Should I buy Tomocoin or Electrify Asia?

should I buy Tomocoin or Electrify Asia?
hard to decide

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Whitepapers or gtfo

I dont know much about tomo
I own some ELEC and I own some because, they have a working prototype to show off to potential investors. I think adoption is greater for ELEC

tomo's leauge:


elec's league:

now, you decide...

>those color schemes
Anything significant about purple and gold in South East Asia?

this desutbh. also run by an established company which doesn't hurt. definitely won't stay under $1 long.

both are colors of luxury Check roadmap and testnet there, you can also dl the WP from there.

For ELEC, check here:

I hold both, but way more TOMO than ELEC. Imo, Tomo will be huge. They already have ICOs on their platform with over 17k telegram members (BigBom).

I mean, it's a dApp platform with a NEO partnership, NEM cofounder at the helm (he said he wants to get TOMO into the top 20), and multiple strategic VC investors who all support the long term vision with multiple ICOs already announced at a sub 30m market cap? Once this goes on exchanges it will blow up.

ELEC will also go at least 5-10x from here though.

Jesus literally the next ETH

Thats all you had to say user

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Tomo for sure

It's actually an ETH scaling solution. They integrated atomic swaps and Tomo supports Solidity, so all smart contracts and tokens are compatible with both blockchains. If you go on MEW and click on the top right you can scroll down and see the sidechain for yourself.

It will be the ideal blockchain for dApps that feature microtransactions because it has a 2 second blocktime and close to zero fees due to the Proof of Authority-masternode consensus algorithm. This means near instant confirmations at (almost) no cost. The special thing is, you don't sacrifice access to the ETH userbase. Tomo dApp developers can just deploy atomic swaps in their dApps and ETH users can benefit from the high speed and low fees while (superficially) nothaving to switch networks (it all happens in the backend).

Pretty good if you ask me.

will tomo get on bigger exchanges soon?

The team is in talks with multiple exchanges, their VC partners and NEO are helping, and they are spending 2 million coins (about 1 million dollars) on listing apparently.

They are very active, every week we get a new partnership on telegram. Honestly, price has been stifled by a few presale whales who dumped each time we closed in on a 0.001 ETH ratio, but it seems they stopped now.

I think when circulating supply is listed on CMC and it goes on bigger exchanges people will realize what an obvious winner this is, especially at this joke of a market cap.

1. Whats the timeline
2. How much to make it

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you think it's currently at a short-term high or low? buy in now or wait

Testnet is running already, at over 1k tx/s. Public Alpha in Q2, including token integration.

Their app can be downloaded on iOS and Android already. Reward engine and marketing will also be amped up by Q2.
Demo wallet works already, you can try it out (including atomic swaps).

By Q2, more ICOs will start announcing that they will run on Tomo. Use this time for accumulation, I predict a 3-5x for this timeline, depending on exchanges and market sentiment. Public alpha starts (essentially mainnet). Tokens will be integrated on mainnet.

Real rocket starts in Q3: Mainnet, mobile wallet (messenger + free microtransactions and payments, this is HUGE for Asians), app 1.0 release with mainnet integration, at least 5 external dApps will go live on mainnet.

Q4 is not gonna drop the price: Mainnet will be publically advertised and offered as a template to third parties. DEX will be integrated. Plasma will be adopted (remember: all the achievements of Ethereum development can be applied to Tomo).

In essence, it is faster and cheaper than Ethereum with way shorter blocktimes. It serves as a complement to Ethereum, not as competition, so it can access the entire userbase. Basically, it's just an all around upgrade with the difference that it's a public permissioned blockchain based on Proof of Authority and masternodes (yeah, you should try to get one of those).

And there is no need to worry about the team, because the NEM co founder is CEO, he has all the connections needed (admin of Vietnam blockchain developers group with over 2000 devs). dApp developers can just port their ETH smart contracts over and enjoy the advantages without losing their customer base. It's genius.

Idgaf about getting accused of shilling. This one's gonna be big, and everyone involved knows it.

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well shilled user. looking into it now.

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Circulating supply is 50 million for now btw, but will be 55 million by EOY due to the TomoApp reward engine (basically micro-airdrops for app usage). This is supposed to foster adoption until a network effect kicks in, which is needed for mobile wallets and social media.

Okay almost got me..

Asian Team.

Why isn't this a problem

I'd like to know this too

Tomo for the god gains

what are your eoy predictions? how about 2 years out?

They are Singapore based. Also, Asians do blockchain best - they all help each other get on exchanges, market make and partnerships. As far as Asians go, you are buying into an amazing team, this is ensured by Long Vuong.

