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U retard fuck
This was on deep weeb and silkroad

Fake news old news

but its affecting the price, shitcoins are dropping now

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>bitcoin system

watch your language fag

Fake news.

everyone who's more than a janitor at the washington post needs to be tried for treason and given the highest punishment possible for that crime.

Kys reddit faggot


They think it's a bull run, release the child porn fud.


>Researchers from the RWTH Aachen University,Germanyfound that around 1,600 files were currently stored in bitcoin’s blockchain. Of the files least eight were of sexual content, including one thought to be an image of child abuse and two that contain 274 links to child abuse content, 142 of which link to dark web services.

>“Our analysis shows that certain content, eg, illegal pornography, can render the mere possession of a blockchain illegal,” the researchers wrote . “Although court rulings do not yet exist, legislative texts from countries such as Germany, the UK, or the USA suggest that illegal content such as [child abuse imagery] can make the blockchain illegal to possess for all users.”

fucking buttcoin pedos...... i will have many epic keks when you lose your money and go to pound me in ass prison :D

There was uproar about this kind of thing when the internet entered the mainstream, whatever happend to the internet? Also this news is old and stale now, do you even lurk Veeky Forums?

internet content is mutable. bitcoin isn't.
the FUD is still valid

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Well how about a hard fork for a content-moderation mechanism?

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Faggot, from


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forks preserve former content.

So you're saying there's no cp on the internet?


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incredible gif

A pretty elegant solution would be to use a collision attack to alter the block's content, without altering the hash. That keeps the rest of the chain valid; while mucking up the contents of the text. You'd just need majority approval by the miners...

You can do anything with a code change. You could rewrite the entire blockchain. That's the whole issue with a 51% attack.

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you aren't required to download cp to your computer
to run an internet browser / host a website on the net
whereas to run a BTC node you have to store and update the blockchain

yes, the article is misleading
it's not illegal to buy Bitcoin / have a wallet

but running the network is, which is the part that's threatened by this

I heard that people are also using AWS, Google Cloud, Dropbox, and Microsoft Azure to share cp

CP is not embedded in the block chain. It's a link that you have to modify the client to read, visit with a web browser, and then probably redistribute to warrant attention from police.

That's incorrect. Read the actual research paper. They looked at some of the images, and one of them was definitely cp. They estimate 9% of the blockchain is images, and with the blockchain sitting at 160gigs right now, that's over 15 gigs of images. I wouldn't doubt that there's video in there - they were uploading when it was cheap to do so, before the 2017 run up. This is a legit issue. Just the PR alone is bad, because you know the MSM is gonna blow this up even more for clickbait, and this is the kind of thing the government loves to use to gain control - and if there is cp in there, this needs to be dealt with. The devs who knew about it and did nothing to stop it have only themselves to blame.
Even if it wasn't true, this is the kind of rumor and fud that can cause a crypto-bank run. This is the kind of thing that can upset the herd, and cause a stampede. If the governments move to act on this, watch Bitcoin's price fall faster than the DOW on news of interest rate hikes.
You can deny it all you want, but it's real, it's out there, and nobody knows how it will play out. The blockchain is the literal heart of the whole thing, and if it's compromised, and banned, it's gonna be a God event of biblical proportions on crypto.
Go read the actual paper. I did. It's extremely technical, but the gist is, it's there, it's not hard to find, and there's a lot of it. They only looked at a sample.

Good, the dumb money will finally get shaken out and we can start the new bull run.

This is interesting. Considering that the first to pages in the playbook for getting public support to ban/regulate something are Terrorism and Protecting Kids. I always thought it would be terrorism. I didn't see how you could fud Bitcoin with protecting kids. I'm impressed; didn't see this coming.

Except that the cp is in there, and the government didn't plant it. Remember, before the run up, bitcoin's only use was drugs and shit on the deep web, so it's not surprising scumbag degenerate pedos were using bitcoin, too.

Keep thinking this is a plot, though, it's adorable. It's what I've come to expect from Veeky Forums - everything is a plot here.

False, the paper doesn't definitely state there are cp images on there. Only that there are links

" Some files depict or link to “mildly pornographic content,” and two files contain 274 links to child pornography websites, the researchers found. Another file is believed to depict a nude image of a minor, the researchers said."

Didn't read the paper, huh? You really should read the paper before running your mouth over what's in it.


