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Is a costco membership worth it in the longrun?

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For a family, yes for less then 3 no

it literally pays for itself in the first trip if you know what to buy

i love their hotdogs

>All mediocre in-house brand Kirkland
>Long lines filled with chinks spics Indians

Invest in crypto and just shop at wholefoods.

depends how close it is to you/how often you'll go. very cheap organic chicken breasts--i think like $4.99/lb not frozen. cheap organic eggs too. if you like to eat organic it's definitely a good deal imho.

Other great organic shit:
- nonfat greek yogurt
- dried mangoes
- hamburger
- OJ
- butter (grassfed)

kirkland is fucking great.

costco is great.

here we got turkey provolone sandwhiches

No sorry OP. No costco pizza for you.

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oh and
- bananas
- avocado
- spinach
- frozen fruits

yes, it's a good deal lol

Theyre getting to be a bunch of cheap faggot jews, that or the giant influx of street shitters, niggers and chinks in my area are buying all the fucking tuna sushi. I used to buy everyweek and I havent seen that shit in months. Also if you like physical books they always have a good selection to choose from.

here in my costco the food court is outside so anyone can buy.

they rotate products bro. quit being a bitch and tell the managers you want to see that product back. dont just blame shitskins

Canadian Costco >>> American Costco

Worth it alone for their cheese lasagna god damn

honestly the fresh fruit is overpriced.

you can usually get better fruit at local supermarkets when on sale.

Their executive membership is $120 so if you spend $6k a year you break even on that alone.

forgot to mention it's due to the 2% rewards

Amazon is cheaper for almost everything, and you don't need to pay for the gas to drive anywhere or waste hours of your life pushing a cart around a warehouse and waiting in line every time you want to buy something.

Some places they have to do that, but not in my area.

Do you buy premium HDMI cables as well retard?

they make awful pizza though

Their gas pays for my membership alone.
Also save loads of money on meats. Usually get around 10 lbs of chicken and ground beef and just freeze. Like user said, worth it if you know what to buy.

Organic stuff gives you nothing of worth
Besides that, it's hardly ever cheap
Why do you like this shit?

Buy in bulk, learn simple cheap recipes (Budget Bytes is pretty gud) and never eat out again and you'll save thousands.

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got enuf bogroll there bitch? jesus christ

yo gotta make a special trip to costco for yo dirty ass?


The hotdogs are good though. That was a dinner date when I was poor after college.

every slut i ever knew wore those chucks. and never any socks, either. gross. what's the deal with that?

>All mediocre in-house brand Kirkland

Gas with their credit card basically pays for the membership

They have gas??

Is it in the store somehow or are there getgo-like gas stations?

>whole foods

Fuck you.

Wholefoods (while they do have organic bs) is the one chain place you can go to consistently get high quality and healthy foods at the mere cost of money and looking like a faggot shopping there
Also they are on top of all the latest techy stuff

But yeah they don't belong in a /thrifty/ thread

Don’t forget about cheap electronics. For example did cards twice the memory than amazon for the same price.

If you take their credit card and buy Costco gas it is worth for a single person.

gas station, and its normally cheaper by 5-10cents than other places


whole 18 inch pizza is 10 bucks, ez win


explain the 'making it and living close to a costco' meme PLs AM BRAINLET


>not eating organic
enjoy your glyphosate-laden cancer food

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>The WHO and FAO Joint committee on pesticide residues issued a report in 2016 stating the use of glyphosate formulations does not necessarily constitute a health risk, and giving admissible daily intake limits for chronic toxicity.[16] The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) classified glyphosate as causing serious eye damage and toxic to aquatic life, but did not find evidence implicating it to be a carcinogen, a mutagen, toxic to reproduction, nor toxic to specific organs
Straight from the main page on glyphosate on wikipedia, faggot

I bet you think Monsanto is a good company too goy

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>glyphosate causes insects stomachs to explode, but has no effect on humans

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Fucking grapes will kill dogs but I eat grapes all the time

Kirkland brand liquor is pretty much top shelf quality.

It's a great place for things like toilet paper and paper towels, too. Their rotisserie chickens are incredible too.

If you have a Costco "business center" nearby, check it out too. They have all kinds of stuff that the regular stores don't carry.

Unironically do you think one could flip such things and sell them somewhere else?

>Havent had milk since I was 13(now 25).
>Drink carregeenan-free almond milk when I feel like buying it.
>Grew up drinking filtered, fluoride-free water.
>2 TBSP of raw, organic coconut oil at least 3 times a week.
>Never eat any gluten, and even if i do it's usually small things. Definitely no breads, etc.

Am I gonna make it?

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no you're not gonna make it
Milk is the very thing that allowed the Proto-Indo-Europeans to conquer such a large swath of land from India to Europe, hence the name
Their ability to drink milk is what gave them the upper edge against all other tribes and is why you speak a P.I.E.-family language
Also bread is just good, deal with it
You won't live longer than like 90 before we invent life-lengthening procedures anyway

Kirkland wool socks and whiskey are fucking god tier for the price. I buy fat slabs of beef and pork with sides, vaccum freeze the meat, and eat like a king for weeks dirt cheap.

True, meat keeps crazily well while frozen
We once got two hams for one Christmas as little extra bonuses from work and we ate one on Christmas and didn't get around to eating the next one til we ate it a year later on the next Christmas

wow so hip

Just lmao at paying for sushi.

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>Drinking baby cow growth formula as an adult in 2018
>inb4 soyboy
>Soy is good for dumb ass. Enjoy your bitch tits from dairy

Just toilet paper, paper towels, and cereal make it worth it for even a single person.

I bet you also enjoy eating the unfertilized fetuses of chickens
Top disgusting.

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lol you're retarded

>looking at her shoes instead of dat ass
user, I...

