Stop being in debt

Stop being in debt

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I like his advice for people can't be trusted with a line of credit. If you're listening to him on the regular you probably need it.

Otherwise debt is fine. People give him shit because they think that he thinks all debt is the devil except for a mortgage. When he has repeatedly stated that his brand is built around most people are irresponsible fiscally and are better served not messing with tools like debt.

>L-listen D-dave I know you're right and all and m-me and my sister have been following your twelve step program but, uhh... what I wanted to know is, uhh
>y'see we're $120,000 in debt, but I was wondering if it might be a good time to buy another house?

Just as soon as bitcoin hits 100K, ethereum hits 5K, and litecoin is 1K.

jokes on you i have 0 debt

>debt is fine
oh my...

His solution to like everything is work 20 jobs and invest in an Roth IRA

>like literally why work at PIZZA hut after work when you could get a job making overtime instead.

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kek, sure, please proceed

It makes sense to me that genuine businessmen take out loans and the like to make money as they have been trained to do.
All of society playing around in debt down to the lowliest plebian like it's a community swimming pool?
Recipe for disaster.

Ah fuck, that shit always cracks me up. My favorite are when someone calls in that's a legit loan officer that clearly fell for his troll or someone they probably stage in order to make Dave look tough. No rational human being would engage in a passive-aggressive series of retorts over debt.

>his solution is to work hard, avoid the Jewish usury scam, and play the long game for future generations
>all with a Christian angle
Truly /ourguy/

Yeah, because instead of getting a better job and get overtime. Lets work for minimum wage like a retard and get burnt out over pizza hut wages.

This guys literally retarded.

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I get the impression such advice is for fledgling adults trying to get a good start ASAP.
When you have a good job later in life, ideally you're out of debt from previous actions and are now investing for the long game.

That would be the caveat. If you're taking a loan to consolidate your debt, jump start your business (with the proper evidence to back it up), getting an education that will actually get you a better paying job, or take advantage of a surefire investment opportunity then sure. Absolutely debt is fine. Buying 24" spinner and a new Kenwood amp is not a good use of debt.

Not the worst advice and probably a good idea for most people who need an extra boost of cash to pay down their shit.

You can make some bank delivering the 'za. Mainly because he pool of drivers dried up in my area and the tips are solid which decidedly a lot less work then finding another job that pays better and gets you OT.

No it is stupid as fuck no matter how you look at it. When you are in your youth then you should be fucking enjoying your time on this planet instead of slaving away for a few extra dollars because shit happens like cancer disabilities insanity ect. You are a rotting fucking corpse and you want to put your prime years working for something you can't even take with you after you die. That is like staying a virgin until you are 60 for better sex.

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>Not the worst advice and probably a good idea for most people who need an extra boost of cash to pay down their shit.

No one is that much in a fucking hole that they have to rush to pizza hut after working a 9-5 then waking up late and having shitty work performance at there main job that actually pays the bills.

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You're poor, aren't you?

This is why generational wealth is so difficult for poor people. They don't want to make the sacrifices now so that their offspring and offspring's offspring can be wealthy.

Ur the retarded one.

Debt is almost necessary to get rich because successfully executing leverage is how you outpace others in wealth, aka, get rich.

Yeah, because that is literally what warren buffet preaches, but keep listening to the talking head who has to work a TV show for extra bucks. His choices in life make him a cheap whore for commercial peddling.

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>When you are in your youth then you should be fucking enjoying your time on this planet instead of slaving away for a few extra dollars
>Mindless hedonism now; fuck future generations

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Dave says that most millionaires eschew debt.
His advice isn't about starting a business, it's about smart money practices with a "normal" money influx that benefits you later in life.

You can bet your ass I work my Deli job while I'm still very young and invest and spend smartly (and of course also get into a better job) so I don't end up like the old people I'm working with.

>Mindless hedonism now; fuck future generations

This mentally retarded. Get a job you love will make you more successful then chasing money all day everyday. It has even been shown in studies that working less time increases work performance and gets you more promotions. Why because you need sleep you dumb niggers and working at MC donalds after work won't help you get a promotion at your shitty nigger fucking job. Instead you make less and bob gets the manager position and laughs at you.

>No one is that much in a fucking hole
>modern America

Even Trump says the same thing. Ramsey is a fucking retard and has always been a fucking retard.

Of course you always work to get a better paying and more fulfilling work and nobody is advocating the opposite. The idea however is that if you've got 6 credit cards that getting those paid off by working a little extra and rolling over those payments so that you're not strangling over minimum payments. Which then frees up your cashflow for bigger and bigger bills like auto and home payments or saving toward an education or a home where you can save even more money.

let me give you a fucking tip if you are using 6 credit card you are not going to make it anyway. You don't need Ramsey telling you basic bullshit. Its like his bald ass is bitching at downies as if it would improve something. Like cheering at the special Olympics.

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My only complaint is he doesn't acknowledge good and bad debt.

Paying off your mortgage in 10 years is mathematically worse than investing that money.

He's said numerous times that the pizza delivery thing isn't literal.

Mathmatically, it may be. But are you accounting for risk? Are you stating all the money you could invest instead, would guarantee returns? That's not how it works in real life user....

The state of fiscal education in the U.S. is pretty abysmal. Most people can't balance their checkbooks and just because you're a dumbass with 6 credit cards can't mean you don't climb out of that mess. Some people need to be literally told nice and slow how to do something.

Why should I give a shit about future generations? I'm never going to have kids anyway.