90k in debt. I just wanna end it boys

90k in debt. I just wanna end it boys.

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BK it nigma

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260k in debt.

I know your feel bro, dropping everything to make this crypto game work, either i get out on top or i have ascended my previous rock-bottom stage, and will end up in jail.

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how the fuck do you rack up 260K in debt? please tell me more than 50K are not student loans.

I had over 100k in student loans. They don't follow you overseas

what's the other 260K?

i moved to asia and started teaching. finished a new BA. can pay it off in 2 years with savings from living rent free in china.

what do you do overseas?

someone explain why college is so rediculously expensive in the US. I get it's not subsidized, but even so, the infrastructure can't be that expensive

260k? That's some other guy.

I used to work as a health technician but retired now thanks to crypto

>tfw zero debt

I will never take out a loan or use a credit card if I don't have to. The entire system is designed to get you in debt and keep you there for as long as possible. Usury is pure fucking evil.

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I feel you bro, I'm 320k in debt

fuck off LARPing piece of shit

The simple reason is that loans are federally backed. This means that no matter how stupid the degree is, the bank can lend you loans for college knowing that the tax payer will pay for the loan if the student cannot pay and defaults on the loan. The college institutions simply game the system by increasing the price of tuition each year.

Tldr: government intervention in market creates moral hazard and tuition bubble

Big retarded projects and professor's tenures and tons of grants for niggers and multi-million dollar salaries for coaches. And even then it doesn't explain it. The Jew is strong in America

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It's not. People just do the "follow you passions" meme and go to private colleges without financial aid or scholarships to pursue majors with no job opportunities. State schools are always an option, 0 debt here, making a decent salary and mommy and daddy didn't need to help me

>it's not subsidized
It used to be, now it isn't as much. I also blame sportball fags, the universities pay top dollar for coaches and stadiums hoping they will make money back on tickets and merch, but then the team sucks and they lose money. But the students are already invested into a couple years of tuition...

I'm 23 with 45k debt. It literally doesn't affect my life at all, I just have my bank account set to autopay $300 per month. Still have 160k in crypto because there's no point in paying off my debts when I can get a higher interest rate than what they charge.

I bought a house for 325k

I have 140k in debt for 4 year BA degree in Music.
I get by living in NYC, make 63k year in data analytics. I have an interview next week for 100k base job in the same field, not even 3 years after I started doing data.

You can pay off 90k, don't be a eurofag debt dodger and spend the rest of your life wishing you could come back to america to see your family.

I am a eurofag tho. Scandinavian. I'll be looking at about 60k/year max and that's with a 55% tax. I know I'll make it, but knowing every cent I earn belongs to someone else makes me sick. I even owe most to a government entity who will sit me down every year and go fully though my finances, make a comment on any spending and he will then decide how much I'm allowed to keep. The rest will be automatically taken out before I get my paycheck. All paychecks go through the state here.

>60k a year
>55% tax

Fucking hell, man. Not even people who earn 180k+ a year get taxed that much in Australia. How does Sweden get by if they're shoving a spiked metal dildo into their middle class's collective ass?

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then who would take care of your cat?

About 15k of those are subway fare fines from when I was 15-18 too. Don't know what I was thinking. Shit has haunted me for almost 15 years.

imagine letting a disgusting animal eat a cake

cat should be thrown on the wok

So check your privilege.
Africans and arabs need your money or else how are they going to afford a place to live and fuck swedish girls while you're at work?

I went to Argentina 3 years ago after working
in a private college for 5 years in NY to teach English in a private school.
Food and rent is cheaper compared to NY and I am almost done paying my college loan. I am planning on going to Perú on August thanks to a friend recommending me to another private school but to be honest, I found out southamerica is not a bad place to live like most of people made me believe to the point I am thinking on renouncing to my american

Just file a chapter 7 bankruptcy and all that debt magically disappears.

How the fuck do you faggots manage this?
I'm going to assume you're fucking LARPing because that's fucking pathetic.

>file a chapter 7 bankruptcy
my mom has been in a chapter 7 bankruptcy for the past 5 years. Investors from the guy i once called my father have been contesting it ever since he skipped out of town.

Hehe funny cat

It is subsidized watch the peter Schiff video on the cost of college.

This, unless it's student loans. Then you're fucked.

>be me
>go into a well paying major (software engineering)
>go to community college to save money
>gonna graduate in 2 months debt-free
You have to be a fucking idiot to end college with anything more than a tiny bit of debt.

To be honest, you were already fucked when you decided to take out student loans.

How’d you get a job doing analytics with a music degree?

declare bankruptcy

More people would reject the political programming if it didn't cost so much. Since those ideas cost them 80 grand or whatever, they're more likely to become shrill and unyielding in the face of facts.

All is government debt and I can't declare personal bankruptcy and get out of that. Eu here. Government takes on the duty of collecting all debt and can deduct any payment they see fit before you can do anything. All wages has to go through the state.

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