Feel the fomo yet?

>feel the fomo yet?

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Felt it last night and it feels fucking great. Shit will hit. 30-.40 cents real fucking soon.

A bit guess but i want to fucking KYS myself becouse i did not buy more when it was 0.036 i got in at.. Bought only 26k and now i bought later on 9k more, would be 3x that if i would have had bought that 9k amount when i first time bought...

can somebody explain this project to me? i see that its very new? what was the ico price?

Never heard of it - shill us?

How many times are you pajeets going to post this shit scam coin?
> but muh next antshares
> but muh next eth

yup pack it up boys it's a scam

the mongolian eth

lol nobody said that retard, it's an easy 10x though

im impressed how nice its holding up, if only btc didnt take a shit we would be at 15 cents at least

Is it really the Mongolian ethmerium??
Big if true

fuck off pajeet go rape a tourist

Bought 3500 for the shiggles

Reminds me of the time I put an eth into ven for the shiggles at 21 cents


Not on bigger channels
Not on reddit
Not even shilled with effort on Veeky Forums

There is still time

Im 40% btc and 40% bananya net but this shlt just keeps climbing, everytime I sold it to accumulate more at dip it just climbed higher and I bought again.. Shall I throw more btc to this mofo? I refuses to dip

If you have multiple BTC’s go for it

For fuck sake start banning these pajeets

where can i buy this shit?

My skin is white


If it makes the gains everyone's saying it will the difference between buying at 9 to 12 cents will be less significant

Am I wrong to think of it that way or is it worth to wait for dips at the price

Dip was two hours ago. Not happening again

is that the only one? when other exchange?

New Dehli

Bibox is legit don't be a pussy. It is being added to new exchanges but the price will be higher by then

fucking retard. i want to buy this hidden gem and all you say is something retarded!

i cant use bibox. it needs chinese phone number to deposit and withdraw when i checked it.

What else do you know about the future user?

No, use google auth or a 3rd party tool

>can't figure out where to buy a coin
>suddenly i'm the retard

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Oh really? I didn't have any problems. You can probably enable 2fa and fund password instead of phone number

that you will stay poor if you don't FOMO into this

fuck it, all in

already went 10x, aint gonna moon soon u silly idiots

Not even x4 from private presale you retard

Total supply? Ico price?

Bullshit, post proof

No it didn't you stupid nigger, $0.136 / $0.036 = 3.8. Go back to school and learn some math faggot

Yes I know pajeets with lighter complexions exist.
You think nobody understand why all these piece of shit bot-pajeet collaberation threads only mentions the name of the shit in the image? Fucking up my filters and shit, fuck you pajeet
Fuck you anup
Fuck you rakesh
And fuck you especially Inderjeet

>Calculating in fiat

I accepted that I missed this moon mission. Not gonna buy in for a 2x when there is plenty of people waiting to take their 3-4x in a bear market already desu

This shit is going to 50 cents with or without you, 60m market cap is entirely reasonable considering this project and team

What is the project and team? Do you even know? Also there are tokens from ICO still locked, when those get released you'll get dumped on. Market cap is way higher than it seems.

>posting some fag calling himself "crypto zombie"
No wonder millennials aren't getting laid or starting families anymore. You're all a bunch of fucking children.

>Cofounder of BBN also founder of Union Pay Smart
>entire team has years of dev experience with big data
>advisors include founder of HPB, chariman of Loopring, former VP Alibaba, president FICO China, CEO China Unicom, etc
>project is a dapp for a trustless big data blockchain network for buying/selling collected data
Market cap only accounts for circulating supply, which is 120m. No, the market cap is not 'bigger' just because there are locked up tokens - I will sell my bags in May before those tokens drop.

theres constantly 2-3 shitcoins on binance that have 20-30% gains, why would anyone fomo into this shit? this shitcoin been spammed all over Veeky Forums for like a week and it moved like 10% up lol last time ive heard about it it was at like 12m mcap.

I felt it at .045 and went all in.

Private sell was at 0.037. Anyone that is telling you it is a scam is not also telling you that they raised only 5-6 million. This is a very serious project.

You are a fucking idiot/reddit tiered investor


yes i feel it.... was waiting for it to go < 20% 24 hr increase but god damn this thing won't stop

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Are you guys fucking retarded?

Do like 6 seconds of fucking research.

Stay poor and enjoy your fucking wojacks faggots

>Are you guys fucking retarded?
>Do like 6 seconds of fucking research.
>Stay poor and enjoy your fucking wojacks faggots

It's not clear whose side your on with this one.

just went all-in! not even joking :D

Team is bunch of pajeets, pure scammers like nucleus vision



Any comment on this thread containing "muh" , que the tears in a week's time

Im in fomo mode today. the team looks great , its cheap and small MC. 3x-5x doesnt seem unrealistic. what am i missing?

im selling propably 33% at 1$ and let the rest ride to the top 30. and the price is still very low because absolutely nobody knows about this yet.

Yeah, the founder of Union Pay's smart big data division is a scammer, right? top fucking kek, the absolute state of this brainlet board

Thanks for shilling this shit. I'm allready up 70%.

i wont buy your bags

it's up 70% the last 2 days m8. Still got atleast another 500%

That's fine, I'm not selling you my bags pajeet

more foookin asian shitcoins greaaaat

think about buying neo when it was antshares.

40 ETH wall just went down like it was nothing.

buy at the top fookin retards

2 options. buy the top now or fomo the bottom at 0.5$ lul

Anyone know when real exchanges happen? Transfered all to my wallet like I always do with shit shady exchanges (didn't got fucked by bitgrail) cause of it.
But I won't to be ready to dump them soon, so when real exchanges??

in their telegram someone mentioned that couple new exchanges by the end of this month

Just put 1 Eth into BBN. Don't make me regret this Biz.


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Good entry point now for those waiting to get in

i already did at ATH and i am +25%

Fuuuck I was going to dump my MAN at the pump last night for more BAN and I chickened out :( Is it still too late?

>Is it still too late?

Yea the market cap must be pushing 20mil by now, definitely too late. Just buy more ETH, pal.

I'm transferring BTC to Bibox and it's been at 1 confirmation time for 40 minutes. Is this normal? Never transferred before.

I mean for the swap, MAN is being put on large exchanges soon too. I wasn't talking about buying into BBN for the first time.


yeah, i had to wait 2 and a half hours once. slow as fuck

Don't do it dude. Just buy JNT instead.

palms sweating like crazy waiting for this shit and reading charts. First time trading lol

I've already done my research and I don't want to make a rash decision, but I'll check out that one and see.

bough yesterday at ATH, up 70% already

reddit & yt shilling will start in 1-2 days

Got in at ATH yesterday at 11c. Bought 120k BBN. Boy am I happy about what's happening right now. Thanks based anons for making me money, holding this til it x10

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