Privacy coin that doesn't give a fuck

>Privacy coin that doesn't give a fuck

>Disrespects normie scum

>Anti Women, Pajeet, & Jew

>Talks shit about ripple




I think i'm in love!

Just bought 100K

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top kek

post link to conversation or fake

what fucking coijn is that? im gonna buy if true!

kek, not fucking touching this scamcoin though

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Nice just bought 100k

Fucking normies

>buying a token made by literal 14 year olds

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Thanks OP just bought 100k xtcc

>putting dumbshit roasties in their place is bad

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>your giving your children
This is incorrect grammar right?
Shouldn't it be
>you're giving your children

>he took it



I dont care what anyone says.. this is what we need in crypto lololol

I don't think either party won this particular altercation.

We live in a day and age where prosthetic limbs start looking fucking awesome. That leg that dude is rocking holy shit.

>Mixing his fee fee politics into finance
Never gonna make it. Too emotional.

you xtcc pajeets are literally the biggest faggots on this board right now.

Look at this kike

Holy shit.

Just bought 100k

you xtcc supporters are just as delusional as the xtcc team. imagine a reputable crypto project acting like that looool

pretty sure you guys are all some paid pajeet shills or smthing.

Actual autists call other autistes autistic all the time. Why do normies always get offended on behalf of someone else

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God i love XTCC this is the best marketting i've ever seen. MakeTaiChiChain become the official Veeky Forums coin already