If you haven't already

We're going down, boys.

Re-entry at $5K.

Don't let pride stand in the way.

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this pathetic piece of shit dump got stalled at 8,7k sharp

bull continues


whats pride user?

Okay. Let's keep this thread open until 8.5, shall we?

if even 300 fucking million dollars of freshly printed tether can't save us from the crash then we are truly doomed
btc $3000 EOY

thread will expire when BTC hits 9.5k

screenshit this

Have fun, buddy.

they are not spend on btc just because they are printed are they?

i hope we see 6k at until end of week. i've been in tether for too long now, fingers itching

>thread will expire in 10 months
no shit sherlock

>they are not spend on btc just because they are printed are they?
That's literally how they are "printed", Bitfinex purchases $300 mil worth of BTC/other USDT pairings so that the USDT enter circulation

oh hey, 8.7 rejected again.

see you down there.

well then we're going down

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Heading back over 9k today. Watch and learn noobs.


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fuck off whale i'm not selling

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how are you supposed to learn from that?

9.5k in 3 days

We're going back to 10k by next week dude. Sorry you suck. Keep this alive if you want to be reminded that you can't do anything right in your life.

Based on what?

Buying in in December

Closing in on $8.5 .... uh oh, noobs.

jews wont fool me

Yea of 2011 jackass. Ive seen it all twice. Don't be dumb fags.

stop selling ahhhh

remember to take profits guys, or you will end up like webm

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Once you fags realize that tether will never lose it's "peg" because it's driven by irrational market behavior then hopefully you fags also realize that the dollar WILL hyperinflate and crypto WILL be the only fungible pricing mechanism.

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Oh, hello $8,590

Dump till 8350, then uppity to 9.000,00, then drop to 7.400 and skyrockets to 12.000.

are you GOD?

Kinda of, i'm his son and... It's complicated...

I should've sold earlier

I saw it drop $300 right before my eyes

Lol i sold my theter for btc a 8730

you're better off than some idiots here in this thread holding it all the way down lol

it's going to pump and in few hours they'll drop it again

So are you changing your entry prediction from 5k to 8.5k. I mean that's kind of close.

nope. $5k.

No, screen cap it if you want 9.5k on 25th March If no FUD magically appears


Goldman's going to be right, again

honest question:
did we actually did this tethering up?

really makes you think Veeky Forums

Goldman makes themselves right, how have you brainlets not figured this out yet

Kikes saying x might happen = kikes telling you they'll make x happen

They've been blowing calls and underperfoming for past 3 years now.

more like 2k$.

>dump based on fud journalism
>no volume
>rsi diverging
yeah great time to sell

oh, hello, $8.4

More like .5K amiright.

how's that holding going, anons? like watching your gains dissapear?

....aaaand we're below $8,500

they come right back



its not going below 7200

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thanks for TA newfriend

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why doesnt anyone zoom out for fucking once. have some goddamn context. some correction is going to happen on the way up.

>its not going below 7200
blind trust in that is exactly why it will go below

Bounced off 8500 pretty well

Im on a hot streak!

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