Korea's ethereum will reach $1000 EOY, no? need to buy this place

Korea's ethereum will reach $1000 EOY, no? need to buy this place

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>only 1 wall is a window
it's trash

*snipes your heart*

i know. i can't ask for too much in these trying times. just something humble and livable.

why doesn't the tub face the window?

you'd be lounging with ur bbw from craigslist staring at a sink

>a literal shitting hole

where is this located

nah, i'm just being reasonable about my expected returns from icon

Also holding a non-trivial amount of ICX, but can't see it hitting $1k mate. If we see mid-$30's by EOY, that would be great.

Also, check 'em

he shits in the streets

Damn that's a nice pad

actually this is terrible. I am gonna get sniped from the woods.

unfortunately we the real rich people live in golden prisons

>no curtains for privacy

>huge bath
>tiny tub
why even

>Implying the windows won't be tinted or reflective from the outside


Where is this?

The tub is full size, the place is massive

This place looks so zen, I love it.

Why not a bigger tub though?

So poverty the only selling point is calling it a shit countries ethereum.
>exit scam
>so little IQ doesn't realise it will not return to ATH ever lmao

Why wouldn't they have the bathtub face the window? Fuck this bathroom OP.

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wow that looks really good

Why dont fucking reply chains work anymore? I cant click or link anyones post anymore. The fuck Veeky Forums

its a bathtub retard

>not wanting everyone to see your glorious body and rich abode and be envious