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Because everyone told you it's a fucking bear market

go back to sleep, it will be better when you wake up

ICX dump imminent, better sell now ;)

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buy better do you mean it will be better for shorters?

Eurofags once again prove to be the weakest hands in the market. They are giving up their bags quicker than they surrender their rights and sovereignty.

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hmm, how about the fact that nObOdY was buying right after the scam-pump from to 7.3k to 8.2k, and after it was manipulated into fomo territory faggots like YOU pumped the price to 9k and then got dumped on

not going to tell you again, BUY AT < 2K OR ENTER EXTREMELY SHORT TERM TRADES. you're just going to get shaken out by whales trying to hOdL in this market.

no big deal...just binance is shuttering

WET still in the green

funny you say that just when us is about to vote in a law allowing law enforcers to gather all data from social media without a warrant, and that data will be legally usable in court cases

Thinks growth can be forever we've had two greens days embrace the red

kek, but true


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>biggest cryptocurrency pumps 25% within 2 days from 7250 to 9200 and fails to break resistance 2 times.
>"Why could there be a correction in a bear market?"

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>break resistance 2 times.

This TA meme

What do you expect? Monkey see, monkey do. Knowing this, whales dump even more to create fomo/panic according to wheter they wanna liquidate shorts or longs

chinese new year

If you are using meme lines you fail just like 90% of all traders.

This is why they are called meme lines.

It seems you have some reading comprehension disability. Poor you.

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My tulpa Erica says it's just a mini correction before the bullrun next week. She's a smart girl so don't worry

I believe I'm breaking into your resistance of coming up with new insults.