Vechain separating itself from the pack, Distributed Data Vending

Your one use case niche coins can suck it, Vechain is Amazon of Blockchain. RIP Enigma

TLDR: This gives you a way to sell your medical records (or other information, medical was just the example used here) that you don't mind giving away in order to provide better data for researchers.

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You think a Chinese company is going to be hosting US medical records (or other sensitive data) on the block chain?

When distributed data vending takes off, it probably won't be on the Vechain network.

Is that the best FUD you got for this?

Who cares about the US, China's population is much larger lol

Yes, and it's not just medical records.
US and European food and drug regulatory bodies will never accept assurances from China either.
Everything Vechain is doing will eventually be beaten by western companies.

Ah, another week, another load of bullshit from everybody's favorite Chink scam. So tell me, what will be the backtracking they will do next week to crash the price again? Seems to be the cycle, they hype their garbage while wash trading to bring the price up, you FOMO in like a retard, and then they announce that they fucked up and the price crashes again so they can buy your expensive bags at a discount (which they will sell back to you at full price the next week).

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buy monero now faggots

Thats because it IS a piece of shit scam coin.

No you dont

They already said they are in talks with US companies but not like it matters. Ven to take over

You believe that means anything? I talk to people too...

this shit is going under 40k isn't it

it's over

>he doesn't know what hashes are
jesus fucking christ this is who you have buying and selling shit in this market nowadays

so glad we have Gordon Gecko using his newly learned trading buzzwords to teach us all

Its already under 40k, where the fuck have you been?

here's one of my VEN stacks

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It will fail, VEN doesn't even know what it wants to be at this point. Jack of all trades software always fails. You can't be everything. Its impossible.

It's blockchain as a service, moron. It's not like they are doing random shit. It's all tied to the blockchain.

>In collaboration with Michigan State University

Yea, how could we ever trust them? Darn think scam coins

>TFW I dumped my bags when the coin was still 8$
>TFW I shilled this coin like crazy on reddit and 4 chan

>not an argument

Exactly. They want to be everything to everyone and will fail. They pivot like crazy to intentionally build hype and expectations, with the end-goal of moving the VEN price needle.

if that's the goal they are doing a shitty job at it.

Most people see through the Vechain hypeshow bullshit now.

glad I sold at 50k sats I will buy back when it dips to 35k

Woah you must work on wall street. Your analytical ability is uncanny! Surely you must know much more about Vechain then us losers all mighty one. YOu speak with such confidence and assurance.

Not him but I know I dumped my bags on you idiots at 8$.

Same. Venfags are so happy to buy the top I almost feel bad about it.

Sure you did.

Is that supposed to prove you have 30k lol