January 7, 2018

Remember when crypto was still alive?

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Delete this sir

I do

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you mean when i sold my rolex for btc? yeah i remember. i can afford a quartz seiko now

>REQ $1.00
>LINK $1.07
These two hurt the most since we know they aren't coming back.

I blame BitConnect and Binance for this.
Fuckers overhyped crypto.

We are never going back are we? We peaked and now the only ones holding are fools thinking that a recovery will happen. This how crypto dies, not with a bang but, a slow bleed out over the next couple months.

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fuck, just looking at it causes emotional pain

It was actually tron. Too many normies were burned with that. And got BTFO. From there it was just spiraling down.

>We are never going back are we?
I think we are, but in a slower pace. It might take this whole year. Crypto is still a highly unregulated, highly lucrative thing. There's money to be made.

Now, the abnormal amount of shitcoins and ICO scams and overall worthless coins need to be purged first.

Also I think it is the moment for crypto to do something more. I'm thrilled to see what smart contract platforms are actually going to work with the real world. Request, Chainlink, among others. It is time for Smart Contracts to actually do something else than creating shitcoins.

Even before that, it was funny to see threads with this image everyday, at least there was something mooning.

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>BCH >$2881
>XLM $0.70
>XMR $476
>ZEC $815
holy shit I was rich, Veeky Forums. rich. now I'm ruined

>Bitcoin will never be at 17k again

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riple at 125 billion sounds crazy.
chainlink at 125 billion will be worth...848 dollars each. not that far from the 1000$ eoy.

kek I remember when everyone was bragging about how they hold ripple and will never sell

>Nano will never be at $35 again

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In retrospect I should have sold it all.

if you dont think good crypto coins that actually arent scams wont be a gazillion dollars in the future your not gonna make it

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just wait until a eth gets sharding and killer dapps

who cares if we drop a shit ton if we will make new ATHs later? Nobody can time the bottoms or tops perfectly so just don't be retarded and give up now.

>mfw BAT at $.74

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>now it's $.41 at #79
Jesus Christ I want old crypto back