be me, 23 y/o with small fortune made in crypto

> be me, 23 y/o with small fortune made in crypto
> read everyday about anons wanting to move to thai
> move to bangkok
> first night out, go to beer bar
> see qt chick, talk to her all night and decide to bring her home
> gets to rented pad, fuck im drunk
> she takes her clothes off, i notice something that kinda looked like balls but i was probably just fat lips
> we fuck
> she started riding on top of me I noticed the dick
> she had massive tits and an amazing body plus she had a girl voice not sure how I was supposed to know
> wake up next day and notice she stole my ipad and notebook

wtf is this shitfucking country, why did u say i should come here biz

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>implying this isn't what anons want

Livin' the dream lad

Why does everyone who goes to thailand have one of these tranny stories? they must have the most trannies per square mile of any country. But seriously I've had like 6 friends who've been to Tland and they all have fucked stories like this. Always ends with them losing their phone/wallet.

>Those glasses.
AB is that you?

Living the dream desu. Id pay to be in ur place

the mst fucked thing is that i still continued to fuck her/him/it after seeing his small flacid dick, wtf is wrong with me

Happens in murica too.
>meet hooker at room. lights are dim.
>takes clothes off huge floppy looking tits and good body.
> laying there getting my dick sucked, decide to reach around to toy with vagene.
>something doesn't feel right. oh fuck no way this is happening in real life to me.
>hurry up and cum in it's mouth.
>shit I just came so quick, gotta go now cya later.
>fucking disturbed mind for the rest of my life now. but keep getting hookers anyways.

Happened to my friend when I travelled with him there

>Pulled a chick
>Gave him 1000 bhat and told him to return in about 20 minutes as we shared the same hotel room
>Comes back looking worried
>A-user I think I fucked a guy

Most are hard to tell apart from actual females over there

>pic related

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>hips ratio

thats a disgusting human being, id honestly rather suck a ladyboys dick than fuckin this shit

im about to go out again and bring 1 or 2 real girls home this time, need to fuck the night away to remove thoughts of fucking a dude

does your dick smell like poop?

Fake tits are the easiest to spot and assholes aren't naturally lubricated. There's no getting tricked.

I never believed any of those larping virgin stories.

Have you ever seen a tranny irl? It's FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE to mistakenly make out with it without noticing.
Imagine someone who would be so drunk/stoned/retarded to somehow start making out and heat the things up to sex level. Tiny flappy dicks are not something who women sometimes have. Congratulations, you're kissing/fucking a dude. I'd throw up and could never look into mirror again.

Being gay is okay, being hetero and liking trannies is okay too. But being taken by surprise by some cockhider is a fucking urban legend story kept on repeating by virgin base dwellers.

The only believable thing int this story is theft-related.
>get drunk to the lvl of losing consciousness
>invite stranger home
>he steals your stuff

Congratz on this, OP.

Better get tested, that place s crawling with aids.

>qt chick
>that obvious man in the pic

Pick one

Well it can happen if you are stupid. Been to Thailand several times, no whore is going to get angry if you ask, they also know how many ladyboys there are...Just ask goddamnit no ladyboy is gonna lie about this lol

everyone in this thread is either larping or retarded or both. i've been to thailand a few times for a total of about 6 weeks and it's very obvious which ones are ladyboys. even if you are wasted there is zero chance you get back to your room get naked and just shove your cock in a hole without ever noticing or touching it's dick and balls. anyone who says otherwise is closet gay and trying to pretend they got tricked. they knew.

That's what I was thinking.

Note for visitors to Bangkok, if you see an attractive 'girl' in a red light district aimed at Westerners it is definitely a ladyboy.

How autistic can you actually be? Jesus fucking christ OP bangkok of all places at that LMAO
Im literally homeless but at least in germany so its safe lel
Had a good laff

user it could have been worse. He could have passed out the tranny was well endowed. He could have woken up with a foggy mind, stuff stolen and couldnt walk because hed had a red hot poker jammed up his jacksy.

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Has this pic been posted before or is this oc? I guess I can see how you can mistake that for being a chick, but once you saw the dick, you knew what you were doing brah. Don't deny.
I haven't fucked a tranny, and oddly, I felt a little blood rush to my dick reading this thread. Don't know if I could ever do it. I've seen them in real life and it's kind of scary. Either way, try not to beat yourself up too much about it. It happened, it's in the past, move on. When you're on your deathbed, I'm sure the last thing you'll worry about is fucking a tranny decades ago.

yep pic related is me and tranny


> see qt chick,

You're pathetic OP.

