PoWH3D Roll now live

Now you can degen your P3D tokens away as well as hoard them up for dividends.

You're welcome.

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Links or it didn’t happen

1.7 eth up in 3 days. Best shit ever.

>+30% net in the past 3 days
best shit ever


I've been rolling in divvies all week, now time to roll some p3d

im a fucking idiot and forgot the link

t. brainlet

Mantso coming through again, like a boss

>he doesn't realize it's a domain that he bought that redirects to his masternode

Hello sirs, follow me on this greatest journey for making large amounts of cash. We will give to you 10% return everyday for every year until forever. You will be very rich, sir. Come buy the P3D.

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And EPY said it couldn't be done

fucking idiots

It's legit, see attached.

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>it's legit
>zero balance

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Wow those EPX guys officially aren’t just autists anymore, they’re retards too. Lol, all their stupid shit about how you couldn’t use P3D for dapps. Looks like a dapp to me motherfuckers

P3D is changing the world, one dapp at a time. If you havent already, buy in. This is huge

Thanks, just bought 100k


A new way to lose money!

Mantso delivers once again!

Look at that pot! I’m gonna clean it out

>he didn't buy in at 200
>he didn't buy in at 300
>he didn't buy in at 500
>he didn't buy in at 700
>he didn't buy in at 900
>he didn't buy in at 1000
>he didn't buy in at 1300
>he didn't buy in at 1700 (you're here)
>he didn't buy in at 2500
>he didn't buy in at 5000
>he didn't buy in at 10000

Well I'll be damned

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Did you win?

I did, kek

Only for like 6 P3D (up to 8.5) but I'll take it where I can!

Someone get the fucking Discord onto this

P3D still only has 10% of bitconnect's current market cap even after bcc crashed, still early days.

you are comparing it to the time when everything was mooning.

You have to be a idiot to enter P3D now.

P3D’s headed for Saturn. And now the only thing the EPX guys had over P3D it turns out was bullshit. So it’s game over