Why oh why

Did i not find out about Bitcoin sooner?

How come I didn't know about Bitcoin in 2009???

What the fuck was I doing?

Could have mined them, could have bought them for pennies

Could have, would have been a millionaire, even billionaire right now

That was it. We will never be able to find the next "Bitcoin" sub-pennies anymore

why oh why

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You're right, might as well just end it now buddy. No point to living anymore.

even if you knew about it, you would have bought then sold after a 3X thinking it was the best investment of your life.

This. The only way in hindsight was buy and forget.

if this is your mindset you would have never held btc past $10



Reminder: barely any of the whales with thousands of BTC are OGs from pre-2013

Not everyone is supposed to have money. If everyone has money, how will we know who are the master and who are the slaves?

I mined bitcorn in 2011 held for a year then sold all.

why sold them all? why not sold some for good profit, and just hold the rest for giggles?

I had just built my first computer in 2009. I thought Bitcoin was cool. I mined for like a day, but wanted to play videogames, and forgot about it.

I was there. I could have done it. No one really had the foresight for this. I still kick myself though.

I think the only way we can make it is if BTC drops down to 1K again so that everything will be cheap again.

We can then just load up on OMG, NEO, LTC, ETH for pennies or few dollars

Heard about bitcoin for the first time my freshman year of college in late 2009. Found an old friend from high school I didn’t know went to the same school and we started hanging out. He was a total nerd and knew everything about tech and the internet while I was a wannabe Chad. He was really ambitious and wanted to make an app with me when that was starting to boom and I was like okay sounds cool. He could code but admittedly didn’t know much how to make Apple apps. When I asked how we’d make the app and get users he said he could just pay a bunch of these mega hacker 15 year olds that hang out on irc with this “new digital money” called bitcoin that they’re all about. He gave me a brief intro about it and in true Chad form I thought it was the dumbest thing ever. We lost touch shortly after and I haven’t seen him since 2011ish I wonder what he’s doing now

Skin color.

Fucking hoes like a real chad

This. Crypto has always been a scam for wypipo to keep down kangs.


I feel your pain. Was reading up about mining for fun, was really interested reading about cold wallets and finite supply. I can't even remember why I didn't try to mine. Probably didn't understand it then got distracted. Every single day I wish I had just continued a few steps further down that path.

I knew about bitcoin in 2009, I even knew it would be big, but I didn't know how big. I was 15 and didn't have money to invest though and didn't feel like learning how to buy it.

It's okay though. BTC is a sinking ship in a sea of shitcoins, but there are a few good alts out there. I anticipate I will make some good money in a few years with my long term holds.

Wtf I have yellow fever now

I knew about them in 2009, but as always you need money to make money and I was a fucking poorfag back then with a C2D and a 8500 GT.

>could have bought bitcoin for sub one dollar but i didnt. Its ok though because its only worth 8k times that instead of 20k.

Id kill myself if i passed on a opportunity to truely become wealthy like you did.

Don't feel so bad. You missed out on the Beatles and buying Standard Oil stock. I know my grandma bought that oil stock in the 1930s and it's gone.

Imagine it's 2022

>why oh why didn't I put more money into ____alt coin____ in 2018

because you've always been living in the past. instead of exploring new, viable options you dwell on past mistakes, or waste your time on other forms of escapism.

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its like op never heard of WAU Coin. you know the one that actually keeps going up and hits ath every week?

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I was a huge tech nerd.
Had a 386 and DOS 3.3, and was programming 3D demos in assembly.
Learning how to program using interrupts, drawing in VESA mode, learning about protected mode when it was new... etc.
I was connecting to the internet via dial-up back when 14.4 was the fastest speed available.
I had a "hacked list" of dial-up accounts I could use for free internet access.
Even before that I had a list of phone numbers for BBSes I regularly connected to.
I was downloading pirated stuff on IRC via DCC even before that was a thing that anime groups do.
I was there for Limewire, Kazaa, Napster... I was torrenting stuff when it was new tech.
I was building computers back when Pentium was the new thing.
I was learning web development back when you had to check if the user was using IE or Netscape, using garbage code like "if (document.all)".
When things moving on a webpage was "new" and DHTML was the hottest new thing.
I was always on the most cutting edge tech.

Then I got a GF in 2008.
After which I never even had time to even code ANYTHING outside of work anymore.
Or keep up with any new tech, I have never used Node.js or Go.
Too much drama, too much maintenance, having to keep her happy and contented and not starting fights over nothing.

If I never had a gf, I'd ALMOST CERTAINLY have been in bitcoin back when you could earn 50 BTC mining blocks on a laptop.
I'd certainly have bought in back during Ethereum's ICO.
I'm pretty sure I'd have bought in, as when I first heard about ETH, I was blown away... programmable money sounded amazing.
Too bad I only got in when it was already too late.

Don't fall for the pussy trap.
It's not a worthwhile investment.

I have around 20k bitcoin sold that shit at £35, though I was fucking boss, now I would like to kill myself,

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1 million dollars (around) is still nothing to scoff at.
Do you still have control of the 20,000 btc address?
Can you sign like the message "nR7Q2Gjj" with it?

Not accusing of larp or anything (even though everyone else probably would), but I think Veeky Forums would really enjoy it (myself included) if we actually get a verified ex-whale who self-justed themselves by selling at $50 verify with a sig.