Idk if you know, but he founded NEM with 75k USD years ago. Now it's a multi billion dollar coin. He knows everyone, all the OGs, everyone who has power now. If you are racist agains Asians, this will not sway you. But if you don't mind and just look at the skills and connections they have, you'll be convinced.

For example, one of their Seed investors is Hashed. They are THE Korean blockchain VC, they were early investors for ICON, Kyber, and OMG. Today, they are meeting with the Tomo team to discuss strategy.

As you saw from the screenshot I posted earlier, they want to push Tomo to where OMG is, and Tomo offers enough to make this happen if the right people open the right doors.

It has been around this price for a few weeks now. Everytime we approached the 0.001 ratio a whale dumped down to 0.0009. I accumulated and bought every single dip. Seems like he has stopped now and we are going up.

He might return. Maybe buy half now and set the others as buys in case he dumps again? Anyway, even a market buy now will make you really happy in a few months. But maybe you'll get lucky setting a buy order?

How many Tomocoin for the masternode?
I have about 5k Tomo.

Not known yet, sorry.

How much to make it

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I always find it uncomfortable when the team starts talking about price and value of the token. Strong TRON/XVG/scam vibes.

I don't know user, depends on what you believe is making it. A million? I can see it go to 10 dollars this year. If we get into a crazy market and they attract big dApps we can easily hit higher numbers than 10 dollars as well. In the end all I can tell you is that it will probably go up based on the facts in my shill. Idk about the end price, it depends on too many factors.

I dont own any tomo

but to be fair
Tron and Verge both had HUGE spikes, yes they are worthless now but if you were in them for the money, you made bank.

Eh, this was Long reacting to a retard pajeet who claimed that the seed investors don't care about the project and are dumping on him. Long basically just told him off by explaining that the partners have extremely high hopes for TOMO.

Fair, do we know the token economics?
i.e. percentage breakdown for:

seed/tier one investors and partners
team (and vesting)
and the crowdsale/presale/normies

Ok so I'm going through their whitepaper:

'The planned allocation of coin is as follows: 50% of coins going to the crowdsale
participants; 15% of coins going to the company, advisors and bounties, 35% of coins
going to the Reward Engine/ Ecosystem Building program and the emission will last 8 years.

not bad

>team member vesting 'schedule' of 4 years

doesn't make it clear how much is released or when during those 4 years, a bit fishy.

Also the freaking whitepaper talks about tenX, OMG and Steemit, discusses their current prices and where TOMO could be. This is really bad for a whitepaper to discuss such things.


I'm currently holding NAS, OMG, AMB, LINK, HST (to be flipped soon on new exchange listing) and I'm starting to get into ELA. Been considering some TOMO aswell, but I may stick with just ELA...

Yeah we do, it's in the whitepaper: 50% sold (46% pre-sale which was like 20x oversubscribed) and 4% ICO. 35% are going to marketing and Reward Engine airdrops over the next 7 years (you basically getTomocoin by using the dApp, develop for it and support the ecosystem). 15% for team and advisors (vested over 4 years).

Only buy fomocoin

elec is a no brainer

On the fence. Might just be Chinks being Chinks rather than serious red flags

It's mainly just Asians being Asians. This kinda shit is normal for them, just look at all these Chinese shitcoins that give no shit about having a website in proper English.

Only thing I agree with is that the 4 year vesting period could be laid out a bit more detailed, but in the end Long is not a no name, quite the opposite. I have full trust in the guy.

I literally don't know a fucking thing about NEM other than it being a high cap, but clearly to maintain its position, despite losing a bunch of tokens a few months ago due to a ?hack, it must be useful.

I'm gonna keep an eye on it, I think we're going down in the market next few days so holding money in tether/bitmex shorts, but will potentially drop half a BTC in from next week.

God Tomo all the way. Buying anything else right now would be a huge mistake.

So fucking stupid. Have any of you Veeky Forums tards heard of Zilliqa? Do any of you know NEO is heavily invested in them? Do you know the testnet is coming out the end of March? You keep your tomocoin. Stay poor plebs.

ZILs whole thing is sharding right?
What about after Eth implements sharding, what's ZIL selling point going to be?
Not fudding, genuine question.

Zil is fucking awesome, but Tomo has a criminally low marketcap dipshit.

this too, 10x smaller cap for a more novel concept which is complementary and will benefit from eth advancement.
Part of the reason I'm in coin like OMG and NAS too.

ZIL competes with ETH, Tomo applies similar concepts to complement ETH. Also, it has a 10x lower market cap friendo.