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The right question to ask is : what triggered people to buy crap with 0 inherent value massively

t-the p-price went up

>0 inherent value

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If you want to ask that question you must answer it with other questions such as
>What did smart money do?
>Who's buying/selling?
>Where did the volume go?
>Is it just a ponzi?
>Am I retarded?

rumors of binance getting shut down in Japan

is it just rumors?

a bunch of whales probably get together and discuss how they are going to make the price of BTC go below 1k dollars so they can slowly take all the USD off the market and then buy the BTC when it goes down to the ground level. I mean... isn't that how every real world "market" works? The rich get richer, everyone else commits suicide.

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What is the inherent value of pic related?

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This mother fucker right here...

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You're a fucking retard.

It's backed by the most powerful military in the world

This happens every month..


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>massive selloff
>price went down a couple hundred

Pick one, drama queen.

b-but muh bull run!!

Is that inherent in the bill? If I take it to the jungle of Papua New Guinea and show it to some natives, they will examine it, recognize it’s “inherent” property of air craft carriers, Apache helicopters and SM-6 missiles and immediately cower in fear?

They wouldn’t see it as any different from a $1 or even a Brazilian R$2.

Spoken like a true brainlet

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Hey Chris!

Why do you want to talk about the sell off? Is it because you don't want to talk about Kristyn?

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What will happen to the value of it be if the military became filled with low iq spics, beaners and women like it is right now?

don't be a brainlet. Gold was literally useless in South America. The natives exchanges gold for some beads as far as I remember

Then it colapses, but IIRC the us military has minimal IQ requirements so niggers are mostly exluded from it.

true if big

Limited supply, freedom from government, instant permissionless transactions etc. You know, the properties of sound money.

>but IIRC the us military has minimal IQ requirements so niggers are mostly exluded from it.
Dude the marines are literally filled with spics and they seem to be loosening their standards with who they will take more and more everyday. If we had another world war we would lose the majority of our militarizes white stock which made it a fighting force in the first place. Lets hope this doesn't happen though.

What the fuck does Papau New Guinea have to do with South America?

Wait, did you insult someone for being stupid, and think it's in South America? No, you can't be that retarded, it's not possible.

PS - gonna need a cite for gold being useless in South America, too, the natives, like the Incas, mined gold and used it as currency, thus the "Legend Of El Dorado" thing. Do you just make shit up, to insult people? What the fuck is wrong with you?