Quick question

what would happen to all the cryptocurrencies of the world if a large solar storm knocked all our shit out?

im stoned and suddenly scared anons

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quit smoking weed
quit jerking off to anime
clean your room

who cares
you WISH something epic like that would happen in your lifetime kek

Same that will happen to Google, Microsoft and all tech companies

My short position would make me a fortune.

same thing that would happen is a solar storm happened now
enough recorded debt is stored on electronic means, so it would cause as much mayhem

Well they'd be fucked.


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Bitmain will hire chinks to mine by hand.

Difficulty will plummet and with an army of chinks netting you 2H/day you will be able to get several blocks a day

If that shit ever happens, I think crypto would be the last thing to concern about
Give me some of that shit user

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A solar storm would affect large-scale infrastructure like transmission lines and pipes, and the stuff directly connected to those like power plants and transformers.

So basically "just" a huge power outage that lasts for weeks until everything is repaired.

It wouldn't delete data though. Unless you save your stuff on a ramdisk...

i dont think so user. all my porn is on a ssd in a faraday cage. i just dont want these bags to vaporize before i can dump em and buy stupid shit

no it would fry everything that isn't specifically built to be protected from EMPs

so basically all anons would lose their coins too right? can i keep my trezor in a faraday cage?

yes and yes (I think) lol

Of you think your coins would be a concern, you’ll be one of the first to die.

I can’t wait for something really bad to happen so your ilk can be culled.

>You’re cut from cheese cloth

hahahaha you are an idiot if you took this seriously. if a solar storm comes im grabbin my gun and fuckin anything that moves

op i will protect your coins with my life

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nigger alert

Watch out for me, I'll be out with my rifle shooting everything thats brown

No it wouldnt, stop talking about shit you have no clue about.

what would happen then?