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Sold robinhood stocks to buy LINKies because “lmao those stocks can recover the losses” but they haven’t yet

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I saw NEO below 50 and went to sleep thinking it would be 40 when I woke up

I'm a prolific nujak poster

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I bought 20K Nano and sold at .50 cents.

I DONT CARE ABOUT LAMBOS!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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>Poorfag here
I FOMO'D $300 in some ETH game and now it's lost in a blockchain blackhole.

I spent 250 dollars to creampie a 18 year old red head. Regret it bros

Bought REQ at ICO price but didn't sell at 1.2$

forgive me father

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I just want enough money to move to Japan. Ive been there on vacation and want to move there for 2-3 months so all Im doing is stacking crypto and learning Japanese.

I'll be one of the very few to make it in a couple years from now.

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I have bad news for u senpai

Good, that bitcoin gold dust hurts too

I lost 50k Siacoin because I didn't write down the seed or wallet password, and my computer rebooted unexpectedly.

On the upside, it's worth a helluva lot less now than it was when I lost it

I sold Cardano at the very bottom because I was emotional over the tranny. It’s up 30% since I sold it. I feel like a complete retard

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Didn't sell nano at ATH and bought for 2bucks


In threads about coins I like I shill under one ID and FUD with another. It's a fun social experiment

that's why /pol/ should say out of Veeky Forums. this isn't a place for identity politics and feelings.

Had a 2 year affair with a tranny behind my wife's back. In all fairness, the tranny was hot and damn she could suck cock. Had a tight asshole too.

I hold like 1.6ETH in shitty hot potato Ethgames.

I'm a hodlfag

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I have next to zero understanding of how any of this shit works. I just randomly buy coins and hope for the best. I honestly feel like none of it will pay off because I’m destined for mediocrity and by investing I’m bringing bad karma to the entire market and ruining for everyone involved.

I invested in electroneum and now it's worth basically dirt.

I'm down almost 6k but I actually don't feel all that bad about it.


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Bought ICX at 4k, sold at 3k, had a chance to rebuy at 3k on the way up, said nah and here I am.

I shorted the btc bottom yesterday @8.7k and panic closed this morning at the same price before the big selloff. I also longed just now, forgive meeeeeeeee frathea :(

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You read right, Dumbass.

I hold link since december

Disgusting degenerate


Bought ICX at 5.50 and sold at ~2.90, thought I was slick for not letting myself slip deeper

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You are the plankton of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Almost everything has been designed to give idiots like you the impression that this is your big chance while being obviously stupid enough to keep away anyone smart enough to get them caught.

pink wojacks when

you just repeated what i said with an ocean analogy, you redundant twat

to build onto that ocean analogy: the plankton gets filtered out by the whales and like that your money is eaten up by the market makers

How old are you and what do you regret about it?

I fucked a prostitute about 6-7 months ago and still feel guilty about it, like I betrayed my self worth. Im 23.

I just bought 2400 NCASH.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, holy shit. I feel sorry for you user

went from a high of 80 ETH to the 18 I own now. The only think I can do now is just trade ETH and increase my stack and hope I can get back to somewhere close where I was.

I went all in Req at $0.80. I kinda hate my life right now.

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>went from a high of 80 ETH to the 18 I own now