I just went from working a low wage job to becoming "Fuck you rich". What the fuck do i do now...

I just went from working a low wage job to becoming "Fuck you rich". What the fuck do i do now? I have all this money but there's nothing I really want to do. What would you guys do if you had all this money?

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>What would you guys do if you had all this money?
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same happened to me. i now live with my brother's family and help him with his family and stuff.
i'm a stay at home brother.
i'm bored out of my mind. i want to get a job at a blockchain company but i have no real skills besides being smart enough to buy a shitload of ethereum when it was $2.

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>tfw dad won the lottery 15 years ago
>tfw just inheritied 30% of this fortune
>tfw literally dont have to work anymore

sure i might not be able to buy a new sports car every week, but i dont have to worry about money anymroe lma0

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Contribute to a decentralized effort. Crypto freed you but there is still a war for the future and you have been promoted to General.

You mind if I.............. beg for some ETH?


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I don't care about crypto. I was only in it to make money. All i do now is drink booze.

No wonder you are miserable you have no purpose. You abandoned your post before you even realized your own importance.

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How can i have a purpose when i don't care about anything? Nothing interests me.

I would go on a walkabout in australia like that guy in Lost did

How much money did you make?

$25 million

Inject testosterone, consult Veeky Forums. It cured me when i was in your shoes

and thats fine user,

nothing intreresdt me as well.

just live by yourself

anyone you bring into your life will start to resent you

lived with gf and left her,

lived with family and left them

im all alone now

sometimes i like to people watch

sometimes i like to get drunk and go to starbucks pretending im meeting someone but i just people watch.

life is really great.

go on a walkabout. Or a sweet camping and canoe trip. youd be able to buy an awesome tent, a high tech canoe (possibly with a glass bottom for kicks). Its super satisfying

Be like Chuck Johnson and be a professional troll, he's also a crypto multimillionaire.

But seriously that's incredible to me that you guys can make this much money and not feel amazing, 24/7.

I can't even imagine the high you would get from seeing your portfolio at like $1 million, let alone $25 million. How are you not constantly on top of the world, just having the reassurance that you can pay for whatever you need/want to do? It has to feel amazing.

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Trust me, the more money you get, the more you want. When you reach your first milestone you will not be satisfied and greed will take over.

You know that feeling when you really want to open your christmas presents and once you do its not as great? Its the same thing

no user camping is seriously sucky i camped at yosemite.

you have to pay money to sleep on a peice of dirt where hundreds of other people slept on use a dirty bbq.

and use toilets with strangers in the morning.

best part about camping is coming home to a cozy bed and shower.

Maybe if you live in the US. Here you can go camp wherever you want, even on private land.

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The purpose isn't about you. The purpose is about what could be. Take a CS229 from stanford.

Also, exercise and eat right. Try to solve your depression without medication.

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How do people like you exist? If i became rich there’s basically limitless things I would do that I can think of on the spot that would probably last me my whole life:

- Create the comfy room of your dreams and buy all the material shit you always wanted just because
- Bored of that, travel to a few places you’ve always wanted to see
- Bored of that, go back to college and learn a science for fun and not stress about passing or failing
- Bored of that, learn that instrument you always wanted with your endless free time

And fucking the list goes on.

It makes sense, but it's something I think I couldn't fully comprehend until I've experienced it first-hand. I'm staunchly middleclass and have never experience tremendous wealth, I just feel like it'd change everything in an exciting way.

Sort of know the feeling, but how could watching your portfolio increase in value exponentially even compare to that?

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You deserve to make it I hope you do. The world needs more free people like you.

buy yourself a world class education. fuck buy a life coach. get them to motivate you.

i paid off both my sisters' mortgages. that was probably the best feeling i've had from all this. i also set up a college fund for all their kids. honestly giving away money to family has made me the most happy, now that i think about it.

You just do what you wanted to do before you got rich. Whatever you fantasized about while being a wagecuck.