Yeah I don't blame you, that looks like a chick. Honestly if you enjoyed it fuck it. If you didn't, let it go it happens. I could see how from a tranny standpoint, that could be a hot tranny

it's fine if you aren't a retard
but you are a retard, so it's not fine

ladyboys are notorious thieves, and will absolutely swipe anything and everything that isn't nailed down

whenever I go out whoring I only bring a roll of cash and a small, shitty burner phone

then again I've never had a hooker try to steal from me, because I treat them with respect, tip well, establish rapport and gauge their mental state before I take them to a room

the trick with ladyboys is to get them off, if you make em cum, they won't try to rob you, but they might try to become your 'girlfriend' and stalk you around bangkok for the next two weeks until you give them a final bareback pity fuck and then flee the country

you got exactly what you deserved desu

My gf's arms and shoulders look like that because she's super skinny 5'7 115lbs

I kinda know how u feel, I felt 1/10th like that when I got my dick sucked by a land whale one time and I was ashamed of myself for like 3 days. Didn't even fuck her, she just blew me. She had a pretty face but she was very round and her gut stood out more than her small tits... I was very ashamed.

what's it like having aids? are the meds still expensive or they went down now that /ourguy/ is in jail

I use pREP and I don't catch. Normies like you think the risk of HIV can't be mitigated, but you are wrong and stupid about that, just how you are wrong and stupid about every other subject.

aids is a meme, last i checkd u have like 1/5000 odds to catch it if u fuck bareback an infected pussy

Any of you saw child prostitutes? I did. And that was in a "family vacation place"

Never ever again.

Maybe when I go alone next time.

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I've read that if you fuck an infected woman, you have 1/400 chance of contracting aids.

Anal sex would be a different story though.

How do u know they were prostitutes?

disgusting, i hope ure lying

>Go to thailand to not fuck ladyboys
Literally why

man I've been all over thailand, there aren't any kiddy prostitutes out in the open
at worst you might see skinny and young looking 18-19 yo's in the clubs/bars
the thais keep all the underage hookers to themselves, for real
btw the pathetic looking cambodian street urchins aren't for fucking, if you touch them about 20 homeless cambodians will descend on you with knives, and the police will laugh as they stab you and rob you

Bangkok has a lot of them, its a sex capital. Its a bit of a fucked up place.

Im not.
A thai girl I know here also told me the same.
Uncommon, but its there.

First mistake; hooking up with strangers at your home
Second mistake; Stop saying she, he had a penis

I spent 6 months in Bangkok, 1 in Pattaya, 1 in phucket. On only one occasion did I see an obviously underage girl being suspiciously conspicuous in a red light area. I never saw any being whored out. I did see one like 14 year old girl stuffing her tongue down the throat of her 30+ year old boyfriend in a mall one day, and was flabbergasted, but she was obviously very, very into what was going on (in public mind you).

I saw several ladies who were probably 16 or 17 in a thai-only massage palace that I gained entry through bribery/friends, because they supposedly had the hottest and skinniest girls in the city (rumor was correct). Months later the place was shut down for underage workers.

It was extremely, extremely rare.

Now a place with underage sex workers in the open would be Angeles, in Philippines. There are like a dozen obviously underage teenage girls that roam around the street corners and public spaces, and they will catcall 'tourists'. They are hilariously brazen, and the people who live there and the police either don't care, or are in on the underage-bait scam. They are such pests that the ladyboys chase them away from their 'spot'.

I guess cambodia also had a few. They shut down the massive kiddy sex operation known as the 'chicken farm', but the chinese and koreans still want their prepubescent snatch, and so they go to certain bars and talk to certain people, and the deed occurs behind closed doors at hotels.

I was approached by a man offering a small child for sex one night, while walking home from the casino (bad idea desu). Im pretty sure the kid wasn't actually for sex, but was bait to lure a pedo so they could rob them.

Vietnam didn't have any obvious child prostitution, but it doesn't really matter because you can find 18-19 y/o Vietnamese that look like 12-13 because they are so fucking skinny and underfed. Was never offered anything underage there.

Thailand had the least of that shit going on by far, and the crackdown was real, and severe. It simply isn't tolerated how it used to be, and even hooking up through wechat and other programs with teens is very dangerous due to the number of scammers and LEO bait for bribes (or death in a prison) scam.

Nice essay fgt


It happend to a friend of mine while he was drunk user. It's not larp

Congrats. You're gay now. gj

larp, you're not phoneposting

I’ve fucked a lot of prostitutes in Thailand I’ve never had an encounter like this.