop if the Chinese continue to flood it. That ship has long since sailed for Europeans, they're to busy atoning for white-guilt and importing in a bunch of low IQ, illiterate niggers and Arabs to make up for it. One thing is for certain though, niggers cannot into industrialization without another race leading them with an iron fist.

Binance has ~8 Million registered users. Even that number isn't even close to the other user's 500 million figure. Also, how many users are going to keep a fortune on an exchange?

I've seen enough niggers to conclude that very very few will ever put forth the effort required to actually use their brain to get ahead in life.

and only about a million people have more Bitcoin than me mwuhahahahaha!

Cryptocurrencies don't exist, there's only Bitcoin.

Ask around how many people own 1 BTC.

Exactly, faggot.

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The problem is that $8500.00 is not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things. So I don't think that picture is relevant at the current BTC price.

The Chinese are going to own Africa just like they own US.

kek, exchange wallets

kek, reply fail, kek

A) they make way more products than just opiates

B) how much more can they even crackdown? They'll never outlaw it completely and that's pretty much the level below how much they cracked down already

C) They've already marketed marijuana inhalers, they'll obviously have skin in the game with marijuana medications as it becomes more legal

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I am done here. I will be back here in June when BTC is trading at 4-5k each to laugh more at you crypto faggots.

I'm pretty sure you'll kys before then.

Great, later.

The fact that BTC is tiny just points out at how much upside it has.

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So what? All this means is that one wave is over. We have at last another wave of bull runs before this turns into another boring market like the stock market.

The world isn't shit compared to the US

wut percentage own link? hah no linkers BTFO

Retail investors don't move markets. Institutional investors move markets. Barely any institutional investors touch bitcoin now let along altcoins. Only wallstreet fucks selling scummy etfs and funds trade in cryptocurrency. Most of the crypto market is still owned and manipulated by the whales, who are often miners or people who got in very very early.

If any cryptocurrency gets real adoption and then institutional investment, it will be extremely valuable.

Wow, someone who can connect his two brain-halfes.

All the more retards to drop bags on. Let them in i say

Yeah, but 100% of the population owns USD. So at the very least that's a 12x guaranteed increase in BTC in the future.


Why dont you show what did happen with pets.com after the bubble?

The same that will happen to altcoins. Luckily, Bitcoin is the Amazon of the dotcom.

because pets.com was fucking useless and it had a shity business model.

and how many of that % have more spent than $100 on Coinbase.

>no source mentioned in the article


>The first iteration is the amazon of crypto

Bitcoin is the Symbolics of the cryptocurrency bubble or the IBM of it at best.

Is this the result of the online questionaire?
2,000 people saw a link, clicked it, and took the test? Low-teir fud. Those test results are nowhere near what would be considered actual reliable data for a host of reasons.

atleast be fair, 70% only have 100$ or less in crypto so stfu op.

This. LINK has only 20k wallets in total and only 4k of them even have more than 5k LINK kek.

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because they are not retarded to waste more money on it.

Give it up retard , you had your chance in 2017 to make it and you didn't , now you are stuck bagholding like a idiot and hoping it will rise 1 1 day.

why the fuck are you here than go back to r/buttcoin

>tcp/ip will fail, this other (((more advanced protocol here))) will take over

The prices increase every year. But during bear runs biz cries like fucking babies, sit down and wait for the bull to carry us as usual, meanwhile sttfu

Coinbase only has 10 million wallets. As that is essentially the only normie port of access it is unlikely 8% of americans have crypto.

Zimbabwe has FULLY accepted crypto
Crypto is HUGE in Africa and getting bigger and bigger.
High: 13249.0
Low: 12601.0
Todays Bitcoin prices in Zimbabwe
They fully understand inflation. Americans will understand it REAL soon.

>thought i was late to facebook, didn't bother making account. join date 2007
>thought i was late to Veeky Forums, 2006, all these oldfags with yaranaika loaf memes haha i don't get it
>thought i was late to twitter
>thought i was too late for tech stocks in the 00s
>it's 2013, thought i was too late for bitcoin
>2017/18, too late for alts

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How much you wanna bet most of them own less than $100 in cryptos?

You don't have to bet. It's visibly true.

89% own less than 100%

and look how many coins have been lost

This is what normies have invested on AVERAGE.

You have to have more USD put in or more USD in play if you expect to make it. If you have an average amount of coins, you arent going to get rich.

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Underrated post

>35mm people have bought crypto
>only 400K wallets
>implies 100 - .4 / 35 * 100 = 98.9% of crypto "adopters" just poured their hard-earned fiat into "crypto" on exchanges and never actually used it for anything except for speculation
lmfao, sounds about right

once this bitch really starts going down again it's headed sub-1K and no amount of Jack Dorsey booktalking / Peter Thiel propaganda will bring it back


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You have no idea what you’re talking about sir

how many own BTC, how many hold not dust. Eg 0.1 BTC plus.


Now it’s overrated. We need to find a happy medium

No context white scum

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if u can foresee the direction the world is going u know btc 1m$ is just a matter of time

>market cap is same as amount of money invested in crypto
You are a fucking idiot. kys you brainlet

Imagine if a major crisis happens and people have to flee their country.
Imagine if it becomes very common knowledge that the only people who didn't lose their life's savings from said crisis were people who had their savings in Bitcoin.
There are so many scenarios that could make Bitcoin go nuts.

Correct. We can all do this.
Go make a coin on the Waves Dex. Make 1 Billion coins.
Sell one coin to yourself for 1$
Your coin now has a market cap of 1 billion dollars.