1 pcs wheat bread
3 ??
This cures the cancer

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100% worth it - you can return ANYTHING at ANY time and have a huge variety. I luckily have two right next to me.

I endorse this company and would highly recommend trying it out, the membership will pay for itself. All that, and their food court is amazing if you're on a budget - very reasonable food at cheap prices.

My girlfriend is sucking my dick as I'm typing this

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For toilet paper, I just shit exclusively at work. Free paper and free water. Also for paper towels I just use my cat, to either lick up the mess or substitute as a napkin. Cereal is the hard part but I have a system where I go to each of my neighbors and tell ask for some cereal or breakfast food for my kid (I don't have a kid). I can cycle out each neighbor about 20 times switching up the order so I can maximize sympathy/cereal. If I'm really desperate I have some baggy cargo shorts and the pockets can fill about a family size box without being suspicious

thanks for letting me know

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you don't even have milk you retard

>didn't get around to eating the next one til we ate it a year later on the next Christmas

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>I will never be as happy as I was in the late 90's early 00's playing video games on my shitty computer with my friends at a LAN party
idk why i even bother living anymore

O shit!
The full set!

Yes thank God I got to experience this,
though we did them through 2008 and on into the turn of the decade
We fucking played the original Star Wars Battlefront from 1999 on a lan a whole ten years and more after it was released
We had just kept it up like a tradition

>Budget Bytes
Thank you so much for this

>I use the shitty scratchy work toilet paper at work to save money and time
Enjoy your hemorrhoids

Is the pharmacy cheaper than everybody else?

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costco is a fantastic service. they sell reliable caskets for cheap and also ship expedited:

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Fucking LOL!
>He didn't read past even the second sentence, which would have informed him that the user uses his cat in the stead of paper towels

I want to be rich enough to have a costco funeral

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Pro tip in California the law says anyone with a liquor license must sell booze to the general public and cannot require a membership, so you can buy booze from Costco without a membership so long as you are only buying booze.

It's alright

>anything but god tier

Your pleb is showing

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>dirt cheap amazing quality kikrland signature
>hurr i prefer 365 whole food shit

trader joes is awesome though

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spend $3k and you make up for general membership, also

I got 3-packs of exofficio underwear for half the lowest price amazon has ever sold it for. Wine is cheaper. Alcohol is cheaper. Meat is cheaper. Clothes are generally cheaper.

Seriously, how the fuck do they manage to make Costco's rotisserie chickens so godlike? I've tried rotisseries from other grocery stores and they don't even come close to the flavor of Costco's.

The final redpill is that Germans are the most Jewish of all, now give me my fucking quarter back

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The inject them with some proprietary moistening's colored pink (for some reason) and therefor a lot of people bring them back for looking "undercooked". This according to a costco butcher that I spoke to.

>Still drinking cow juice in 2018

Things I buy at Costco:
>bulk peanuts
>dried seaweed
>instant ramen
>jelly beans
Things I'll never buy at Costco:
>office equipment
>pots and pans and utensils

There's plenty of wins at Costco, but you have to know what's a deal. Also, getting the executive card vs gold card is worth it if you do most of your food shopping there..
Also, never miss out on a Costco hotdog and a drink for cheap, the free samples are badass too if you're on a budget and trying to get some free calories in your body

Do they still make you deposit a quarter for a cart?

cats or dirty hands don't cause hemorrhoids though

You've got me there

absolutely not. sams club is the smart money move.

We lived in the states a while ago, We became friendly with another expat family. they were only staying in the states for a year. they bought tv, couch, beds all from costco, before they left they retuned ALL of that to costco, got a full refund. Costco has a policy to keep the members happy (most of the revenue is membership) they will take anything back, even seen them refund empty bottles of wine cause the person did not like it! they also include extended warranties on TVs and electronics.

A contender emerges.

Toppest Superlative Kek

some of the fresh green vegetables and in-season berries are surprisingly decently priced but I agree shit like potatos and citrus fruits and a good bulk of the stuff is horrible. I specifically remember the lemons being the worst deal I've seen in my life, like over 2 dollars a lemon or some shit

Cool about about whole foods is getting shit you can't get at the regular supermarket, like international foods and rare shit, but world market and specific 'ethnic markets' are probably better at that than it is but then you don't the "quality" guarantee part

Only if you have a family, or run a restaurant.

Costco used to be business only, and you could get distributor pricing, and even less, because they cut the middle man profit on bulk items - and there was very little consumer friendly stuff. They also would buy out lots of items that companies were dumping, for pennies on the dollar, so you could get shit cheap. They'd also buy closeout items in bulk.

Then they started letting people get added to accounts that didn't have businesses (you had to have a business license to get a card, originally), and they started playing around with test market stuff - Direct TV had sat. dish kits for $99, way before they hit retail.

Then they changed their business model. They started adding services, slowly, and having more specialty and retail stuff - like tires, travel, eye doctors, all that shit. Now it's just the BestBuy of grocery shopping, and you don't save nearly as much as you used to. Their meat is meh, their fresh produce is average at best, and a lot of the products are now Kirkland, which is just repackaged retail products for slightly less. I worked for a company that got a deal to sell one of their products, and I was in charge of packaging, and they ran us ragged with their demands and rules - has to look good in a shrink wrap, the packaging has to look a certain way, certain colors, etc. Total pain in the fucking ass. The only good thing they do is they have a rule that stores have to carry a certain amount of local producer's products, so some small companies have done well.
The one close to me is always stuffed with asians, who will run you over with a cart if you get in their way. If you ever want an experience, go to a Costco in a black area.

I've had a card forever, and it's been expired at least 3 years, but if I need it, I can just walk in and renew it. Amazon is better, IMHO.