JUst shorted BTC with 5x leverage, second trade on bitmex, I did good?

JUst shorted BTC with 5x leverage, second trade on bitmex, I did good?

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No lol. You shorted at resistance gg. You should have shorted at 9k when it was sideways

Stop gambling. You WILL lose eventually.

No, and I have no idea why you'd short at the bottom. I'm not complaining though, it's people like you who supply the fuel.

yes you did good.

But this is going to

>the Veeky Forums way

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>shorting on bottom
truly a Veeky Forumstard

>5x leverage
yes you did good, because your didn't use retarded leverage like a noob
stay poor

this is what I was thinking, I'm not planning on sitting and watching this shit round the clock.

The volume is dogshit in the market and despite all the good news, the price has barely recovered from 7.3k.

No institutional money is coming in til Q3 or when there's more clarity with regards to legislation.

So what is going to drive the price up? Not much, other than whales and bitfinex fucking with people. I feel shorting til 6-7k is pretty safe, then I'll use my BTC to buy into alts which will inevitably have tanked by then.

Depends on when you close, but good on you on using pussy leverage. Seriously.

smart fucker, im gonna screencap this on my desktop for the next cycle. Missed the last one, shorting now

tried 50% first time but just on 50 USD and got wiped the fuck out.

I figure if I was good at with FA and TA I could potentially consider 10x, but I think 3-5x is the sweet spots for slow steady gains. Only doing this current short with with about 7% of my crypto money so if I got get fucked, it won't cripple me. Rest is staying in my alts.


also, grammatically what I wrote makes no sense, typing on a piece of shit phone.

Lol stupid. There was also no reason for BTC pumped to 12k twice except liquidating retards like you. You'll get rekt very soon. Cap this.

Take profits now, we are in a support zone.

post position faggot
or dont make the thread

Yeah, short the bottom long the top

You will lose eventually.

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playing with pocket change I'm willing to lose

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why short at this support level lol? should have shorted at 9k and taken profits now and opened a long. I'd close ur position as soon as you net any kind of profit (if you do), then open a long

don't long at the start of a dip... we might be at or above the mean atm

this isn't the start of a dip, the start was at 9k. we're at resistance now, not going below 8,3

pocket change, pocket gains

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ok thank you, you're not a faggot any more

i get so sick of these threads when fags say i went short here or long here and dont prove it.
good luck

you shorted a resistance point?

you meant support?

still holding that position?

Yep, this isn't a short play for me. I'm expecting it to go

been shorting at 50x since last night, stop limit set for 8700 i plan on riding this straight to the bottom.

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I'm too fucking stupid to accurately predict resistance and supports, rather just 5x leverage and ride it down comfortably than risk it all.

If this is a long-term play you were better off using the futures contracts XBTH18 & XBTM18, just sayin'
With the perpetual swap you'll be paying funding fees regularly.

thanks, new to this shit, will keep it in mind next time.

fuck you goddamn faggots. i hope you lost all your money and then get arrested for being on a website that is illegal for americans to use