What did he mean by this?

our president is mentally insane

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as opposed to physically insane? how do i become physically insane

shush. don't want to trigger the word salad, virtue-signaling liberal

Go back to /pol/ you dumb cunts

If only Obama had the balls to say shit like this, we might be in a more powerful position on the worldwide globe... TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!

what did biden say?


It will never cease to amaze me how people like you think.

It is the same as the type Making him seem stupid for calling putin despite his advisor saying "do not congratulate".. It's not that he is stupid its more that he's the most powerful dude in the world and his advisor acts like he can boss him around. Well, Fuck off!

Probably because Biden has said twice that he could beat up Trump for some reason.

This isn't /pol/ btw faggot.

But to finish my thought, the weak hate when the strong do whatever they want. I don't care much but it's just weird how so many guys are opposed to this

>Muh Trump
Why are these faggots on biz now

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Thin skinned jerk. Shame on america

Oh hey look it's a faggot. Why are you cross posting this cuntery from reddit? Consider suicide.

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doos vald xd (((trump))) for 2020

wasn't triggered, thanks for your concern
good point, insanity is already a mental disorder

Why was this so funny to me? This nearly made me spit out my water laughing

Nice bait mate rate 88 out of 88

This is the textbook definition of projecting.

Biden continued with his political career for decades after his wife, daughter and son got killed without taking a break. He's the absolute opposite of a mentally weak person.

>Rome is falling
Good riddance, T. the rest of the world.

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>thinking the president of the united states has nothing to do with business
why can't we have a discussion on /biz?

meant to quote

It's time for Trump to return to the WWE ring vs Joe Biden in a tag team match.

Trump & Pence vs Biden & Obama

Ask this guy...

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Joe biden is not this funny meme guy,

the guy is a pedophile and the whole world refuses to acknowledge that.


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totally fucking agree creepy as shit.
and personally hate the fucking guy,
acts like a child and is establishment

>how do i become physically insane

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thnx for daily reminder of why i voted Trump

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who the fuck even cares

its not like hes got any power at all anyway, he's just a figure head to satisfy the population

and if you unironically care about politics, then you should neck yourself for wasting time on something that you never will have any impact on

Why American's on the Internet hate Trump so much?

I'm an Asian guy with different views and we actually like how Trump disrupted American politics compare to that nigger. I really don't trust that nigger, I don't think he's a competent president.

If Joe Biden threatened to assault Trump, why is it only the end of the world when Trump calls him a bitchnigga?

>Biden continued with his political career for decades after his wife, daughter and son got killed without taking a break. He's the absolute opposite of a mentally weak person.

That's called being a psychopath who didn't care for his family.

Nothing to see here citizens please move along

imagine being such a triggered shitlib that you post politics in Veeky Forums instead of /pol/

liberals think they transcended moral realm. they think they are incapable of hypocrisy because they are otherworldly beings

When i was little the US was seen as a force to be reckoned and a country you should be afraid to mess with. Then:
>Clinton stepped down in shame
>Bush was largely seen as low iq
>Obama was a loose-gripped bitch
I live in a western 3rd world nation. My country has been getting closer and closer to china over the past 20 years. Whereas before that we were completely under american influence, we're now so close to china (who expanded their economy and sphere of influence tremendously all over the globe while cuck #1 dug sand dunes looking for bin laden and cuck #2 enforced affirmative action and let immigrants flood in) the US probably can't touch us anymore without china's consent.
Right now is make or break time for the "land of the free". You're running out of time. The country is in an economic and diplomatic mess and you have just about one or two presidential terms' time before the west breaks off completely and all allies band with either germany, china or russia, military action being the only alternative left to hold the empire together.
And trump is spilling a significant amount of spaghetti with those retarded-ass tweets

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Its posts like this that show that Reddit-losers have breached the walls. Im proud to have a leader who is not afraid to say he will kick someones ass. Likely why countries lead by strongmen are engaging the US for the first time in decades.


stop being brainwashed
pedo biden is the problem

+1 from Germany

>conveniently leaves out that biden threatened trump TWICE already to beat him up

You shitlibs arent even trying to hide your hypocrisy anymore do you?

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back to pol faggot

Also pic related

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I fucking love trumps shitposting and if you don't identify with the bravado and machoness of his bantz, you are a bitchnigga cuck ass tranny 56% douche fart.

>say that to my face fucker not online and see what happens

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damn PotUS, that is a fucking beta fedora tier comeback. and I don't give a fuck about Joe biden. it doesn't warrant a response let alone some autistic tweet like this. embarrassing

I know this is going to be hard for your to wrap your mind around, but that is NORMAL male behavior.

Wow it would be nice to watch a duel between Trump and Biden.

Trump is a chad

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Donald Trump could beat Joe Biden's ass. No really though it's a funny shit post. It made my day.

Hell yeah is this true? Might be my favorite tweet yet. This is why people voted for him you retard lol it's about time we don't have a fucking pussy in office. GTFO our country pajeet!

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Biden touches little kids. It’s on youtube.

as a German i feel save knowing that Russia is run by Putin, China by Xi and the US by Trump. Especially US by Trump and not some dumb cunt. It makes me uncomfortable knowing that my own country is run by Merkel who does everything in her power to sell it out and run it into the ground.

was biden always this much of a virtue signalling fag?

this post was one of the most autistic things ive read on this board please fucking kill yourself as soon as possible


of course he could, he's bigger

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>i dont give a fuck about joe biden

There we have, not even trying to hide the hypocrisy. Top fucking LEL.
Andrew Jackson had over a 100 duels.

