Arizona NEET Employment Thread

Today's your lucky day AZ NEETfags, I'll hire someone for a chill as fuck entry level security job in Tempe if you have your shit somewhat together.

Pay starts at 10.50

Ball's in your court

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It's cool that you're giving biz neets a chance

heres a bump

what coin is "security job"?

It's a centralized crypto utilizing Proof of Localized Service, in exchange for time spent and dispensation of duties as outlined in a Dumb Contract in a localized geographic area you earn HOURS tokens which then can be converted into USD at set bi-weekly intervals (every Tuesday morning at 5AM MST) for a fixed rate (currently pegged at 10.50 USD per HOUR) however you're subject to exchange fees through the process known as STATE and FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

It's a pretty revolutionary system.

i'm in

are we allowed to drop nbombs at work?

Drop your emails and I'll shoot you the deets.

Unfortunately not, it's a fairly upscale corporate office location for a multinational. Everyone is super nice and it's fairly PC so we try to keep it clean.


just kidding, i have a job GL anons

OP, do you work in that business complex with ZENEFITS and KPMG in it?

I'm down the way off of Rio Salado and Priest.

I can't imagine working near Mill. I'm sure security over there has headache with the spill over from Milll and the kids living in SALT.

Tempe 4channers who was at MTG GP last weekend?

naw man i'm fooling around
i'm a CFA charterholder, ain't workin no $10.50/hr

Lol I hope the fuck not. Nice to see a lot of AZbros on here tho. Even if nobody is actually from here.

.......I..... I lived in SALT for part of 2017 though. I'm actually from NY but spent all of last year in the Phoenix area for an internship.

I asked since the light rail used to go past that complex while making its way over the salt river so i was curious.

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op if srs. im interested

27 year old

havent had a job since 2015
are you gonna be my supervisor?

also ima shitskin

meet up at collin's to discuss NXS? or is he too beta?

Totally serious and yup.

Drop your email and I'll hit you up.

Also don't call yourself a shitskin, jesus.

SALT is fine but it's a really expensive complex (if really nice) means lots of drunk Chads with too much money. Just imagine securing that facility leads to a lot of customer service and not the pleasant kind.

Got your email, you can delete the post.

>falling for the chainlink meme

Not familiar with Collin's. Looking into NXS.

Hey man, this nigga be stealin mah ID an shiet. I'M the real Chris Chross. Fuck dis shiet, Ima go rob a whitey or summat

colin cantrell lead dev/founder/beta sjw

Huh. Had no idea they were from Tempe. That's kinda cool.

Not sure how legit NXS is though. Reading whitepaper.

>captcha is traffic lights

I-Is this a warning?