You guys realize in a few months when the mainnet comes out and Chainlink starts to annouce a few partnerships this...

You guys realize in a few months when the mainnet comes out and Chainlink starts to annouce a few partnerships this shit will moon right?
What you waiting for? Why are you not accumulating at 5k sats? I simply don't understand.

Do you think Chainlink is too far fetched? Can your brain not understand the possibilities? You know most ACTUALLY INTERESTING aspects of smart contracts will only work with a successful oracle right?

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Can only afford 15k linkies

Don't know if I will make it

What I don't understand is, why is Veeky Forums the only people that seem to care about this?

If this is so revolutionary, then surely at least a couple of smart investors would say something about LINK??

They are.

Chain Link will replace global economy

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how does 15mil sound to you user

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Normies and Reddit and YouTube aren't smart. They will come once it hits mainstream and that is the moment you know it is too late to buy.

You buy on moments like these. Rather unknown projects with good fundamentals. What was ETH in 2016? How many people knew?

Count your blessings. I could only afford 1063. So far I've swing traded that up to 1071

By Enron accounting I just made $8000 top kek

In all seriousness, I think LINK is gonna blow up. Hoping for $1000 but would be happy with $100

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I have 50k linkies.
I bought them for the memes.
Have zero faith the team will deliver.
Yet the memes keep coming and make me kek.
I have faith that this coin will give me memetic gains.
because IF it gives me financial gains the Good Fud memes will come to an end. Then i will sell.
As long as the memes keep coming i keep accumulating. Kek never dissapointed me .

It's like the meme magic during the trump campaign.

It's simply destined to happen user. Do not worry, you will be rewarded.

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not accumulating because i need to make some more money now, got 0.2btc sitting on lowcabs. i hope i can get some link before takeoff, sucks to be poor

Ive been taking a portion of my paycheck each month and putting it into one of my holdings since im down so much money already.

Own 70k LINK as a joke or because I'm too lazy to access my MEW wallet.
I don't believe Sergey can deliver. He's a fat fuck after all.

>enron accounting

yeah, we realize but most of us are done accumulating (although now would be a good time to buy if you're a late blooming LINKlet). I mean I'm in the top 250 wallets myself so there isn't really much to do other than wait. As far I'm considered, I'm a made man walking.

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How can you be so confident? Isn't it always good to assume "if it's too good to be true, it probably is"

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Sauce? I need to cum on her face

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Never, I repeat, NEVER has ANY mainnet launch led to a moon. And this will be no exception. Mainnet launches ALWAYS lead to a crash, and by now you all should know that. It happened so often that I can't believe people still think they have a coin to which this doesn't happen.

It's not just the mainnet it's the news associated with it.

Search the archives for ChainLink crypto fund. Also Ari Paul has had conversations with Sergey on Twitter and has tweeted about oracles, appeared to tweet about CL in a separate post, though not by name

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Who here has assumptions when there is no hype? Sergey promised what this tech can do. He never said shit about the rewards for holding link. We know the implications of successful technological implementation. That’s not too good to be true, that’s just reality. There is only speculation investor side.

LINK is intrinsically worthless. Node operators can be paid in existing cryptocurrencies. Just look at the testnet right now, it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao. It means that ETH can easily be substituted for it, that is, if someone wants to fork the token to accept ETH (an established cryptocurrency instead of some fucking ERC20 token made with a two-man team), LINK is basically useless. That is besides the fact that everything LINK aims to do can be easily done by cryptographically signing the data from the API source.
>muh next ETH

Link, 5 months in: 35 cents (3.5x ICO)
Ethereum, 5 months in: $5.50 (17x ICO)

Uh oh, pissed stinker incoming HAHA.

Tell that to ETH 2016

Top500 wallet and over 80% link here. I hope some of my shitcoins moon so I can get to top100 wallets.

>mfw 20M trtl


praise kek

It's a good project but It will not make serious gains.
It'll get to at least $1 for sure unless Sergey dies of burger overdose.
$10 is a maybe because crypto is retarded. And btw $10 would involve a mcap of 10 fucking billion dollars. Literally a top 5 coin. You don't think there are 5 more coins in the entire world that would do more business than link? You don't think all those coins that have marketing campaigns and hundreds of employees will get more exposure? Yes it could start the smart contract revolution. So fucking what you retard? That means that the platforms that do the actual heavy lifting, like ETH will still be the big dogs.
$100 literally impossible and $1000 is obviously a joke.