Fucking check

id rather kick Merkel out and let germany govern by trump as sort of some 5th wheel or dependent colony. this would propably unironically be universes better for the nation than how its now.

That mickey d's diet he's on isn't good. He doesn't sleep much either. He's Donald Trump and he gives no fucks. Hope he's trying to take out the Rothschilds. Feel like everything good is backed against a wall about to get rekt.

>It makes me uncomfortable knowing that my own country is run by Merkel

i nearly spat out my drink when i saw the news that disastrous cunt was elected again. sympathies from a dutchman.

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hi Outsider McChinkyDick please get back to work at the factory, if boss man sees you taking a break again hes gonna take your daily 8 dollars

Mentally insane? Our president is an absolute CHAD, he's reinstating manliness and self defense. Fuck lefty Joe

I understand you muricans promote the help of mentally disabled people but letting them get into politics it's a little bit too much. You even made one your president. How fucked do you like to be ?

Fuck Trump. He thinks he knows how to run a business... Yet most of his companies went bankrupt. Also, a president shouldn't be on fucking Twitter having toilet tantrums.

Oh look, dumb edgy high schoolers "impressed" by Trump. When you grow up and actually start earning your own wage, you'll learn that he's actually a fucking nutcase and completely not qualified. But it's cool, I wouldn't expect a bunch of retards to on a Vietnamese basket weaving forum to understand.

>trump threatens to beat up an old man
>dow jones and S&P plummets even further


the inevitable stock market crash which was coming for years will be blamed on Trump.
>screencap this

kek, honestly. Biden clearly started it, that's an insane thing to say. He is a former Vice President and he's acting like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite mixed with Stone-Cold Steve Austin. Meanwhile everyone should know about creepy uncle Joe if you've seen any kind of c-span appearance where he is around kids

Dude has been bankrupt multiple times and could only get loans from shady ass banks that would literally route through third world countries. He can't run shit. This whole "triggered dem stupid liberal cucks" shit is getting really old. He's a shit president, I would have been fine with some of the other republicans but Trump is a god damn moron. Also now it's being revealed his fucking son in law is pretty much owned by the saudis, why the fuck does that prick even get to go to high level political talks. This isn't even touching on all these god damn tariffs that are going to hurt the economy.

Fuck, I actually wish Jeb won, no fucking joke.

the FUCKING AUDACITY of this godforsaken fucking pedophile to act as if he's a fucking pillar of moral justice who ***somehow*** fights sexual assault
out of all the projecting that the liberals do, this is perhaps one of the most blatant examples of it
that, and it's an example of him pre-establishing control over any situation that may come up where someone rightfully accuses him of being a fucking predator
i sincerely hope that the democrats try to pit him against trump in 2020; no sane fucking person would vote for his kiddiefucking, pizza-and-hotdog-obsessed ass

Are you from somewhere in South America?

He has a 96% success rate in business Pajeet. Over half of businesses fail in the states.

Right, Dorito Cheetolini is so problematic that I can't even, seriously I mean this is NOT ok and NOT normal.

How can I upvote your comment, fellow user?

>actually believing trump is a good president in any way

Another trillion in debt for the year but hey it's okay because liberals are mad

why does everyone assume i'm some faggot ass reddit democrat cheerleader?
fuck reddit, shit site, shit mods, gwild was alright
we've had shit leaders for a while now
g hw bush - shit
clinton - shit
g w bush - shit
obama - shit
trump - shit

all you trump faggots love hiding behind how corrupt obama/clinton/dnc and i 100% agree; but then you look at the trump/gop and somehow see something positive ffs. the united states of america has been an oligarchy for a while now, and i would argue always has been one. i have to ask: is anyone on this site in the 1%? i would guess no. they have better things to do. so if you're here, then you aren't the elite, and so what ever government is in power, you will still get shafted, as always, in the land of the free.

>> -----> Veeky Forums

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>our president is mentally insane

Wow, what a surprise!

As if we are any better off..
The Netherlands is an asset and we are not stake-holders

You americans look like tron investors.

Yet Trump is a wimp anytime Putin is mentioned

Waiting on the announcement for these two to step into the boxing ring.

Nice going Muricah now watch the simpsons prediction come true of him ruining your economy.

>tfw I'm a European that hates the USA and I shilled Donald Trump on all platforms imaginable and made memes every single day just to get him into office because I knew it would speed up the demise of the USA.

The US hegemony is slowly fading, good riddance you burgerfaggots.

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Pajeet chimes in!

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>eu still holding grudges from 1776
don't worry friend, from the ashes we will rise

I hafta take a shower after watching that

You don't make babies. Europeans will be replaced by shit skins who know nor care nothing for the previous empire they were shat out upon.

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Sir plese markt buy Tron with yor masive fortune thank you sir god bles

America is a corporation owned by the British crown

also, Pedo Joe is much better moniker

Deep. I be prezzzadant. Me like tweEter.

Fucking morons actually voted for this sack of monkey shit. Boy... I hope you are all ashamed of yourselves.

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creepy joe biden would get absolutely rekt

Shitholers wish they had a leader like ours

Nah.. I don't believe you. You fuckers have no balls and are too fucking polite. Nice try though.

I can just smell the salty democrap and eurocuck tears in this thread

Absolutely glorious

make the worldwide globe great again

Op is a shill not just a whiny liberal. Likely a Jew too.

Clinton didn’t step down you ridiculous clown.