ENG in the media!

Enigma is finally getting the media attention it deserves. Maybe everyone will see how important this tech is now. Price has been going up since the article was published. Now may be a good time to get in!


Also, a new roadmap!


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best project in crypto, IMO..

Holding 5.5K until 2020, retiring soon thereafter :)

my dick and my $$$ are ready

2k ENG comfy hold, wish i could get them to 5k. will try to swing trade some other shit.

i'm not into shilling usually, but this is one of the BEST use cases for any crypto related shit right now. wish i had more fiat when it dropped to $1, ffs

i especially like the time spread of the project. white paper in 2015, full potential in 2020. none of the moonshot shitty promises for quick gains in 5 months.

this is a serious project. Q3 18 is going to be the beginning. get in fuckers.

But this is one of hundreds of use cases for Vechain, nobody will use Enigma


Alright shill me on ENG, what exactly does it do/makes it so special?

Second layer protocol, "secret contract" over smart contract. Allows for privacy on blockchain while still being verifiable. Any smart contract that wants to keep the information on blockchain but not visible will need this.

That's my understanding of it, and they have some kind of exchange or something.

I would be concerned about something else coming along and doing the exact same thing but better, or marketed better. Its a bunch MIT people so I'm sure they're ahead of the curve but I'd imagine there are plenty of other people out there who recognize a need for privacy on blockchain and have been working on something.

This whole privacy on a blockchain project for ENG. Is a fraction part of what VEN will introduce:

a chink coin well-known to overhype shit and hold conferences with a robotic voice...

...or a MIT-bred project from jewland and the global capital when it comes to security shit

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tough choice indeed, mate

if i'm to be serious, tho - cuz i hold ven too, VEN tries to be too many things at once. jack of all trades. this new turn of theirs would be interesting to see, but a more focused, dedicated solution like ENG looks better to me. they're further in their progress too.

besides, the future market will be big enough to have SEVERAL projects for a specific demand.

imagine zk-snarks

now imagine something better and more comprehensive than them.
make that blockchain-agnostic so it can attach itself to whatever the fuck it wants to

if you have the time give this one a read or two: blog.enigma.co/the-future-of-enigma-and-data-d5fb6ce450af

>MIT team
>Team in Tel Aviv sucking money out of idiots like you
>Enjoy your bags faggot

damn user, that was a very constructive rebuttal

thx just sold 100k

Sounds like you are the ones with the BAGS.... of VEN.

Thundernode bought @ 0.50 and will be rich soon
Bought ENG in December for .80 and sold it when it hit $8.00, it mooned already buddy
Enjoy your bags

So I'm reading about TEEs and it mentions hardware separation a couple times. Does this mean it basically makes its own partition and the data can be accessed by having the required keys? I don't know shit about CS but that's what I'd presume if you want to keep the whole thing decentralized.

Did you read that article and check that roadmap? They haven't even begun to moon.

Anyone who thinks VEN is ever going to moon is kidding themselves. Its a piece of shit coin that can't even figure out what it wants to be.

Jack of all trades software always fails. You can't be everything. Its impossible.

10k ENG master race reporting in. This is such a comfy hold that I don't even bother looking at the price these days. It will be worth millions in < 2 years tops.

I'm a 1k grunt, will I make it or should I try and work my way up to 5k?

Get as much as you can. 1k is a little low, 5k is a respectable stack. 10k+ is master node territory.

trying to get to 10K myself. was hoping for sub $1 pricing, which it was for a hot second a few days ago.. didnt have the fiat, though. next time!

>next time!
Will there be a next time?

yes. if btc drops below 7k. all shitcoins drops 80% of current value

I have 4 asic rigs mining this coin and getting over 25 million a day, no one person should every be able to mine so many of any coin in 1 day and thus is the fundamental problem with enigma, the price is doomed to be extremely low.


>mining this coin

Oops fucked up my green text, but the point still stands, you're bullshitting.
Dude there's only around 75mm of the TOKEN in circulation right now and you can't mine erc20 tokens and even if you could that would mean he would be holding nearly all the circulating supply that is out right now so it's an obvious troll.