>btw $10 would involve a mcap of 10 fucking billion dollars. Literally a top 5 coin. You don't think there are 5 more coins in the entire world that would do more business than link?
Shit... Seriously ?

Some other projects also announced mainnets and partnerships recently but only went like 50% up.
We are in a bearish market and if LINK manages to hold a price of $1 in this market after the mainnet is released, I'll consider that a miracle.

>what is circ. supply

>what is circ. supply
Do you know?

Pls donate link to me all you whales. I only have 700. 700k is not enough for me to live off of for the rest of my life. Even if I use the makar dao Method.

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>tfw own 168 link

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Who is this fluid druid?

xValve will destroy chainlink
A team of 3 engineers from the best schools of Europe.
Good luck with your philosophy major coin

jesus fuck another shitcoin lmao

What was the funny Turkish sort of name from the fund that someone made a joke of?

It was like 'Tarik Hangmyself' (wasn't this)

Some user made a suicide joke and we all laughed.

This was back in happier times when I hadn't lost 25% of my investment

>"we are proud that Zepplin and req are testing our Mainnet. Thanks for following us"
>yfw no swift, salesforcs, docusign

YeHah, that announcement im sure wilk shake the whole crypto world

ChainLink Crypto Fund is not related to ChainLink:

nice FUD

Wait till they put some money in marketing and people fomo in like they did with Mobius.
Polytechnique and Electricité de France already invested in them, so they don't need your Eth anyway

hello friends. how many link to retire next to a costco in a legal state living the comfy renting anti social life.

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deluded linkes. being over $1 defeats the purpose of this token. only thing you will be rich with is pain.

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who the fuck fomoed in mobius?

if I had a stable income I would. unfortunately I don't

Lol, the chart on their site is litterally ripped off from the chainlink website. As a Frenchman, I'm ashamed this is all that the country's supposed brightest minds could come up with. Really shows you how fucking backwards the whole place is techwise...

When moneygram partner with ripple, how much did ripple go up %?

>starts to

Speculation speculation speculation

LINKIES are bar none the most delusional bag holders in crypto

it will go 1000 and beyond easily. hodl till 2020 and accumulate along the way if possible. we're all gonna make it, user

yes, buy the news sell the rumor, the Veeky Forums way

Wow, they totally plagiarized chainlink's diagrams. Looks like an actual scam

Is it bad that I dump all my paychecks into Link? I just keep like $100 to get me through a couple weeks until the next one. I know that everything could go to 0, but I'd still be stuck wagecucking regardless so I don't really give a fuck.

Tell me nice things anons, will I make it?

You’re gonna make it.

team is decent but why they would plagiarize the diagrams, this is whta mobius did bloody hell, need to read wp to see if it's plagiarized

50k marine reporting in. Will continue to produce memes for Kek's disciple, Sergey of Nazarov.

Stop with this fucking Russian scam coin holy fuck. If I was rich I'd put my life savings into this garbage just to dump on you annoying assholes.

I only got 5k link. Im such a faggot for not trading for more over the chaos

Ahah just looked through the whitepaper and its all plagiarized. Look at the part on node selection and data aggregation.
Holy shit, this is so bad I might actually drop an email to their school to warn them.
Just makes me all the more confident chainlink will succeed though.

Doesn't matter that you are a cuck and lack the skill for rational thought.

Just repeat after me.

>My linky stays super stinkie $1000 EOY.

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fuck you faggots i'm sick and tired of shitlink

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Are you poor user?

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Chainlink might go up in sats ( maybe) but everything will come crashing down in USD value because BTC is slowly bleeding down to 4k and possibly lower. The bubble is popping but you just don't see it because you refuse to, in 1 year you will look at the cryptomarket or BTC graph and in hindsight you'll realize how insane valuations were and how stupid you were to not sell during the crash.

Look at the BTC graph from Mt.Gox, the drop was slow and full of mini recoveries. In hindsight you look at it and you think:" What kind of idiot did not sell, they had months to sell before it reaches 85% from ATH", but this is human psychology, this is what happens when you are too involved emotionally and financially in a market, you will refuse to sell for small profit and then refuse to sell at a loss and then refuse to sell because 10% of you ATH in value isn't worth it.

