I've been trading crypto for about 10 months now. I've cashed out around 200k (via coinbase, used to be 15k but I raised my withdraw limit to 100k/week), started with about 25k.

I have 320k in crypto right now, so I'm doing fairly well. The problem is that I can't seem to "make it". I brushed 1MM in January but didn't sell like a retard, but honestly I'm going for the major leagues. I want 4-5MM at least (not everyone here is a basement dwelling poorfag who would be happy with 60k, get over it)

I'm thinking about going all into Tron right now. I don't see how this coin could go anywhere but up, and I'm so tired of all the fucking idiot shills pushing their shitcoin of the week.

What do you guys think?

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Why eh? There is no real argument against them, they have a 10 year road map, use cases, acts as a currency, and have a legit corporation behind them with engineers from Alibaba and all those other people Justin Sun shills.

People just rip on Tron without ever giving a reason why it sucks, which makes me think it'll be huge. Also they make fun of Justin for being a faggot asian justin timberlake, which is a stupid reason not to buy in.

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Not even reading what you wrote, OP. Good luck.

Even the people on the tron subplebbit know it has a shit reputation, but that's all it is. Honestly, it's just vaporware but so are 90% of all other coins. The problem comes from Justin making all these grandiose claims but look objectively and he seems like a massive scam artist

i wouldn't go all in but TRX is definitely a safe bet for massive growth

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The best thing TRX they have behind them is bunch of nigger normies which is unironically a big thing.

I don't like or trade this shitcoin but it indeed has potential and you can make money with it if you time it right.

nice LARP. No one with the money you claim to have would ever invest in a shit token like Tron. Ask a tron holder what the fucking purpose is, they can’t even formulate a reason why they initially invested. It was the cheapest crypto on binance and retards think it’s gonna moon at 3bil market cap. Shit isn’t going anywhere. Stop being retarded and take your money to a crypto with real world use.


Internet 3.0

None of that matters.

you're right! I'm larping, I actually bought REQ at 98 cents because biz told me too and I lost a million dollars

You're an idiot. It's probably thee most useful crytpo currency and its going to moon you sill pajeet


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give us a name


Tron has plenty of room to go down; great halls with 50ft ceilings of room to go down. It has no business sitting where it is on coinmarketcap. If you considering all-in on Tron is indicative of your decision making skills, I have no choice but to assume that you got lucky on the epic bull run of 2017, aren't a good trader, and will soon be parted with your money. I'd suggest you cash out the 320k while you still can.

It’s ether without a pedu autist creator. He stole someone else’s idea and plans to profit from it, I’ve seen it work plenty of times before I don’t see why this would be any different.


>OP expects us to believe they've made 200K
>OP is so retarded they're thinking about buying Tron

pathetic LARP

>thee most useful crytpo currency
>a worthless shitcoin erc20 token
oh I am laffin

What does Tron even do? Bought some bc I heard people once payed. 25c for them

Im trying to read

I'm gonna need source on that, son.

> I want 4-5MM at least (not everyone here is a basement dwelling poorfag who would be happy with 60k, get over it)
Yeah dude go ALL IN tron. Trust me.
Hope you "make it" ;)

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Only thing that matters in this entire thread, thank you

i know you dont like Tronix but it will pump hard once more normies come in, just because of his connectioncs. though it could take a year or so.
i dont know why normies have such a hard on for it.

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The Tron shills are getting creative. 10/10 larp, go collect your shekels

unironically do it. please go all in on Tronix

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Tron is a good flip after BTC has taken a shit. Everytime BTC goes up again Tron goes up massively as well. Likewise it dumps harder than the others too.

Able to moon to around $0.45. A very normy coin, thats why im invested in it. Hodling bags of 20K right now. Awaiting bull markets to attract the normiville residents for future moon mission


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