As my income increased through a business and crypto, I just incorporated more stuff that I wanted to do.
>bought a house
>put robot vacuums in my house
>expensive air filter system
>2nd house
>travel in US every once in awhile
>get passport, travel abroad
>learning a 2nd language

First time I made money I spent way too much partying, popping bottles, surrounding myself with wagecuck weekend partyers. This time around Im more focused on myself, had my mom retire tho she runs a hobby orientated business now.

Now Im just gonna live abroad for a bit maybe next year, look for a wife with similar interests to travel and have kids. I think I burned myself out from partying and just stopped caring at large what most people think.

Maybe the reason you feel nothing because you're focusing on how this money can makes you happy rather than who else you could make happy? If I had that kind of money I'd keep whatever I needed so my family would be provided for for life and then look at the good I could do in the world with all the rest.

>material possessions do nothing for me
>i've already traveled everywhere I've wanted to go
>i hate school
>i used to play guitar, got bored of it

Thanks user, I hope so too. I feel more and more like the people that make it the most are the ones that didn’t really care about the freedom money would bring in the first place.

It makes sense in a way, you can’t trade and invest with emotions, so it’s obvious that personality type would be best at acquiring it. It’s fucking ironic.

Anyway I’m all in REQ with just over 125,000 tokens.

Wish me luck.

>Here you can go camp wherever you want, even on private land.
Where? What country is that?

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optimize my health, then after that optimize something else

All of Scandinavia.

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Take care of your health. Get extensive testing done and weed out any nascent ailments.

Thanks! I'm on my way!

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use that money to build an empire/generational wealth
then spread your seed, copulate with multiple women from every continent
genghis khan your legacy bruh

>establish a corporate structure that would facilitate investments in multiple jurisdictions (geographical diversification)
>balanced allocation of assets
>leverage real estate investments
>keep some in crypto
>start a few businesses or acquire some with positive cash flow (i.e. laundry mats in rural areas)
>travel at least once a quarter and no need to splurge since you're there for the "culture"
>oh and work out, twice a day, eat right,

just start moving into more conservative investments to retain your wealth senpai

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Take all of this + get genetic enhancement for anti aging purposes (it is already available for "pioneers" for self-experimentation).

Set up international corporate/banking/asset holding structure.

Get nice home/family estate somewhere a bit away from civilization and install facilities for survival in case of economic collapse.

You definitely need to use a part of your funds to hedge against potential
bad outcomes, dont spend it all on the altar of hedonism.

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>I have all this money but there's nothing I really want to do.

Great argument against UBI.


life is just so fucking sad really. necessity drives action and therefore meaning, and money kills necessity. the programmer of this game is a retard

I would finance a small mobile game and use the money to pay for food/bills, all I would need is 5k. If you are willing to share even a bit of your good fortune, some btc would really help: 1KnFicba7vAxgcjY8K631aTBDwCFL6t38J

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There's gotta be something you've always wanted to do but you're not identifying it. Look within yourself user and you know the answer but maybe youre too afraid to admit it - also maybe do something with your sisters since that clearly brings you joy. Share an experience you will never forget.
Also obligatory beg- I am trying to use crypto to get myself out of debt and provide for my little brother who is 8n an abusive situation. Any eth would be tremendously appreciated.

So invest in people who have the smarts. For every guy with money and no clue there's 10 smarter guys with no money.

You will eventually lose all your money, although you are probably just larping. You just got lucky mate

I would work full time at getting Veeky Forums and educating myself. And also look for ways to preserve my wealth. And try to find a wife to bare my children.

>learn to fly plane/helicopter
>buy plane/helicopter
>work as a heli tour guide or be a good guy that does flying doctors
>all the views
>all the splash back pussy

You bought like 50k worth of eth at 2$/eth and held long enough to sell at 1000$/eth?
If you pay taxes on that you had to buy even more or hold longer but only a bit longer.

