ITT: explain how you started investing in chainlink

ITT: explain how you started investing in chainlink

>bought 1k for memes, not thinking much of it
>started reading into project
>hmm this sounds kind of cool actually
>bought another 2k or so
>saw all the people Sergey is working with
>bought more
>noticed that every FUD is half assed
>buy even more
>start fudding it myself in the hope that the price will stay down
>now have 15k
>happy with my stack but may buy more
>no need to FUD anymore

Pro tip: 90%+ of FUD threads are people trying to accumulate.

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>Be me
>Veeky Forumstard
>LINK threads everywhere, I fell for the meme and started fudding
>price goes down and I feel like a champ
>checked the price daily though, rent free
>goes to 15 cents, laugh my ass off
>next day its at 23 cents, feel like a retard
>keep checking the charts and it keeps going up
>bitcoin/ethereum drama keeps going up (I was in ETH at the time)
>one day it goes back to 15 cents and I say fuck it and go all in
>even made a thread saying "I'm done with all this bullshit drama"

I bought 1k and I'm convinced LINK is an elaborate Veeky Forums exit scam where people use long words and overly complicated explanations to make it seem like a huge technological innovation but in reality its neckbeards scamming neckbeards but I bought in anyways in the off chance that its not a scam

>start reading biz in october
>woah ARK looks really cool and the staking income is amazing, plus they have a huge clear road map and are sticking to it
>but wait it's just a shitcoin with no function other than being the 2nd BTC, damn
>oh look LINK. what's this?
>currently all in LINK with almost 14k
I just want it to blast off already bizbros

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>Browsing Veeky Forums as usually
>Get intrigued by a thread about a new ICO
>Lots of gibberish I don't understand
>More and more threads appear about pre-sale pools, too scared to participate
>FOMO, try find an open pool but can't get into any
>Get in on ICO for 13k LINK and forget about the whole thing for a while
>Return to Veeky Forums in December and learn more about the project
>Never sold my ICO stack, now holding 25k

>but wait it's just a shitcoin with no function other than being the 2nd BTC, damn

kek. You're never gonna make it, I'm sure you also believe that REQ token burning means that some of your stack might be subject to that

DYOR or stay uninformed dumbass

Same story, im at 20k

>have LINK
>never gonna make it
pick one. even a dumb arkie like you should be able to figure this one out.

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all my instincts tell me it’s a meme and I’m being worked but my life is so miserable that I’m throwing money at it based on the off chance that maybe it could possibly make me rich. Feels like I’m playing the lottery.

Found the deluded arkie.

This is what I am doing as well.

One wave of serious FUD against Link and you'd be able to sell it for Tron if I told you so on here. But ya keep sucking Sergey's dick you fags, I also own a small stack of Link btw but you guys are going to cry your eyes out once the Ark rocket leaves for having been so easily tricked by weak FUD

>pic related to future you

>always do the

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are you high? go to sleep.

>Me on Reddit subscribe to LinkTrader
>Everybody talking how great it's going to be
>In December see LINK has done fuck all compared to other coins
>lmao what a shitcoin hahahaha lol
>Discover Veeky Forums in January
>Get fucked by the bear market
>See all of these link threads
>See some anons talking seriously about LINK
>Realise how cringy reddit is
>quit reddit

Thank you Veeky Forums

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>be a 2016 /pol/ /b/ newfag
>2017 end my apprentenceship and become a wagecuck
>start to get wagecuck money
>look for ways to invest money
>browse another german imageboard
>get into Veeky Forums
>yesterday link got onto binance
>see first moon
>people fomoing left and right
>do some research still didnt understand jackshit
> see 1st selloff on binance
>buy my 1st batch round 0.37$
>sibos happens
>everything goes to shit
>forget about my stack
>visit Veeky Forums sporadically
>december bull happens
>am excited
>crash happens
>buy more in the crashes from january and february
>have now my 11.2k stack

guess im your typical fomo stinkylinky newfag
the only thing i regret is that i didnt buy more at the november dip

nice argumentative skills user.
but ya 1k EOY I guess heh

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guaranteed (You)s
>learn about ETH in late 2016, watch some vids about Vitalik. Interesting
>see threads on Veeky Forums, laughing at it crashing from back below $10. Didn't think much of it
>forget about crypto until October 2017.
>Finally fucking buy some BTC/ETH
>not gonna miss another promising project like ETH
>see LINK logos all over Veeky Forums, research, watch Sergey talk
fuck it, rather accumulate 10k LINK than accumulate regret

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nice fud

Me too for the same reason

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>I work for a large bank
>I trade precious metals
>Everybody is talking about blockchain, smart contracts and tokenization of assets
If this works as intended, these technology will revolutionize our industry. Way more than internet. Chainlink will be a big part of this obviously.


