My gf said I was too passive sometimes...

My gf said I was too passive sometimes. We were at chipotle and people were talking in front of the drink machine so I just waited for them to walk away I saw they were on the way out so the 15 seconds to wait wasnt a big deal but my gf said sometimes im too passive and should have told them to move. idk I dont feel its worth it and would have probably made the wait even longer getting into a discourse with them. She said its not a problem im a man 99% of the time but 1% im passive she thinks i worry about inconvenincing others

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just move at the drink machine - your arms separating them talking and mumlbe *sorry*

You can get pretty far with a firm but polite "Excuse Me." Most people are fairly oblivious to others around them.

the absolute state

Sorry but your girl is done with you.

Lmao she's going to be sobbing all over the next knob that aggressively hits on her

>you're great 99% of the time.'s not enough.

1% is all it takes for women

Well, your girl is right. You're just finding excuses to avoid potential confrontation, that's not very manly. Why wait 15 seconds when you can be done with literally just two seconds, i.e. a firm "excuse me". If you're afraid those people would confront you or mock you, get Veeky Forums.

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Business & Finance
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Business & Finance

the question is, how did you get a girlfriend while being a shy little beta? Did youflaunt your crypto money in front of her and now she'll have to change you to feel any sort of attraction to you?

This. I've never had anyone bite my head off for being polite. OP is a passive faggot.

This. Sorry bro buy it's over. You should initiate the breakup yourself now and save some dignity.


How the fuck did you even get a gf if you're too pussy to say "excuse me" to a couple of oblivious strangers?

Do you not live around a lot of blacks?

This the flavor of the week. Lefty /pol/ and /r9k/ retard threads as bait?

That's pussification by doing what she says. Should say why don't you say something yourself bitch

Great idea

slap her round the head and tell her to get in line. Bark orders at her intermittently and tell her to bring you a beer and make a sandwich

Not many, and I see your point. OP should have said "Fuck off niggers"

Never change

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holy shit back to /r9k/ you go wtf is this

Saged and reported, gfys this ain't your personal blog nigger

its time to start mass reporting this garbage
what is happening here is that boring fuckups who cant even get any attention on /r9k/ or /soc/ come to unrelated boards and post their off topic garbage here, because they know somebody will read it since its somewhat unusual

before before some pedantic little shitweasel says 'announcing a report is against the rurrrrrrrs', I am not announcing a report, this is calling FOR reports, you fag, you know who you are

>Implying Veeky Forums has mods


shit, I forgot where I was

ill just reset my router. you cant stop me

daamp it!

she meant your a pussy soyboy

Slap her next time

It’s called Feminine Coil. Lot of women have it. It’s a rage always burning inside female that eggs men on to fight and be agressive. Mostly poor women and minorities have it the worst. They want to see their sons, brothers, boyfriends and husbands act violently towards others to live vicariously through them. They don’t have the courage or strength to be the bullies they wish they could be so the mentally manipulate men to do the work for them.

Don’t fall for it. Be kind, generous, patient, humble and strong. 15 seconds a the soda machine is better than becoming someone you do my respect.

The only way to save your dignity is to fight a pack of wild niggers OP.

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>Business & Finance

>15 seconds

I've had farts that lasted longer than that from start to finish

>to live vicariously through them
to be able to protect them

there's a fine line. being obnoxiously assertive is a lower class or new money trait because it ultimately stems from a type of fear indicative of doubts about your own ability to survive. courtesy and consideration, while you don't want to overdo them for no reason, are important parts of civilized society.

Your girl sounds like a dumb bitch.

You need a gf who stems from old money herself for her to really appreciate those qualities in you though

Kek, imagining some nigress crying on a white boi's dick

>gf wants to un-cuck him
>bitches on biz about it

Why can’t we just fucking wait like courteous human beings. Sometimes we need a break from a being brutes and space out a little. Tell your gf to stfu next time. You will never fully satisfy her anyways, nobody can. There will always be something you do wrong with this or that with women. She will try to change you, and then once you’re changed she’ll leave you for reasons being, “ you’ve changed user.” You stay you, always.

Your girlfriend is a dumb cunt and you’re also a pussy ass soyboy for even listening to her nonsense and questioning your identity. Get the fuck off biz faggot.

She wants the D, not yours, the guy standing in front of the drink machine who gave no fucks.

>ITT soyboys get militant about their soyboy submissive habits

>but being submissive is who I truly am!

This is the English way. Passive aggressive politeness all day every day.

Drinks iz serious business faggit.

This. How can you /sipandtrade/ without even having a beverage?

Its the right way though

Getting all stressed out and butt hurt because something didnt go exactly according to plan is a meme and normie af

jesus fuck this shepoo is ugly. look at that massive mouth

you should have said "excuse me, I just need to use this machine :)"

if they don't move, they are legitimately cunts

fucker announced he was trolling and you retards still reply. it goes in all fields

Is she a shit skin? Also just say excuse me and people will move once they realize they're in the way. Don't over think it pussy.

They usually fuck off when you show you're not afraid of moon crickets.