Chainlink is a great project and I proudly held 120k linkies back in october, good times. But the truth is that in the real world chainlink would receive a valuation of 4-5 million usd max by VCs.

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so have you fully cashed out? I think you forget to realize this is an irrational market that is accessible by anyone.
You can't even begin to define these companies by a VC valuation their profit models are completely different, can't believe you even used that as an argument? People have been saying that for years. Ofcourse your idea applies to project like Tron who went to 15 Billion solely cause of the hype but projects like Chainlink have a underlying value that isn't quantifiable. There will always be a new speculator finding out about it and it's potential.

Think - if Ethereum can sit at the market cap it is at for such a long time, why is it out of the realms of possibility to assume it will reach even 5-10% of that? Ethereum is inherently shit if outside oracles aren't fully implemented. You have to realize dumb normies bother to understand the coins past the top 20.

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You are a fucking brainlet...

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Poorfag here only can afford 2k link

esplen dis costco meme

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Investing in a Veeky Forums meme sure sounds like a great idea

You made me feel better about my 7k LINK stack
So I gonna share this advice never daytrade LINK.
t.ex-10k linklet

Our savior Sergey of Nazareth will redeem us!

I fell for the TRTL meme too. It hurts. I’ll probably sit on my 1M trtl until I die

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I do this too. Keep $120 for food and gas to get to work. No savings at all. Just made it to 10k link today.

LINK is good to invest in but anyone betting their entire portfolio on it is dumb as fuck. I have a measly 2k bought at around 30 cents. would love for it to moon but probably won’t

Is this nigger ever going to moon?

Who be this yeast priest

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Unironically, i was thinking about this the other day.

It's because Veeky Forums is tainted.

People see LINK as the Veeky Forums coin and disregard it immediately, that's just how it works. It doesn't help that the logo is a lame ass box either.

Crypto Oracle (the only crypto youtuber I think is worth watching) did a video on top 5 Binance tokens, and he didn't even mention LINK.

I have no money to invest in it currently. Trust me I wanna pick up 100$ worth asap but with no money and the rest tied up in coins i'm waiting a month or 3 on I have nothing.

Just another week and i'll be getting some link. Just hoping the price stays down til that point

keep up the good work

oh wow this copy pasta once again. I will never how someone cant just think this /b/tard copy pasta 10times a day is funny witty or even good.

It's reached a point I see this pathetic copy pasta and think what a sad pathetic life this person has that he has to constantly copy pasta this low tier fud and thinks it works.

Hell I dont even own link and unfunny people like this make me think I will buy some just cuz some idiot cant curb his group home autism long enough to find or come up with a actual funny fud. This is soft weak shit and only gets attention since it's the most used one.

Weakest fud and used the most hmmmm


>no Oracle problem solver

I do same.

I'm having a liquidity problem ATM. Too many ICOs

if there was any chance of this much money being involved, some serious pros would be on the case, creating something superior.
in fact they probably already are.
LINK will NEVER hit anything like $1000. $10 maybe.

I just made this cheesefork, do you like it?

Sergey is quitting chainlink to start a dairy farm

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this is great, good job user

I've got 30k don't know I'll make it either. You really need 100k and if you have 250k you'll 100% make it for sure.

Just hold tight. My biggest regret was selling 200 ETH at $10.

Ahh I remember that happened but can’t remember the name. If LINK never moons at least we had some serious lulz.

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Nice pasta

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I'm getting really nervous I won't make it.. Is 30k enough. My goal is 1.2MM. I have 30ETH as well. Link is my last moon shot.

Poorfag reporting in. The shills finally got to me. Can I make it with 1000 link?

coincapmarket needs to update their damn site.

Claims link is sold on huobi yet I checked and checked and checked and it's not there. Well fuck was gonna dump a couple of eth into it today.

It's going to dump when mainnet launches. It's going to be even less valuable than the fucking pittance it's worth already

>I know that everything could go to 0, but I'd still be stuck wagecucking regardless so I don't really give a fuck.
This. It's low risk, high reward if you're already poor. We're gonna make it.