Pretty lucky

I already know what I am doing with it. Investing 75% of it and the rest I just sit on and buy things I want or think I need within reason. All this is building up to my retirement fund and my 12yr plan. So far so good

Honestly, I would kill myself. But before that, I would send all of my Litecoin to LMb4Zb2kWUVj12tEaoSfMXm2GonmK8bRpK.

Take things slow and think about a budget system. You're your own worst enemy right now.

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I would pay for the best possible treatment for my daughter and make sure she got in to the best schools
I would get my wife the ballet bar she wants so bad
I would start a charity

I was about to be a millionare on december but i didnt sell and my shitcoins collapsed and some even got delisted and now i think i could have ruined my life forever.

At least you made it OP, ive been in this since 2013 and i havent been as lucky.

I even got ETH ICO (a petty amount) and sold to buy shitcoins and almost lost it all by now if my shitcoin dont go up ever again. RIP my future.

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The only answer is to do something meaningful. Now that you supposedly have enough to live a lifetime in comfort, start looking to make a change in whatever way you see fit.

Whether it's charity, tutoring, self improvement, leading something (small business, some sort of hobby group, bible study, volunteer work, etc), political/social/ commentary, trying to publish literature/art, etc.

to add to this, maybe consider adopting a child or having your own (assuming you can find love).


This video is really inspiring although it seems a bit extreme. Consider helping out those who cannot help themselves, trouble kids, unwanted teens in foster care, etc.

I will travel the world skiing and fucking whores

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dude, just pick something that seems fun, and that cool people do and join in
try something preferably outdoors or athletic in some nature

for me, If I suddenly became fuck you rich, I'd set things up for my financial future and then just hang out rock climbing and mountain biking all the time. go to all the cool spots, meet people, get a core group, use my money to lead trips (not give out freebies, but be that guy that always brings along the beer and offers a ride to the cool spots a ways away)
maybe try and get a little home-brewing setup and pal around with some friends and taste whatever I've come up with and if you don't have friends, start with the activity and then when you meet some cool people start spending more time with them and invite them over.
you don't have to join a yacht club or a sports car club, but find a few activities that people congregate around and join in, make friends and become a part of the community. a lot of times the reason people don't get into this stuff is because of the money. but that isn;t a problem for you.

learn how to solo skydive, go mountaineering, build something, learn a skill, volunteer your time now that you don't have to work, you don;t have to be good at it, just pick something that puts you in a new slightly uncomfortable/challenging environment and stick to it. develop yourself.
being rich doesn't make you cool. doing cool shit enabled by your wealth makes you cool.

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Smoke weed and play video games. Since you're high. Uber everywhere.


>liquid nitrogen tanks exploding in the background

Hire a PT to wake up you every morning 7:00 Mo-Fri. Workout for 2hrs. Have a massage + sauna afterwards.

Study maths/programming/learn a new language for the rest of the day til afternoon.

On vacations, start radonneuring, but book fancy hotels wherever you arrive instead of filthy hostel rooms.

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If I had 25 million I'd stick 10 of it in a stable savings account, even at 1% a year that's still 100k per year guaranteed income that one can use for menial expenses like food, utilities, property taxes, etc. I'd buy a nice house out in Texas or some other state with libertarianish laws with enough land around to not have to worry about neighbors yet close enough to a city to have great internet and not be completely innawoods, get a decent car (No lambos just a regular car) start collecting games and books and music...maybe travel a bit and see the world. Buy my friends each a house or something nice so they don't have to worry so much about bills, whatever else I felt like doing. Take like 5 mil and put it in a less stable investment like an ETF or hedge fund or whatever managed by someone else, take another mil and do my own investing, make even more money. If I hit it big again maybe buy a bunch of real estate, fix it up and get that sweet passive income going.

There's plenty you can do with that money, user. I hope I'm that fortunate some day.

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I always said if I became seriously wealthy, I'd like to open some sort of business up and set my close friends/family up with a salaried job doing SOMETHING

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you need to become batman, the world needs justice. use your money for good.

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