"Illegal and Condemned Content. Bitcoin’s blockchain contains at least eight
files with sexual content. While five files only show, describe, or link to mildly
pornographic content, we consider the remaining three instances objectionable
for almost all jurisdictions: Two of them are backups of link lists to child pornography,
containing 274 links to websites, 142 of which refer to Tor hidden services.
The remaining instance is an image depicting mild nudity of a young woman.
In an online forum this image is claimed to show child pornography, albeit this
claim cannot be verified (due to ethical concerns we refrain from providing a citation).
Notably, two of the explicit images were only detected by our suspicioustransaction
detector, i.e., they were not inserted via known services."

This is polite speak for "We know it's cp, but to show the image or research it's legality puts us at legal risk".

Hey, you tried.

I fucking hate these lying evil cunts.

Literally just a bunch of dead web links and a single image.

Plus the image is shitty at best in quality and just a topless teen, but too blurry to tell.

>9% of the blockchain is images
100% bullshit

Or the images require special reconstruction to be seen as images, in which case theyre not really stored in the blockchain at all

5/10 FUD man seems like it could almost be legitimate

A single image can put you in jail and on the sex offenders list, dummy. Governments have a zero-tolerance policy for cp (as they should), and they're not going to sit there and go "Hey, it's only one image, you're good to go, Bitcoin". And, the cp is only one of the issues, copyrights are another. The paper discusses the potential hazards of the embedded data, which you'd know, if you read it.

>tfw its Jessie Slaughter lol
Poor girl

Well, since you know more than the researchers, feel free to contact them and correct them in their errors.

We'll wait.

>depict or link
Nice weasel words.

It's technically true even though there were no depictions, because they skate around it using "OR".

I am having sex or posting on Veeky Forums right now.

Am I having sex?
Did I tell a lie?

Ah, another neckbeard chimes in.

When the government moves on this issue, remember who was running their mouth about fud, dummy.

And, if you had less neckbeard and more common sense and being able to read for comprehension, I havent said anything bad about crypto, other than this issue being the kind of bad pr that can cause bank runs.

But, you know everything, right? And shitposting snide, smug cunt comments on Veeky Forums will magically make it all go away, right?

Because "herrrr derrr I totally memed that guy!" means something, I guess.

>implying they will issue a retraction when the publication of this paper is clearly politically motivated.
Nice appeal to authority btw.

Nobody gives a fuck about bad boomer pr here.

If some boomer jews think this will help some weak hands sell, they'll use it.

But here nobody gives a fuck. Some CP isn't convincing a single 4channer to reconsider bitcoin, blockchain, anything.

Fuck off

Ah yes, here comes the conspiracy tards.

I should know better than to expect rational thought on Veeky Forums. Fine, here, this is what you want:


You TRY to help people, but they just have to run their mouths, because their autism compels them. Fucking 4chantards.

I thought you were a mediocre FUDfag, I see now you're just a brainlet

That's all you got?


Why do I bother, when this level of autism even exists?

confirmed for not having read more than one sentence of the post

Are you the retard on the other thread who thought Papua New Guinea was in South America?

Btw if this was true coinbase would delist bitcoin immediately due to liability issues.

But they haven't. You know why? Because the paper is bullshit.

they store just as simple hex vlaue.

You're pretty shitty at this tbqhwyf. I'd recommend lurking for another few years

How the fuck are you gonna store images on the blockchain?

Shitty at what, being an asshole?

They are not they are storing 'illegal numbers'. Its a big nothing burger designed to scare away normies, take advantage of it.

you are aware that every digital file is just a series of numbers?

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Your post is a series of 1s and 0s. If i code a tool to permute hose bits in a specific sequence, you are now guilty of possessing CP

>this is the argument they are making

>if I could turn your post into child porn, I would now possess child porn
no shit user. are you feeling ok?

>that video

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no, because you cant do that without actually having the cp image and thus you would just make a program that puts out the image that you have put in before...

if it would be that easy why not just make a cp board on Veeky Forums where every image is encoded in base64? its mean its just a number... retard.

Lol You literal retard the link you posted is unrelated to the cp FUD.

Learn2fud you pants-crapping mongoloid

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Its literally fake news anyways


>tries to refute fake new with literal fake news

try again, nigger.

Yes it is? Read the quote

The link I posted is 100% true though

no its not

its talking about links while actual images were found.

you're right, second quote isn't there, can't remember where I got that one from. First quote still makes the point, though

Except that the OP_RETURN data is completely optional and can be pruned.

>y...yes, it I..is?