>leave Veeky Forums for a few months
>mostly on Veeky Forums
>return in late Nov/Dec
>what’s this new coin they’re on about? (Missed eth and ans/neo)
>go to Binance and
>”I don’t get it.. so it’s a smart contract platform like Ethereum? Wtf it’s crashed hard as fuck to $0.17”
>forget about it for a few weeks and move on
>come back
>”they’re STILL taking about this!?”
>spend 2-3 weeks doing an incredible amount of research (no CS background here)
>throw $13,000 in at $1
>crashes to $0.27
>if I had been patient I could have 4x the stack
>try to be smooth and swing trade my stack out of greed
>turn 13k stack into 8.2k stack
>sell a lot of possessions that are sitting in the closet and manage to get myself back up to almost 10.5k link

I’m absolutely not selling EVER AGAIN. LINK IS TOO VALUABLE

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explain this then

>still convinced Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme in July 2017
>start to come around when realized a use case for crypto without having background knowledge of blockchain
>discover biz in September and start getting shilled on the crypto craze
>literally buy my first crypto pre Sibos so I can get link
> buy at .45 fuck
> buy at .15 nice
> buy at 1.10 fuck
> buy at .30 nice
> unironically can't stop buying this piece of shit indiscriminately at any price all the time

LINK is intrinsically worthless. Node operators can be paid in existing cryptocurrencies. Just look at the testnet right now, it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao. It means that ETH can easily be substituted for it, that is, if someone wants to fork the token to accept ETH (an established cryptocurrency instead of some fucking ERC20 token made with a two-man team), LINK is basically useless. That is besides the fact that everything LINK aims to do can be easily done by cryptographically signing the data from the API source.
>muh next ETH

Link, 5 months in: 35 cents (3.5x ICO)
Ethereum, 5 months in: $5.50 (17x ICO)

Uh oh, pissed stinker incoming HAHA.

the reputation farm thing is a meme

>spend months building up a solid reputation
>finally its time to initiate your attack
>your nodes make up less than 50% of those selected
>you get massive LINK fines on all of your nodes and they all lose reputation


not to mention smart contractors could require that link nodes have KYC to prevent one person controlling multiple nodes

I wish I could find good tokens for asset tokenization but a lot of them seem like shit
polymath would be cool if they didn't look like a giant target for SEC
jibrel is a huge question mark and that shit has been bleeding for months

>be me
>start noticing LINK threads everyday
>read white paper
>doubt X
>still buy 500 stinky linkies for fucking cheap because why the hell not
>two conferences with Sergel and not much happened.
>won't buy or sell because I will want to be part of this meme either I win or lose
I just want to see where does this meme coin goes. Nothing is certain with cryptocoins/tokens. I am really interested on buying Petros but papa Trump and Fedcunts will rollstomp my ass and face if I do it.

>bought ETH thanks to Veeky Forums and made 100 grand last year
>hoping Link makes me my first million

30k stack should be enough, right bros?

>why do people FUD link?
Can never have too much LINK.

This thread is making me transfer another 1000€ to kraken, since price is low i said fuck it id rather lose cash than miss out on this opportunity, im at 20k but wanna reach25k

>see memes
>laugh at linkies
>join the fun of pointing and laughing
>never ends
>oh what the hell
>do my own research
>buy 10k LINK that day at $0.14
>buy 10k more at $0.25

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>Buy nothing but sp500 index funds my whole life
>Almost make it just by living frugally, investing conservatively and working hard
>Decide life is too short to never take any insane chances with my money
>Sitting on 50k stack of LINK
I'm never selling. Lambos or death.

I bought the ICO with the rest of biz.

damn... I got in for 1k dollars and got 4k link out of it, you must feel really dumb

STFU dude, Im not finished loading my bags yet.
In my estimates and timelines weve got roughly 4-6 more weeks before shit gets real.

>begin investing late February
>come to Veeky Forums for stock advice
>see all these crypto threads
>read more and more
>buy a few different coins, some to hold some to trade, make a list of more coins I want.
>lost a lot in trades, some coins become bags, LINK memes get to me, buy more LINK
>”I’ll only invest $250” into Crypto becomes “shit I need $750”
>read more threads, watch interviews, read papers
>shit I need to buy more
>check Veeky Forums all the time now
>”I’ll be okay with 1,000” becomes “not gonna make it if I don’t have 10,000”
I think it’s a mixture of being naive and falling for memes.

When does REQ mainnet come out? won't link be around same time?

Someone posted this pic with the caption

"If you don't own any chainlink you have no class"

>Felt like I had no class
>Began researching LINK
>Realized it's a goldmine
>Currently 100% LINK with over 30K

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LINK REQ QSP. the holy trinity.
aint it weird all 3 are going live around the same time.....maybe not.