Jesus’s Christ you’re fucking stupid. You need to get the fuck out of here you pond scum shitstain. That article is about the binance kyc.

You need to fill out the binance KYS.
Please livestream the suicide and make it messy, I’m fapping and need to cum

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You're an idiot. It's obviously possible, and if it's possible then you can bet your stupid fucking ass that people have done it.

LMAO, I actually raised this as a concern when I first started learning about blockchains back in 2013. And at the time everyone dismissed what I said as FUD. Funny seeing this surface again. DESU I'm surprised this news hasn't been spread out that much before because it's an obvious attack vector to delegitimize immutable blockchain tech.

It was probably still on your clipboard from your other 5 FUD threads. I would literally kill you if you were in front of me you valueless lowlife.

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>Except that the OP_RETURN data is completely optional and can be pruned.

not with some serious brainpower put in. this was suggest like 3 years ago.

>no, because you cant do that without actually having the cp image and thus you would just make a program that puts out the image that you have put in before...
No, this is wrong. You could write a tool that brute forces the bits in your post until it produces an image.

Wow, first I've heard of this. Sold 100000.

Fuck me how are you cunts so THICK. If links can be encoded/embedded into blocks/addresses, then obviously images can too you literal fucking retards. It's just ones and zeros you faggots.

And people that argue that it's won't be illegal because it's encoded, that's like saying that anyone who stores CP in an encoded/encrypted form is off the hook. The law everywhere disagrees.

and when does it know it has found the correct image? all the necessary information about the cp would be in your tool.

are you so upset that you replied twice? are your life savings in BTC?

No, because its just reassembling fragments extracted from your post.

Where does your second quote come from? That's rubbish

but the order, the functions that decide how it needs to be reasonable and what exact fragments it needs is stored in your program.

except you have a very limited quantity of bytes to store these which is not even enough for an image header let alone a full image. elevate your troll game you unironical retard.

Wrong. You can have start of frame segments in the embedded data that tell a program that is scanning that its come across a certain file type and the length of the file etc. Look up image header formats, this is basic shit.

>and when does it know it has found the correct image?
Manual review :^)

80 bytes per block (OP_RETURN). With a couple of blocks/transactions you have more than enough to store images you tard. It's not prohibitive.

so it found an image header with broken data below it...

>But why male models?


Anyone who doubts this is possible needs to check out righto.com/2014/02/ascii-bernanke-wikileaks-photographs.html

This has been known for years. Stop acting like it's not possible when it's already been done and is trivial.

Then you are back to the argument in

Are you so transparently a fudding faggot you need to continue posting this shit? If I store a bunch of file fragments on unsecured printers or in DNS caches and shit, does that mean we shut down the Internet?

>increasingly nervous kike tries to FUD bitcoin

Good luck with that argument in court.

If I hypothetically send you a password-protected zip file with CP and you keep it stored on your PC, you think they'll let you off the hook? After all the zip file is just a series of 1s and 0s and you need a tool to permute those bits so that they produce the illegal content.

By that same token anyone who stores illegal content in a ZIP file is off the hook because they need Winzip to extract the content. Hurr Durr.


Are the media pro or anti pedophilia?
I cant tell.

Do you understand the different between something that is mutable and something that is immutable?

Of course it's possible. It's possible to use a bunch of different techniques to hide or disseminate illegal content. Shit, I could probably encode enough data in tripcodes. But so fucking what is the point?

This is like 1996 all over again. "Reeeeee Internet used for child porn amd terrorism". Thanks for the buying opportunities you fucktards.

Nice strawman.

>If I hypothetically send you a password-protected zip file with CP and you keep it stored on your PC, you think they'll let you off the hook?
Yes. You have a 16 year old's understanding of court proceedings as well as making arguments.

but he is right you fucking retard. Everything is just a number and gets permutated to generate content.


The point is simple. Yes you can host illegal content on a website. Websites can be taken down and/or the offending content can be removed.

However you cannot remove it from the blockchain, and furthermore the blockchain needs to be stored in its entirety on any full nodes. Full nodes are now hosting child exploitation material which they cannot remove. Think about that.

Is there a way the data mentioned in this article could be removed from the blockchain, where they're encoding binary data bytes as hex, and then sending them to fake addresses?

If it's there forever, I can see this being enough to destroy Bitcoin. In that way, your caching comparison doesn't really match up.

Except that a file is one thing, whereas youre arguing somebody is guilty by means of you randomly assembling an arbitrary series of 80-byte op_returns